Jack Lombardi: Vaccine Mandates and September 11th

Jack Lombardi: Vaccine Mandates and September...

Jovan Pulitzer: Milley, COVID-19 and the Arizona Audits

This episode of Bob & Eric Save America features special guests Jovan Pulitzer and Tim James, who joined Eric Matheny, Bob Dunlap and Rampage.The guys discuss everything from the treasonous actions of General Milley working with our enemies against President Trump, the current st ...  Show more

George Papadopoulos on the Afghanistan Disaster

Bob Dunlap, Eric Matheny, Rampage, and Dr. Cordie Williams are honored to welcome George Papadopoulos back to Bob & Eric Save America. A fascinating foreign policy discussion with George Papadopoulos… we talk #AfghanistanDisaster and more!Sponsors:- Our Gold Guy - Talk to IRA abo ...  Show more

Matt Couch & Alexandra Lains: Afghanistan is a Disaster and Joe Biden is a Disgrace

This episode of Bob & Eric Save America featured guests Alexandra Lains and Matt Couch to talk about the Afghanistan Disaster and how Joe Biden is a disgrace.Sponsors:- Our Gold Guy - Talk to IRA about whether investing in gold is right for you. Let them know Bob & Eric sent you ...  Show more

Kotcha Lee, Chase Geiser & DB Fugate discuss the Biden Administration’s Afghanistan Debacle

Guest hosts Chase Geiser and DB Fugate come on to discuss the Biden Administration's Afghanistan debacle. Special guest Kotcha Lee of American Priority talks #AMPFest21. 

Brandi Love: Conservatives, stop being "holier than thou," we need allies!

Brandi Love joined us to talk about her experience with Turning Point USA. Conservatives must knock off this “holier than thou” crap if we expect to win!Also joining us was the founder of Justice For January Six. 

Clay Clark: Are We Living Through the Book of Revelation?

What a show! Clay Clark gives us a wealth of information on The Great Reset, vaccine mandates, COVID-19 and more! Are we living through the Book of Revelation? Clay will get you thinking. 

Alex Stone and Alex Sheppard, Ep 50

Alex Sheppard and Alex Stone join this episode of Bob & Eric Save America. 

Shawn Farash, Ep 49

Shawn Farash joins this episode of Bob & Eric Save America and performs some epic Donald Trump impersonations. 

Beard Vet & MAGA Beard, Ep 48

Bob and Eric welcome Beard Vet (Sean) and MAGA Beard (Kenny) to the show as two conservative podcasts join forces to discuss Hunter Biden's Art, January 6th Hysteria, and more! Special Guest Brad from the music group Five Times August. 

Tina Forte & Dr Cordie Williams, Ep 47

Tina Forte joins the show to discuss her Congressional campaign to unseat AOC. Special guest cohost Dr. Cordie Williams. 

Lavern Spicer, Ep 46

Florida Congressional Candidate Lavern Spicer, running to unseat Federica Wilson, joins Bob and Eric to discuss her campaign, BLM and their unwillingness to help the Black Community, and how God, Country, and Family can be made fashionable again. 

Ryan Fournier & DeAnna Lorraine - Ep 45

Ryan Fournier and DeAnna Lorraine drop by to discuss the facts and fiction about January 6th. 

Bob & Eric Save America, Ep 44

Bob and Eric discuss the Hunter Biden racist texts scandal and the silence by the mainstream media. They also discuss the G7, the COVID vaccine, and special guest Sara Sass, an attorney, comes on to discuss the child trafficking epidemic at the US/Mexico Border. 

Bob & Eric Save America, Ep 43

Rising conservatve star Taylor McCray joins Bob and Eric to discuss the COVID revelations found in the Fauci Emails. 

Bob & Eric Save America, Ep 42

Bob, Eric, and guest cohost Nicole Nogrady discuss the January 6th Commission, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and the Vaccine! Special guest Alexandra Lains! 

Bob & Eric Save America, Ep 41

Dr. Willie Montague comes on to discuss his Congressional campaign for Florida's 10th Congressional District, and what the GOP needs to do to win back the House in 2022. 

Bob & Eric Save America, Ep 40

Bob, Eric, and special guest cohost Jeff Dornik come to you live from the Faith N' Freedoms Conference in Allen, Texas. They discuss the vaccine, the Biden Administration's weakness on the world stage, the Palestine/Israel Conflict, and the Colonial Pipeline ransomware scandal. 

Bob & Eric Save America, Ep 39

Bob and Eric discuss the abysmal Jobs Report, the hilarious - and so satisfying - booing of Mitt Romney, and more! Special guests Michael Nickens, Jr. and Cirsten W! 

Bob & Eric Save America, Ep 38

Unknown profile photoBob and Eric are joined by PPE and workplace health expert Megan Mansell to discuss the futility of wearing masks.