Streams Ahead - The Snyder Cut - 24th March 2021

Streams Ahead - The Snyder Cut - 24th March 2...

This week we discuss the release of the Snyder Cut on streaming services, Snyder Cut fans on Twitter, and was it better than the Whedon cut?  Follow us @TweetsAheadCast Subscribe for more episodes! --- Send in a voice message:

Bonus - European Super Friends - 19th April 2021
1h 3min
12 of the richest football clubs in Europe are threatening to break away from their domestic leagues and form their own super group - The European Super League! This trend has taken over sports Twitte ...
35 - Colin the Caterpillar - 16th April 2021
54min 29sec
This week without Fearghal, it's Cormac and Seán unhinged. Cormac discusses the deal with Minister of Health Simon Donnelly being unhappy with not being mentioned in Department of Health Tweets. Seán ...
34 - Prince Battenberg - 9th April 2021
1h 10min
It was an action packed week on Twitter and the boys had a lot to discuss. #Teachers was trending due to Irish teacher unions wanting to strike over being refused vaccinations, so Seán added some much ...
33 - Twitter: The Movie! - 2nd April 2021
59min 20sec
Seán lists some of the good and bad corporate April Fools Jokes on Twitter this year! We talk Twitter's reaction to West Brit Regina Doherty remarking about 800 years of travel to "mainland" UK. Fearg ...
Streams Ahead - Invincible - 29th March 2021
50min 49sec
We talk about Invincible; the new animated series to hit Amazon Prime. Seán gives a "Beginners Guide to the Invincible Universe" for those who are new to the series and want to know what to expect. We ...
32 - Cash Injections - 26th March 2021
45min 27sec
The biggest trend on Irish Twitter this week was without question the controversy surrounding the Beacon private clinic in Dublin and it's questionable distribution of vaccines to a linked private sch ...
31 - St.Patrick the Druid Killer - 19th March 2021
52min 6sec
The lads start without Cormac, chatting about the anti-lockdown protests in Dublin this week. Then Cormac bursts onto the scene Stone Cold Steve Austin style and we chat about things you would only fi ...
30 - When Harry met Meghan.... and Oprah! - March 12th 2021
54min 44sec
This week the lads discuss the cultural event that was Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah and Twitter's reaction to it. We also have fun over Piers Morgan's storm out of his breakfast show and re ...
29 - Good God, Lemon - 5th March 2021
55min 8sec
This week on Twitter; the Alec Baldwin, the Catholic Church adoption scandal, and live streaming car chases down the M50 motorway... because that's where we are now as a society! We also spend way too ...
28 - Student Union Sinners! - 26th February 2021
46min 24sec
In this weeks episode Seán talks about religious fundamentalists in Student Union Politics and NUIG trying to control individual students' personal Twitter pages! (#freecian) Cormac chats about Twitte ...
27 - Delete Facebook - 19th February 2021
55min 27sec
This week on Twitter! Seán talks about Twitter's reaction to the death of US conservative media titan Rush Limbaugh. Cormac discusses the #DeleteFacebook trend and what's been happening in Australia. ...
26 - Weetabix & Beans - 12th February 2021
57min 21sec
This week on Twitter! Fearghal checks out the viral mess that is beans on Weetabix and are all corporate Twitter accounts in Kahoots? Seán checks out the Zoom disaster that is Cat Lawyer. Plus Cormac ...
25 - Jackie Weaver & Bad Medical Takes - 5th February 2021
54min 17sec
This week Seán investigates another case of cancel culture involving one of the world's largest corporations Coca Cola & Innocent Smoothies. Cormac tackles the brilliant viral sensation that is Jackie ...
24 - Bebo's Back Baby! - 29th January 2021
53min 34sec
What's trending on Twitter this week? Cormac takes us back in time and walks us through Bebo's grand revival! What can you remember about it? Fearghal talks Twitter's reaction to Gamestop's stock mark ...
Streams Ahead - WandaVision - 26th January 2021
43min 26sec
On the first of our new bonus series titled "Streams Ahead" - We chat about Marvel's new hit show; WandaVision! We discuss what we think of the format and what some of those pesky easter eggs could be ...
23 - Bernie Memes & QAnon - 22nd January 2021
1h 4min
This week we ride the glorious wave of Bernie Sanders memes and Seán lists off his top 10 Bernie memes that Twitter produced! He also discusses what the QAnon crowd do now that all of their current co ...
22 - Twitter Censorship & Trump - 15th January 2021
1h 12min
A podcast all about Twitter! This week Seán asks was Twitter right to ban Trump? If so, what are the long term implications? Cormac talks about trending topics such as the Leaving Cert 2021 and Feargh ...
Bonus - Twitter bans Trump, sad! - 9th January 2021
56min 16sec
Trump has been banned from Twitter! As a podcast centered around Twitter, we'd be amiss if we didn't dedicate a bonus episode to this momentous occasion! We break down what actually happened and what ...
21 - Bean Dad & Doxing - 6th January 2021
1h 3min
Welcome to season 3 and 2021! Where everything is ok again... right? Sadly we have no Cormac this week but Fearghal and Seán are joined by his animatronic replacement; CORMAC-antosh! This week we talk ...
Bonus - Wee Slim Quiz of the Year - 30th December 2020
58min 53sec
Grab a pen and paper!! Join us for an end of year wrap up quiz! Our special guest quizmaster dishes out questions about the trending Twitter topics that we covered throughout the year. We answer quest ...
20 - Marketing or Aliens? - 4th December 2020
58min 52sec
Some sound issues this week but to make up for it, Seán nearly has a panic attack at the end so... This week on Twitter Seán checks out the Monolith phenomenon; Is it a marketing campaign? Is it alien ...
19 - The Late Late Toy Show - 28th November 2020
54min 24sec
We dedicate this week's episode to one of the biggest Irish Twitter trends of the year... The Late Late Toy Show. One night a year an Irish talk show turns into a toy exhibition with children running ...
18 - Fleets Ahead - 20th November 2020
1h 22min
Episode 8 and we check out this week's Twitter trends! Seán examines Twitter's new 'Fleets' update and as a result lists his top 10 worst product updates of all time, Cormac chats about why Bebo of al ...
17 - Wild Mountain Thyme - 13th November 2020
1h 9min
The biggest Twitter trend of the week centered around terrible Irish accents, who would've thought? On this week's episode, Cormac runs through the awfulness that is the Wild Mountain Thyme movie trai ...
16 - USA U OK? (Election Special) - 6th November 2020
1h 10min
Only one trend has absolutely dominated Twitter this week; the US Presidential Election. Fearghal, Cormac, and Seán spent the episode diving into Twitter's reaction into Trump vs Biden and the potenti ...
15 - Bowie but not Bowie - 30th October 2020
1h 12min
We have a special guest on this week; Mark! He talks about the dreadful looking David Bowie biopic that's been trending on Twitter and Sky's new TV show that got the chop for harbouring a secret Nazi. ...
14 - Birds Aren't Real - 23rd October 2020
1h 18min
This week on Twitter; Seán checks out the 'cancelation' of Chris Pratt and cancel culture online, Cormac talks about Dundalk FC's disappointment in Europe and what a great fella Marcus Rashford is, & ...
Interview - Troll Hunter: Paddy (@P_Dawg_)
48min 19sec
In this bonus episode and interview, we talk to Paddy, a Twitter user who regularly attracts the attention of and also engages with Twitter trolls. He tells us how he ends up in these situations, how ...
13 - Biden Hunter - 16th October 2020
1h 13min
This week on Twitter: Seán talks about Trump's relationship with QAnon and Hunter Biden's laptop, Cormac brings up Ireland's recent loss to Finland and the hot topic of Champagne Football, and Feargha ...
Interview - Twitch Streamer: Seán (@ElLocoJalapeno)
1h 1min
In this bonus interview, we talk to Twitch Streamer Seán, aka @ElLocoJalapeno on Twitter! Seán has followed his gaming passion and we have a great conversation about how he got into Twitch, why he lov ...
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