Andreessen Horowitz with Astasia Myers

Andreessen Horowitz with Astasia Myers

Detecting Money Laundering with Clarence Chio

Money laundering is not a new crime.  However, the growth of digital communications has greatly expanded the opportunity for money launderers to find innovative new ways to hide their true intent.  Some estimates suggest it could be as high as 2-5% of the world’s GDP. Unit21 is a ...  Show more

Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s goal is to connect the world and allow every human to foster better relationships. Today is a rare treat. Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. After I spent nearly 3 years writing a book about how his company works, he has finally agreed to do an interview. Special ...  Show more

Authorization with Sam Scott

Web applications often have some sort of login system, and once a user creates an account, they have access to features anonymous users can’t see.  In time, application designers will often add an admin level of access for special users.  This is often a slow trickle of technical ...  Show more

Earthly and CLI Productivity with Adam Gordon Bell

As developers hone their craft, becoming more productive often means learning utilities and tools at the command line.  The right combination of various parsing commands chained together through pipes can enable engineers to quickly and efficiently automate many adhoc data proces ...  Show more

Modern Data Stacks Optimized by Mozart Data with Peter Fishman and Dan Silberman

Modern companies leverage dozens or even hundreds of software solutions to solve specific needs of the business.  Organizations need to collect all these disparate data sources into a data warehouse in order to add value.  The raw data typically needs transformation before it can ...  Show more

Mark Suckerberg (Asleep With Eyes Open)

Facebook will be convicted of antitrust and Mark Zuckerberg will go to prison. The post Mark Suckerberg (Asleep With Eyes Open) appeared first on Software Engineering Daily. 

Tetrate: Application Aware Networking with Varun Talwar

An application network is a way to connect applications, data and devices through APIs that expose some or all of their assets and data on the network. That network allows other consumers from other parts of the business to come in and discover and use those assets ( ...  Show more

Software Mistakes and Tradeoffs with Tomasz Lelek

A software engineer will make many mistakes on their career journey.  In time, engineers learn to make smaller mistakes, recognize them faster, and build with appropriate guardrails.  The demands of delivering software in a timely and efficient fashion often demands developers ca ...  Show more

Distributed Open Source Databases with Jonathan Ellis and Spencer Kimball

By most accounts, the first databases came on line in the 1960s. This class of software has continued to evolve alongside the technology it runs on and the applications it supports. In the early days, databases were typically closed source commercial products. Today, databases ru ...  Show more

Instabase with Anant Bhardwaj

Instabase is a technology platform for building automation solutions. Users deploy it onto their own infrastructure and can leverage the tools offered by the platform to build complex workflows for handling tasks like income verification and claims processing. In this episode we ...  Show more

The Tech Radar with Lior Kanfi

The Israeli Tech Radar is an opinionated map of the latest technologies and trends in the Israeli tech industry. Now in its fifth edition, the Tech Radar was built in collaboration with Monday, Wix, Riskified, Netapp, Tabula, and other tech companies. Lior Kanfi is the CEO of Tik ...  Show more

The Missing Readme with Chris Riccomini and Dmitriy Ryaboy

This episode is hosted by Kyle Polich of the Data Skeptic podcast. We’re glad to welcome Kyle to the Software Daily team. Becoming a contributor to an existing software project can be a daunting task for an engineer. A common convention is to add a README file to your repository ...  Show more

ClickUp: Workflow Vision with Zeb Evans

Whether organizing projects, working from home, or conducting business, you need to use many necessary apps and cloud services to do the job. Despite these apps being necessary, switching between them and keeping them interconnected and updated is a challenge. They very easily be ...  Show more

Argo: Kubernetes-Native Tools with Alex Collins

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration service released by Google in 2014. It has quickly grown into a platform with a huge community of enthusiasts and professionals. Besides becoming the de facto standard for container orchestration, it has fostered an ecosystem o ...  Show more

Data Discovery with Shinji Kim

Shinji Kim is Founder and CEO of Select Star. In this episode we discuss data discovery and more. This interview was also recorded as a video podcast. Check out the video on the Software Daily YouTube channel. Sponsorship inquiries: The post D ...  Show more

Grouparoo Open Source Data Tools with Brian Leonard

ETL stands for “extract, transform, load” and refers to the process of integrating data from many different sources into one location, usually a data warehouse. This process has become especially important for companies as they use many different services to collect and manage da ...  Show more

Publishing Open Source Code with William Morgan

In the late 1970s a printer at MIT kept jamming, resulting in regular pileups of print jobs in the printer’s queue. To solve this problem, some computer scientists wrote a software program that alerted every user in the backed up queue “The printer is jammed, please fix it.” When ...  Show more

Cloud Blockchains: The Google of Blockchain with Nader Dabit

Google uses automated programs called spiders, or crawlers, to index and rank web pages. Then, when a user searches for something, it uses a special algorithm to determine the order of results to display (howstuffworks). This process, of course, applies to web pages on the intern ...  Show more

Panther: Security as Code with Jack Naglieri

Application security is usually done with a set of tools and services known as SIEM – Security Information and Event Management. SIEM tools usually try to provide visibility into an organization’s security systems, as well as event log management and security event notifications. ...  Show more