The Lord and The Colonel

The Lord and The Colonel

Shane becomes a Lord Austin applies to become a Colonel. Check out Dog Cops here: // MERCH: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

You've been saying Uranus wrong
49min 7sec
This week the Nice Boys talk AT-AT mating rituals, Bad Uncle Moves, the correct phrasing of Uranus, and Urethra Franklin. Listen to Dog Cops here:   // ...
Assassine's Greed and Many Other Thrillers
32min 0sec
This episode the Nice Boys found a book written by Austin's brother Peyton, Assassine's Greed and Many Other Thrillers, they go over it. Read more stories, talk about Hog Doubles and leave you with go ...
The Nice Boys talk Zack Snyder's Justice League
51min 8sec
Shane talks about his new love for superheroes and then allows Austin to get hella nerdy about Zack Snyder's Justice League and why it's important, BvS Dawn of Justice, and the idiots who don't unders ...
All the Different Things (w/ Saint JoNetta and Lord Gary)
32min 26sec
We talk about smoking, how Tom Hanks doesn't brush his teeth, happy meals funded the cold war, all the different things. Also, stick around at the end for a special interview with Saint JoNetta and Lo ...
The Problem with the Alphabet
31min 51sec
We've tore a fabric in the space-time continuum. We RE-MADE the Alphabet. Hold onto your butts. Listen to Dog Cops here: / Get me ...
Tinky Winky Owns Truck Nuts
43min 46sec
The Boys felt like this episode is packed to the butts with bits. Enjoy. Listen to Dog Cops here: / Buy our merch here: https://t ...
On Behalf of Bees (w/ Annie Sneed)
53min 22sec
What up everyone, on this episode the Nice Boys are joined by their friend Annie Sneed as she fights on behalf of bee kind everywhere to convince Austin that there is some sort of meaning to this thin ...
Let out the Day's Toots
29min 55sec
Hey everyone on this episode we discuss the BIG GAME, the intricacies of Shane's visits to Middle Earth, share toot stories, and spend a lot of time laughing. Enjoy! Listen to Dos Cops here: /open.spo ...
It's Quinoa you Dummy (w/ Chris Widner and Nick Damron)
1h 7min
The guys from Tune Junkies Podcast join us on this one! Be sure to check them out and give them a follow! On this episode, we pitch our business endeavors to the guys, awaken Cameron Gayle Damron, get ...
Left Knee, Right Knee, Hiney, Weenie
33min 8sec
The boys catch up and talk about their week, discuss the parting of the GymNasty Boys, the Bibleman Combat Manual, and makes Siri do jokes. WE HAVE MERCH: ...
The only HAUNTED podcast in EXISTENCE
29min 6sec
You read correctly, the Nice Boys have become Haunted. Also, listen.. We know this isn't a long one but we get so much stuff done in 20 minutes it will blow your mind. Dog Cops are indifferent on haun ...
Big Woof Kiss Huulk
36min 55sec
What to say? Another week and here we are. The boys get down to business discussing haunted attractions and recap their very first Greg Day. Listen to Dog Cops here: / ...
Planning Greg Day (Off the Hook)
38min 13sec
Hey everyone! The Nice Boys spend their time this week going over the things they are leaving behind in 2020, their plans for Greg Day, and they loosely rank Adam Sandler's best movies. Nice Boys do G ...
Heaven is on Earth, it's Talladega (NOT FOR JEREMEYS 2)
37min 13sec
Guys don't be fooled by another banger title, yeah there's some jokes but this is mostly a sad and reflective episode about our life. We've had a rough week, so get ready. Nice Boys do Greg Day 1/8/20 ...
is Lasagna Cake? (and other moral quandaries)
35min 31sec
We've had enough, we're taking the kid gloves off and we're asking the hard-hitting, journalist style questions. You're welcome. Shane also comes up with a new segment called Overrated/Underrated. Lis ...
The Greatest Wrestler of ALL TIME Pt. 2 (w/ Jordan Beeson, Hunter Collett, and Special Guest Peyton Jones)
1h 43min
WE'RE BACK! Y'all remember that movie? I quoted it to someone the other day and no one got my joke. It was stupid. Anyway here's Pt. 2 of us trying to determine who is the greatest wrestler of ALL TIM ...
48min 12sec
Hey guys, we had some life stuff come up so we were not able to record part 2 of the wrestling bracket! So here's a non-canon filler episode. (BUT DON'T YOU DARE SKIP IT) The Bits: Big ol Idiot, You c ...
The Greatest Wrestler of ALL TIME part 1 (w/ Jordan Beeson, Hunter Collett and special guest Patrick Halcomb)
1h 49min
You didn't ask but you didn't need to, we know what you want from your two daddies. We're doing another March Madness style bracket to determine the greatest wrestler of all time, hope you enjoy! Dog ...
Jazzy Justin's Smooth Jazz Happy Half Hour (feat: Pecos Bill and Trumpet Tully)
31min 36sec
Hello boys and girls from all over the world, this episode Justin has on his long time friend and platinum recording artist Trumpet Tully to talk about Tully's most recent album and the new directions ...
How fast can a deer grab something off a shelf?
37min 22sec
Austin hit a deer while driving this week, (he's okay, so is his car, so is the deer) so naturally that leads him to believe he could kill a deer with his bare hands. WE NEED YOUR VOICES ON THIS, CAN ...
You can't cry when I Hurt You
1h 10min
Austin said this to Shane and he MEANT it, find out why today. The boys spend most of their time this week catching up and being buds, enjoy! Other Bits: Football Man, Sports Drink Flavors, TV, Electi ...
The best Fast Food Menu Item of ALL TIME (w/ Jordan Beeson)
1h 42min
What up Slapnuts? Boy have we got a loaded one for you. Shane's cousin and our good friend Jordan joined us to help determine the best fast food menu item of all time through a tried and tested format ...
A Tramp Stamp that says Blasted by Ryno, Dude
57min 11sec
Welcome back to another one, The Nice Boys have a fun conversation this week. We cover enough bases that surely we'll have something that pleases your gluttonous ears. Other Bits: Casual Manson Talk, ...
Heathcliff was a Nazi Sympathizer, a Nice Boys Ted Talk
48min 3sec
YOU HAVE TO PICK A SIDE. YOU HAVE TO. IT'S EITHER US AND GARFIELD OR HEATHCLIFF AND NAZIS. Welcome back to Nice Boys, your source for all things monster truck related, this episode we get waist deep i ...
B.O.R.A.T (Bands Or musicians who are oveRATed) (w/ Chris Widner)
1h 33min
Tis the season for some sleazin' The Nice Boys have returned from the abyss to deliver you the only thing they have to offer, fart jokes. This episode the boys are joined by their pal, Chris Widner fr ...
The Entire Discography of Foot
1h 0min
Hey Everyone! Please note that there are 30 minutes of no jokes, no laughs, no gimmicks, no frills. Just a passionate discussion between two friends about quick-service restaurants.  Other Bits: Actio ...
Hotdogs are the Currency in Canada (w/ Nick East and Greg Bain)
1h 4min
This is the audio from the FB Live episode on 6/24/2020, enjoy! Fartknockers! Nick and Greg of Dog Cops fame check in to discuss their quarantine habits, Dennis Rodman,  bowel movements, what celebrit ...
The Catch Up (w/ Doujee Stringbeans)
38min 4sec
The is our FB Live episode from 6/17/2020, enjoy! Guys Dougie stops by on this one to talk about his recent major successes in the podcast industry! Shane is disappointed in our performance. Austin st ...
The Return of Shane/ Bees never did nothin for nobody
53min 46sec
Hey Horny Ghosts! This is the audio from our FB Live episode on 6/10/2020, enjoy! SHANE'S BACK, did you notice? Austin talks about his apathy for Bees. Listen to Dog Cops: // ...
John Stamos' Top 20 Films of All Time- (w/ Danny Palow)
1h 0min
Hey everyone! We all know that our country is in a very bad place, the only words I can think of is that everything sucks. Shane and I want to use our platform to make changes in a positive way. Below ...
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