Is Living in London worth it in 2021?

Is Living in London worth it in 2021?

This week we go into detail about the census, mortgages and living in London in 2021. With commute towns on the rise and more people moving out of London. Are cities like Kent, Manchester and Bristol better options to live in? We discuss the different types of mortgages on the market at the moment. We also go into the census 2021. Dave was attacked on social media for photos with his friends, we also discuss that.  Hosts: Bola Sol: Nego True: DISUNOMICS:,,  #TL3D

Baby boomers, Millennials and Gen Z
51min 4sec
Today we define the difference between each generation according to when they were born. We take a look at the characteristics that make each generation resilient such as baby boomers being resourcefu ...
The Economics of CHEATING?!
57min 44sec
The economics of cheating. Recent social events have lead to a lot of people discussing cheating from a moral standpoint. But we at #TL3D wanted to look at it from an economical point of view. What’re ...
FREE Financial Advice Ft. Emmanuel Asuquo
1h 38min
This week we’re joined by Financial Advisor Emmanuel Asuquo! The youngest financial advisor in Britain at one point. Known for his TV appearances on channel 4, the BBC and more, Emmanuel sits down wit ...
Piers OBSESSION with Meghan explained! feat. Christina
1h 30min
Piers Morgan has been under fire recently for his treatment of everything Meghan Markle. We break down the reasons behind the behaviours that got him fired from his job at Good Morning Britain. How hi ...
The Budget 2021 & How to be a content creator Ft Estare
1h 41min
The Budget 2021 & How to be a content creator Ft Estare  This week we sat down with well-renowned digital content creator Estare to discuss everything digital content creation and the 2021 budget. Dis ...
Are Clubs really opening on June 21st? Ft. Professor Kumi
1h 23min
This week the gang sit down with wedding host and contractor David Kumi to discuss the recent news around releasing the country from Lockdown. Does Boris’s plan mean we’ll be leaving lockdown for good ...
Conversation with a Fintech CEO Ft. Roqqett CEO Glenn Smith
53min 34sec
In this week’s podcast were joined by a very special guest in Fintech CEO Glenn Smith. Founder and CEO of Roqqett, the open banking app that merges all of your accounts into one app and gives you the ...
#TL3D One Year Anniversary special! How to get paid as a creative! Ft. Qoy
1h 28min
This week’s episode marks our official ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Tune in as we’re joined by host and presenter Qoy, who takes us through dating life, romance and all things Valentine’s! We also discuss ho ...
How $AMC buyers played the rich man’s GME, Jeff Besoz stepping down & ASOS
1h 13min
This week we discuss the frenzy around GME and AMC and how social media was used to drive share sales in one of the biggest weeks in recent stock history. But first, we start with the news of Amazon C ...
Talent agency? PR? Who are VAMP UK Ft VAMP UK
1h 27min
VAMP UK Ft. VAMP UK Christina and Ruby came through to discuss everything VAMP! The first and biggest PR and Influencer agency for diverse audiences from the UK! They’ve worked with Oprah Winfrey, Dis ...
Can you really fix racism with peace? Ft D.A Miller
1h 34min
Writer and author D.A Miller joins us as he celebrates the launch of his book ‘Black Enterprize’! A compilation of stories and facts of some of the most successful black faces present and in history. ...
Black Girl Finance & Bitcoin Blues ft Selina Flavius
1h 14min
This week we were joined by Selina Flavius, author of Black Girl Finance. We discuss financial lessons and losses. Why do we find it difficult to speak to family about our finances? Do we speak about ...
Dubai & New Year New Me
1h 17min
With Bola coming back from Dubai, she talks about the exchange rate, how they are treating covid over there and her jumping into an illegal taxi. With one bedroom flats starting at £80,000 in Dubai, # ...
Goodbye 2020!
1h 16min
TL3D give a round up of the year 2020 which has felt like 10 years in one. There were hard parts and enjoyable parts such as Houseparty. We talk about our episodes since we started the pod this year a ...
Christmas Spending, Savings Goals & Company Valuations
1h 10min
With Christmas coming up, we explore spending on presents in 2020. Research shows that people are spending less on presents, in light of how the year has gone it is understandable as to why that is. N ...
Clubhouse, Superpowers & Financial Mistakes
1h 36min
Clubhouse has become a platform to have discussion about anything. From podcasts to the latest on the vaccine and misinformation, everyone’s using it for better or worse. Speaking of better or worse, ...
Being a Probation Officer, Generational Curses & Matchmaking ft. Shamila
1h 43min
**Trigger Warning** On this episode, we are joined by special guest Shamila, she is currently a probation officer and also a director on the side. We start the podcast by discussing what it’s like wor ...
Men & Therapy, Heartbreak & The Tapped Therapist! Ft. Shomi the Therapist
1h 7min
On this podcast we are joined by Therapist & Mental Health Speaker @Shomicita. We got into why she became a therapist, the different levels of therapy and when she qualified. Do men and women react di ...
Personal Trainers & Small Businesses Navigating Through Covid feat. Meet Us After 7
1h 36min
Today we were joined by Yusuf & Gina who are both personal trainers and the hosts of #MeetUsAfter7. As we’ve been in lockdown for a few weeks we discussed how we are all keeping fit and the financial ...
Black Capitalism ft 90s Baby Show
1h 45min
We were joined by Temi Alchemy (@temialchemy), Fred Santana (@fredsantana) and VP (@vpinthecut) These three are the mastermind behind the 90s baby show (SUBSCRIBE!!! ...
WE IN A PANORAMIC!!! Ft. Bejay Mulenga
1h 34min
This week we are joined by the great Bejay Mulenga to discuss his journey as an entrepreneur and how he is managing in this coronavirus environment. We also discussed the covid vaccine developments as ...
TL3D feat Las Olas
1h 56min
We were blessed to talk with the founder of Las Olas who also calls himself the rum papi (we’re kidding). TL3D ask about everything Las Olas related from how it started, how the name came about to the ...
Income judgements, Private islands & vibes
1h 14min
Bola starts off the podcast discussing her experience when she went into Louis Vuitton and she was met with judgement by the Sales Assistant who works there. Nego and Disu make light of the fact that ...
1h 17min
While some people celebrated Nigerian Independence Day from the comfort of Britain or America, people in Nigeria were not as keen due to their reality in Lagos. Based on what happened on the 20th of O ...
MBEs, #EndSars & the rap game
1h 10min
Of course, we have to start the podcast by giving you the latest on lockdown rules. Disu leads the discussion by letting us know the difference between Tier 1, 2 & 3 when it comes Covid. Boris has bee ...
The Black Report with Google & 10x10, Redundancies Ft. Andy Davis
1h 21min
We start the pod talking about what this Tier 3 Lockdown means. Plus, with the furlough scheme coming to an end on October 31st, TL3D discuss all the redundancies happening and how some of our favouri ...
Trademarks, Buying a property in a recession and jollof rice
1h 4min
Bola talks about the regrets of not trademarking her merchandise slogan earlier on. Is there a popular slogan you use? Think about how you want to build and know that it is worth registering under the ...
Dusty Uber’s, Prenuptials & Big Tech
50min 50sec
Heary heary, lockdown v2 is that you? Disunomics starts by talking about what the latest lockdown means and somehow we manage to get onto wedding bands. We then get onto the topic of prenuptial and Di ...
Covid restrictions, travel & the rise of female entrepreneurship
1h 9min
With new announcements dropping every week from the government, we’ve got to stay on guard about new social distancing regulations. Plus, with #EatOutToHelpOut being left in the dust, what does that m ...
Auditing, Only Fans & Dating Preferences
54min 17sec
Imagine getting one of the biggest companies in the world to pay for your degree? Well that’s exactly what Tay did and we are blessed to have her on the pod talking about her journey. She works in aud ...
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