Episode #28 Mammoths, Mummies and Wolves (Oh My!) with Grant Zazula

Episode #28 Mammoths, Mummies and Wolves (Oh ...

Grant Zazula is a Paleo Nerd! His interest in archaeology is what attracted him to the Pleistocene and now he studies in the mighty Yukon, managing thousands of fossils that are byproducts of the mining industry.

Episode #32 The Hot Blooded Dinosaur Revolutionary with Bob Bakker
1h 28min
Dr. Bob Bakker is widely known as the "Dinosaur Heretic". Over his long career, he has revolutionized our understanding of dinosaur behavior and overturned many outdated concepts.  Get an insight into ...
Episode # 31 The Tantalizing Truth about Trilobites with Sam Gon III
1h 26min
Sam Ohu Gon III, trilobite expert and Senior Scientist & Cultural Advisor for the Nature Conservancy of Hawaiʻi. Sam looks to traditional Hawaiian cultural history as an example for a sustainable futu ...
Episode #30 Diving into Hell's Aquarium with Laura Wilson
1h 18min
Imagine time traveling back to the Western Interior Seaway AKA "Hell's Aquarium."  It's a fitting nickname for the shallow marine environment, full of fish with teeth so big they ate differently than ...
Episode #29 Fighting Anti-Science with Facts and Fossils with Don Prothero
1h 22min
Don Prothero has written 48 books and counting! And he has repeatedly gone to bat for science, using the facts of the fossil record to disprove creationist beliefs.
Episode #27 A Crash Course on the Great Alaskan Terrane-Wreck with Connie Soja
1h 19min
Connie Soja has extensively studied the paleontology of the Alexander terrane, a gigantic crustal fragment that underlies Ray's backyard of Southeast Alaska. In fact, she's reconstructed ancient envir ...
Episode #26 Hunting for Sharks in a Dark National Park with JP Hodnett
1h 24min
JP Hodnett is a Paleo Nerd. But that's a given! He's a shark (and sauropod and cat) expert, so the Nerds get to go off the deep end, diving into incredible finds at Mammoth Cave and JP's day job at Di ...
Episode #25 Slothful Titans of the Tar Pits with Emily Lindsey
1h 21min
Emily Lindsey is a paleoecologist who's been fascinated with giant ground sloths since the beginning of her career. She is now a curator and excavation director at the La Brea Tar Pits in LA!
Episode #24: Hunting Dinosaurs with a Camera with Louie Psihoyos
1h 21min
Louie is a photographer and documentary filmmaker, so what's he doing on a podcast about paleontology?  Well, you can thank Jurrasic Park for that. 
Episode #23 In the Valley of the Tiny Titanosaurs with Luis Chiappe
1h 7min
Luis Chiappe is as famous for his barbecues as he his for his knowledge of prehistoric birds. Luis' discoveries include an incredible Sauropod nesting site and is currently the Vice President of the N ...
Episode #22 How to See a Forest in a Handful of Dirt with Regan Dunn
1h 21min
Regan Dunn is a paleobotanist who's work has taken her all over the world and has landed her in the hottest paleontology site in Hollywood - the La Brea Tar Pits. Learn how she uses the microscopic re ...
Episode #21 Out of the Ooze, Evolved to Cruise with Neil Shubin
1h 9min
The Nerds get to talk Tiktaalik with esteemed evolutionary biologist and author Neil Shubin.  Neil uses molecular biology and gene expression to fill in the gaps left in the fossil record.  
Episode #20 How to Kill a Dinosaur with Holly Woodward
1h 14min
Paleontologist Holly Woodward reads the microscopic stories left behind in dinosaur bones to tell characteristics like their age, sex, and general health. She's even used histology to "kill" a dinosau ...
Episode #19 My Favorite Fossil is the Next One with Chuck Bonner
1h 13min
Ray joins his old friend Chuck Bonner in Kansas where Chuck's family has collected exquisite fossils now on display around the world. 
Episode #18 Eons of Epic Epochs with Fossil Librarian Kallie Moore
1h 12min
The Nerds sit down with Kallie Moore, cohost of the PBS youtube show Eons and fossil librarian at the University of Montana.  
Episode #17 I'll Have the Dinosaur, Please! with Jack Horner, the REAL Dr. Alan Grant
1h 16min
World renowned paleontologist Jack Horner discusses bringing paleontology to the masses as the scientific advisor on the Jurassic Park franchise and how dyslexia may have helped him make discoveries.
Season Two Teaser
8h 16min
Get ready for a second season of Paleo Nerds: A Prehistoric Podcast with David Strassman and Ray Troll. Interviews with Paleontologists, Scientists and Artists who love dinosaurs just as much as they ...
Episode #16 Walking with Whales with Bobby Boessenecker
1h 16min
The Nerds have a whale of a time with Bobby Boessenecker.  Modern whales actually evolved from walking mammals! But how exactly does a huuuuuuge blue whale go from walking on land to swimming in the o ...
Episode #15 Sleeping Through Extinction with Christian Sidor
1h 15min
Dr. Christian Sidor tells the Nerds all about the ancestry of mammals, including a little creature that hibernated through the Permian-Triassic extinction, allowing reptiles to branch off and evolve i ...
Episode #14 The Flight of the Cephalopods with Danna Staaf
1h 17min
Did you know we're in the middle of a Cephalopod Renaissance? Esteemed author Danna Staaf is ready to introduce you to our Squid Overlords!
Episode #13 Evolving Toward a Sense of Beauty with Carl Safina
1h 14min
What's the difference between humans and animals? Who decided there was a difference? Maybe there's less of a difference than we thought... 
Episode #12 Life Finds a Way... and Then Medea Kills It with Peter Ward
1h 1min
The Nerds sit down with one of life's great thinkers, Peter Ward. He currently studies Mass Extinctions but nautiloids and ammonites are an ongoing passion. 
Episode #11 The Origin of Human Anatomy is in Old Dead Fish with John Long
1h 15min
"You're a fish!"  Turns out that's not an insult, it's the truth! Professor John Long will explain why this is true AND discusses the origins of sex! And then he'll ride off on his motorcycle...
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