#021 How freelancer Alex Fasulo Makes $378,000 per Year on Fiverr

#021 How freelancer Alex Fasulo Makes $378,00...

Alex Fasulo's story is incredible. So incredible that she's been getting national attention after a  CNBC video profiling her freelancing success recently went viral. She is a freelancer on the website Fiverr.com and has earned over a million dollar in sales on the platform. In this episode, she breaks down her journey as a freelancer, her experience going viral and tips to earn more money as a freelance writer. Enjoy!

#020 Buying a Franchise: How Tariq Johnson built a 2.4 million dollar franchise business
42min 35sec
Tariq Johnson's story began as a financial advisor and while working his full-time job built a number of side hustles that have turned into main source of income.  In 2017,  he opened up his first Fra ...
#019 Ballin': How a D1 College Basketball Player turned $100 to 100K in the stock market in only 7 months
1h 1min
Isaac Suffren  is a man of many hats. He is a college student at Howard University, a D1 Basketball player and also a successful stock trader. At the start of the pandemic, Isaac began teaching himsel ...
#018 Flipping & Investing in Mobile Homes: How Byron Seller and Sharnice Williams built a Mobile Home Empire
49min 1sec
In this episode, Byron Sellers discusses how he and his wife, Sharnice Williams, built a portfolio of Mobile Home Investments with properties all across the country. Byron's story began after they bot ...
#017 How Doug Cunnington has earned over 6 figures with Amazon's affiliate program
48min 59sec
Doug Cunnington has found a way to earn a living making money with Amazon's affiliate program. Doug builds websites that sell products that are on Amazon.com. For every product Doug sells, he earns a ...
#016 Our Top 5 Side Hustles of 2021
24min 59sec
We are back for the new year and a brand new Season! We greatly appreciate the love that our listeners have shown since we've started the 99 Hustles Podcast. We wanted to kick off the new year and new ...
#015 Blank to Bank: How Brittany Lewis made over 500K in total sales on Etsy and earned a spot in the top 1% of Etsy Sellers
50min 23sec
From creating and selling her own products to using Print On Demand services, Brittany Lewis is an expert Etsy seller. Brittany's story is one of perseverance and constant self education. Her journey ...
#014 Vending Machine Tycoon: At 20 years-old, Jaime Ibañez owns 30 different vending machines that bring in over 6-figures
44min 19sec
Owning vending machines at various locations can be an extremely profitable form of passive income.  In this episode, Jaime Ibañez breaks down how he got his start in the vending business & his journe ...
#013 Real Estate Hustle - How Eddie Colson built a real estate portfolio of 12 rental units and has completed 11 Million dollars in real estate transactions
47min 36sec
The podcast covers a lot about the real estate game - from wholesaling properties to rehab, contracting & long term investing. Eddie Colson is  true real estate hustler. At just 28 years old, he alrea ...
#012 Say Yes To You: Author & Life coach Emi Valerio turned pain into a successful business driven to inspire other women in business
36min 3sec
Emi Valerio is the founder of SheCommands.com and author of the book "Say Yes To You." She's a business consultant, speaker, life coach and focuses her business on helping other aspiring women en ...
#011 SEO Wiz: How Ken Marshall built a six-figure digital marketing agency in just two years
32min 26sec
Ken's entrepreneurial journey started when he was denied a GameBoy video game by his parents because he "didn't have enough money". That childhood experience birthed Ken's hustle and th ...
#010 Amazon Lifestyle: How Kevin Pak decided to drop out of college and build an Amazon FBA empire
34min 53sec
Kevin Pak is just 24 years old and yet is totally crushing it online. His story personifies the required self belief needed to truly become a successful entrepreneur. Against his parent's wishes, he d ...
#009 Rags to Bags: Grant Sabatier turned 13 different side hustles into a million dollars within five years
55min 29sec
CNBC dubbed him the "Millennial Millionaire" - In this episode, Grant Sabatier shares with us how he went from $2.26 to becoming a Millionaire in five years. Grant runs the six-figure blog - Millenial ...
#008: Movin' Work: Making $200-$300/day with Etsy Printables
42min 3sec
We sat down with Cody Berman of Gold City Ventures and FlytoFi.com to discuss his journey in entrepreneurship. Cody entered the world of online business at a young age and taught himself the ins and o ...
#007: Real Estate Heaven - How Stephanie Taylor built a successful UK-based property management company and acquired 1 million dollars in property
33min 28sec
Stephanie Taylor is the founder of UK-based HMO Heaven. After her mother's illness, Stephanie decided to abandon her corporate job to branch out on her own into real estate. Along with her sister, she ...
#006 From The Ground Up: How one entrepreneur built a holistic company with over $1,000,000 in sales from just a $50 investment
58min 6sec
In 2014, TC Atkinson started a holistic company - Embrace Pangaea -  with just a $50 investment. In five years, she was able to grow her company to over a million dollars in sales. In this episode she ...
#005: The Turo Hustle: How Stefan Marquardt was able to make 60K renting out cars on the Turo App
41min 48sec
This is an amazing story of ambition, inspiration and redemption. After a two-year prison sentence, Stefan Marquardt decided that he was ready for a change in his life. He began immersing himself with ...
#004 Think and Ball Out: Kenyatta Griggs began as a barber for artists like Kanye West, T.I and Young Jeezy. Learn how he turned his conversations with successful & high-profile clients into inspiring
59min 43sec
Kenyatta Griggs is a successful entrepreneur, film maker and author. His story starts as a local barber, to barbershop owner then becoming a reputable barber in the entertainment industry. After cutti ...
#003 Lifestyle Design: How Michelle Jackson paid down $60,000 of credit card & personal loan debt and created her brand as a personal finance influencer
57min 22sec
After working at Starbucks for $7/hour to support herself and her mom… to starting her own online business, becoming self-employed and also paying off $60,000 of debt. Michelle Jackson, of MichelleisM ...
#002 Boss Mom: How Whitney Bonds built a 6 Figure Blog in 18 Months to teach other moms how to earn money from home
43min 16sec
She started her blog with $84 and built it into a six figure business in just 18 months. Whitney Bond is the founder of triedandtruemomjobs.com where she writes articles teaching other moms how to mak ...
#001 Young OG: How 22 year-old Virshon Fleming generates up to 60K/month in sales with his online dropshipping business
46min 44sec
Virshon Fleming is a 22 year old hustler that brings in over 5 figures each month with his dropshipping business. Virshon started his dropshipping business while in his college dorm room and grew the ...
99 Hustles Podcast (Introduction)
9min 20sec
Thanks for being here! This is our very first recording and is to just give you a little bit more background information on our show, our mission and who we are. Purpose of 99 Hustles is to share as m ...
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