Episode 13: Dr. Tere Linzey - Educator & Psychologist

Episode 13: Dr. Tere Linzey - Educator & Psyc...

On this episode, Derek warmly greets "Money" Chris to discuss Zack Snyder's 4 Hour version of the Justice League, our friends from Episode 6, the creators of the hit documentary, "The Last Blockbuster" stop by to talk about some big news and finally our in depth interview with Dr. Tere Linzey - the Founder of Brainmatterz & she has information you might want to hear about how your child might really be doing with at home learning.

Episode 12: Sadie Cannon - Musician
47min 2sec
In this brand new episode, Derek celebrates Wales continuing quest for a rugby Grand Slam, "Money" Chris stops by to talk "Coming 2 America", the Marvel MCU & lays the groundwork for the Inaugural "To ...
Episode 9: Cleanin' Up The Town (Remembering "Ghostbusters") - Part 1 - Documentary
1h 14min
On this Episode, Derek interviews Anthony & Claire Bueno, creators of the extraordinary documentary exploring the making of the 1984 Film and Worldwide Phenomenon, "Ghostbusters".
Episode 8: Rick Turner - Guitar Luthier & Rock and Roll Legend
1h 9min
In this incredible episode, Rock and Roll Legend & Master Guitar Maker, Rick Turner, talks over 50 years of Rock and Roll from his time with Autosalvage, helping design The Grateful Dead's "Wall of So ...
Episode 7: Jeff Brown & Tim Edwards - Jeopardy Contestants
47min 32sec
It's Christmas Time & the Final Episode of 2020 so what better way to celebrate than to pay respects to the late Alex Trebek with interviews with former Jeopardy contestants, Jeff Brown & Tim Edwards. ...
Episode 6: The Last Blockbuster (Documentary)
47min 1sec
Wow! Episode 6! On this episode, we have a very special guest with the creators of the new documentary, "The Last Blockbuster" and a surprise visit from Mrs. Duvall herself as The Duvalls discuss and ...
Episode 5: Chad Malone - Musician (Part 2)
43min 45sec
The saga of Punk Rock Legend, Chad Malone continues as we navigate the origins of The Shame, Larkin & Senior Fellows. Plus a Thought on Life & my Favorite Things
Episode 4: Chad Malone - Musician (Part 1)
54min 5sec
In this episode, Derek talks about the amazing news of our friend, Steven Alexander & his search for a new kidney, the Election of Joe Biden, answers some fan questions and FINALLY, Part 1 of our inte ...
The Sir Sean Connery Tribute Show
13min 44sec
The world has lost the Legend that is Sir Sean Connery. Derek & Money spend a bit of time reminiscing on his greatest roles and the influence he had on modern cinema. Also...Kevin Costner's terrible R ...
Episode 3: The Kris & Kristine Show - Podcasters
1h 6min
On this episode, Derek discusses Sports in the COVID world, Kelsey Grammars, "Down Periscope", Marillion, Russ from "Infectious Groove" stops by to discuss Paul McCartney's latest solo album & Kris & ...
Episode 2: Shred America - Documentary
48min 53sec
A full episode with homage to Justice Ginsberg, Full Metal Jacket, Young Einstein and an in depth interview with the creator of the documentary, "Shred America".
Episode 1: Victor Parachin - Author & Meditation Teacher
40min 7sec
The Pilot. Derek sits down with renowned author, Victor Parachin to discuss his book, "Think Like The Buddha - 108 Days of Mindfulness".
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