Mad Hatter's "Tea Party": Clean cup, clean cup! Move down, move down!

Mad Hatter's "Tea Party": Clean cup, clean cu...

This week we are talking all about one of the most nonsensical things on the planet, PERFECTION! We use the scene of the Mad Hatter's tea party as our inspiration for this one. We break down how the pursuit of perfection totally stifled progress and ultimately ruined everything! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Me, me, me! But is it?
24min 35sec
This week we are taking a look at another common thinking trap. This one is called me, me, me. Essentially it's when you believe you are the sole reason things didn't go according to plan. Guess what, ...
Always, always, always!!
36min 6sec
This week we are talking about one of a few different common thinking traps, Always, always, always. We break down a little of what it is and we talk about how to avoid getting stuck in it. Spoiler al ...
Special Guest Joe Van Haecke
46min 5sec
Joe Van Haecke is an impov guru, educator, speaker, and coach. He shares with us how he is taking the art of improv off the stage and into the classroom, boardroom, and people's lives. Be sure to chec ...
Smoke the monster out! ~The Dodo
33min 32sec
This week we are wrapping up our Alice in Wonderland series with the iconic scene where Alice turns as big as a house, inside a house. We break down some less than stellar leadership on the ground tha ...
It's always the Queen's Way!!!!
32min 40sec
In this episode we continue our 4 part series on the great and powerful Alice in Wonderland. This week we are looking at the Queen of Hearts. WE break down her leadership style or lack there of. We al ...
Follow the white rabbit. On second thought, maybe not!
41min 17sec
This week we are discussing distractions that stop us from achieving what we set out to achieve. Even those distractions that we convince ourselves are important! --- This episode is sponsored by · An ...
Regret....It kind of sucks!
39min 59sec
This week we are focusing a little bit on regret. We talk about how it is in a lot of cases avoidable and in some even self inflicted. We dish out a few tips and mindset methodologies to help overcome ...
Buy in....The sequel!!
45min 9sec
This week we breath new life and new analogies into a topic from several months ago. The topic is buy in, and not just buy in to the organizational end state. We talk buy in to YOU as a leader! --- Th ...
Josh and Travis save the world....or something like that!
28min 42sec
I am joined by my brother and very special guest Josh Apel aka Combat Crochet on TikTok! Josh shares with us the incredible work he is doing helping people through trauma through crafts. That's right. ...
Words are cool, actions are a lot cooler.
42min 43sec
This week we discuss words without action. We give a real life example of a time that words and actions came together and the results were amazing. We also discuss a time where there was no action beh ...
Dr. Sharon Grossman
54min 51sec
I had the opportunity to sit down with the extraordinary Dr. Sharon Grossman. Sharon is a psychologist, author, and absolute mindset ninja. We talk all things mindset, resilience, overwhelm, and how t ...
Talent vs Skill: The curse of the high school QB
44min 10sec
This week we are looking at the pros and cons of skill and talent, and which one will take you farther in life. We also spend some time talking about how leaning on those things you achieved 5, 10, 15 ...
Don't wait yourself out of opportunities!
43min 26sec
In this episode we take a look at how waiting can ultimately rob you of your dreams. We talk about those things that start out as reasons and wind up turning into excuses that prevent us from moving f ...
Guess what! Not everyone likes you! That's ok!
40min 56sec
This week we dive into a fact that really twists some people up. That fact is that not everyone likes you! Not only do we break down that being ok, but we talk about how much better things get once yo ...
Interview with Kelly Capeheart
59min 55sec
So stoked for this one! I get the chance to sit down with my brother Kelly Capeheart, or as I call him "Doc". He shares how his model for success is based off the philosophy that it wasn't an option t ...
Rambo, Regis, and Roller Coasters: There's no such thing as NO!
41min 22sec
In this episode we discuss reframing how you receive those no's that come your way in life. We look at how we can change out perspective from it being a no to a not right now. This allows us to focus ...
Stop Spinning Your Wheels!
33min 30sec
In this episode we talk about what I call the "shiny things".  These are all those ankle biter tasks that distract us from focusing on our end state goals. I'm not saying they don't have to get done. ...
Interview with Kenny Clayborn
45min 28sec
My guest Kenny Clayborn is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, 1st Phorm Nationally Sponsored Nutrition Coach, Owner of TeamClayborn Nutr ...
Know when to fold 'em, and how.
43min 58sec
In this episode we discuss the uncomfortable reality of having to let someone go. It's never fun but sometimes necessary. We take a look at the situation from a different perspective that just might h ...
Interview with Dan Futrell
1h 7min
My guest Dan Futrell is a United States Army Combat Veteran, Tillman Scholar, and CEO of the Tillman Foundation. He joins me to talk about how critical leadership really is in the world and what his o ...
Achieving the clinch....on life!
42min 7sec
In this episode we talk about problems and how, let's be honest, sometimes they just suck. It's going to happen where the only way forward is through that issue that just sucks and might even be painf ...
Actionable Intel: "Dry Hole! What's Next?"
40min 32sec
This episode we discuss those time where you have planned everything out to the most finite detail and things still don't shake out how you want. It happens to the best leaders in all walks of life, b ...
Interview with Dr. Bruce Ziran
1h 5min
Dr. Bruce Ziran is one of the world's leading orthopedic trauma surgeons and total mindset NINJA! He is a veteran. patriot, renaissance man, and one of the most humble people I have ever had the pleas ...
The universe isn’t happening TO YOU!
38min 30sec
In this episode we discuss getting stuck in that poor me victim mindset and how to snap out of it. Seriously, it’s not the universe’s fault! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way ...
Windy moon photos, or Step 4...your call!
46min 38sec
In this episode we talk about starting necessary movement towards your dreams! Stop waiting for the universe to give you permission and start taking steps towards what you want! --- This episode is sp ...
Bonus Episode with Liam Rodgers
1h 17min
I had the privilege to sit down and talk with Liam Rodgers! Liam is an author, TedX speaker, filmmaker, father, and all around AWESOME human being! His story and never quit mindset are something you d ...
Are you a leader? Yes....yes you are!
42min 7sec
In this episode we discuss how no matter where you are or what you do, you are a leader for someone. We talk about the importance of certain leadership traits and how even your nonverbal communication ...
Thanksgiving....It's EVERYDAY BRO!
21min 31sec
In this episode we talk about a key skill that will help make you more resilient, boost your mindset, and ultimately help you live a longer healthier life. So,'s kind of a big deal! --- This ...
Bonus Episode with Kurt Cook
1h 5min
In this episode I get a chance to sit down with the incredible Kurt Cook. He shares his story of not just overcoming adversity but using it as an opportunity to make things better! --- This episode is ...
The all important STEP 8!
45min 53sec
In this episode we discuss the final and never ending step of the troop leading procedures, affectionately referred o simply as step 8. We go into how it is not only a great tool for leaders but also ...
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