Relaxing Sound of Rain and Thunder in Forest for 1 Hour | Rain Sounds for Sleep, Study, Focus, Reduce Stress, Spa, cure Insomnia

Relaxing Sound of Rain and Thunder in Forest ...

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Calm and relaxing sound of rain falling in a forest with wind blowing through the spruce trees. Detox your mind and heart of thoughts and emotions that don´t serve you anymore, but are there out of habit.Close your eyes, take a minimum of six slow deep breaths, and begin focusing on relaxing every inch of your body.- Start by focusing on your toes and wiggle and relax your toes- Relax your feet, rotate your ankles and relax your feet- Work up to your calves, Relax your muscles- Continue working your way up your body, one body part at a timeWithin minutes as you work your way up to your head continue to take deep breaths. You will begin to feel relaxed as if you were floating. Your body and brain will be massaged into a deep sleep. Detach and let go. Feel at peace. Feel happy. Feel Free. Don't forget it may be useful for your family and friends too. Enjoy this amazing episode.<br> <p> Hosted on Acast. See <a href=''></a> for more information.</p>