This week I welcome singer/songwriter KOLBY KNICKERBOCKER to the show. KOLBY and I dive head first into his discovery and love of music. Our discussion travels down many curvy roads that lead to the foundations that music is built on. KOLBY speaks his truths and explains the consequences of giving in to others ideas. KOLBY and I figure out how to cross over the broad spectrum that is today's music platforms (not really) but we did try. Everyone's journey begins and ends with themselves alone with their thoughts, but KOLBY has managed to turn that into beautiful tunes for your listening pleasure. Please give a listen with "Kindness And Courage" and I "Promise" that it will be "All Right With Me".

HiddenTracks #35 EVER ELSEWHERE
1h 1min
This week I sit down with Eleanor Grace from the southern Ontario band EVER ELSEWHERE. Eleanor and I dive in to the deep rich world of post hardcore (emo)/pop punk, which is where EVER ELSEWHERE  turn ...
HiddenTracks #34 BYLAND
53min 11sec
This week I sit down with  Alie Byland from BYLAND, the folk, cinematic, indie rock artist. Alie's story has some interesting twist and turns that are unlike most stories you may hear. The discus ...
HiddenTracks #32 LUCERO (Ben Nichols)
1h 7min
This week's episode leads me to Ben Nichols, frontman and founder of the genre warping band LUCERO. Ben has been able to take to melding different styles of music, such as country, folk, punk, em ...
1h 10min
This week's episode brought me to CHRISTIAN SPARACIO. Yes his name is a tough to say as you may think. Christian's story is that of former college Quarterback to soulful indie pop rock  folk crooner. ...
HiddenTracks #30 CODY WEAVER
47min 15sec
This week's episode finds me in an unfamiliar place, the world of Country. Not New Pop Country, but original Traditional Country. I sit down with CODY WEAVER, the talented singer/songwriter/ country a ...
HiddenTracks #29 Bonus Episode (Hall of Fame Edition)
2h 8min
Four opinionated A$$H@LE's talkin' Sh!t on the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and making our picks for this years nominees. We are ruthless, crazy, and annoying, listen at your own risk. Can someone answe ...
1h 31min
This weeks episode leads me to Tom Beaujour and Richard Bienstock. Tom Beaujour is the founder and editor of Revolver magazine, as well as a musician, producer, composer, engineer, writer and mixer to ...
HiddenTracKs #27 EXIT
1h 3min
This week HiddenTracks welcomes Andrew Manning and TJ Piccirillo of the dynamic band EXIT. Driven by the roots of friendship and the desire to constantly create, EXIT  formulates music that does not r ...
52min 10sec
This week I sit down with Jason Nott from BEACHWOOD COYOTES. Jason and I discuss the roots and origins of the band, along with the crazy story that comes with the naming of the band. Jason's career ha ...
HiddenTracks #25 RATBOYS
1h 13min
This weeks episode of HiddenTracks leads me to Julia Steiner of RATBOYS. Julia and I discuss the development of RATBOYS along with the amazing story of the creation of "Printer's Devil " their latest ...
HiddenTracks #24 LOVE GHOST
48min 25sec
Finnegan Bell from the genre blending band LOVE GHOST joins HiddenTracks this week. Finn and I discuss the role mental health plays in his creation of songs such as "I'll Be Fine." Our discussion trav ...
HiddenTracks #23 DRAMARAMA
56min 34sec
John Easdale from the powerful Alt Rock band DRAMARAMA joins HiddenTracks this week. John and I discuss Dramarama's first album in 15 years "Color TV".  We dig deep into the formation of Dramarama and ...
HiddenTracks #22 A NOTE TWO SELF
45min 52sec
A Note Two Self is the musical moniker of Mike Richards, the talented singer/songwriter from Alexandria, VA. A Note Two Self's newest single "Love Drunk" attacks all five senses at once; with the pati ...
HiddenTracks #21 TWIN FOXES
53min 4sec
Jared Mann from TWIN FOXES joins the Podcast this week to kick off Season 2. We discuss sibling influences through our life and the vast array of 90's rock that changed lives. Jared brings his unique ...
HiddenTracks #20 MAE (Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience)
1h 22min
Dave Elkins from MAE (Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience) joins the Podcast this week. We discuss the healing process of the mind and the effect music has in touching all of our senses. The discussion ...
HiddenTracks #19 NO ALARMS
1h 8min
Andrew Boles from NO ALARMS joins the Podcast this week. Andrew started his journey searching for personal growth through music. Andrew was timid and careful about what he was creating; it wasn't unti ...
HiddenTracks #18 ROUGH DREAMS
56min 43sec
Jake Jones form ROUGH DREAMS joins the Pod today. Jake's musical career has spanned more than half his life already. The Knoxville TN band Rough Dreams breathes a new life into what was once lost ...
HiddenTracks #17 G LOVE (& THE SPECIAL SAUCE)
50min 40sec
Grammy nominated artist G Love joins HiddenTracks this week. G Love's story is one of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Twenty-nine years in the business has paid off with his first Grammy nomi ...
HiddenTracks #16 DIAL DRIVE
54min 10sec
This week's guest Jake LeDrew discusses his path to his band Dial Drive from Orlando, FL. Jake's passion of music runs so deep that he not only performs, books, and markets for Dial Drive, he does it ...
HiddenTracks #15 TERRA LIGHTFOOT
52min 36sec
Canadian Singer/Songwriter Terra Lightfoot joins the Podcast this week. Terra's flawless guitar licks bring a bright and compelling tone to a genre in need of a F#*king Rockstar!!!! Terra's new album ...
HiddenTracks #14 RACOMA
52min 2sec
RACOMA is a masterful indie alt-rock band from Seattle, WA. Their sound blends between whimsical and enchanting. Glenn, Sean, Spencer and I have quite the balanced conversation, from EDM to Shania Twa ...
HiddenTracks #13 WILD RIVERS
53min 10sec
Wild Rivers, the Toronto based indie band that defies genres and categorization sits down and discusses their beginnings and influences. Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein's stories are genuine and hones ...
HiddenTracks #12 BROTHER BIRD
48min 3sec
Brother Bird is the musical entity of Caroline (Glaser) Swon, the talented singer/songwriter, originally from KS and now residing in TN. Brother Bird's  artistic stylings can be summed up on the amazi ...
HiddenTracks #11 HuDost
1h 13min
My guests this week are Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines from the band "HuDost". Their talents are wide ranging, from being Musicians, to Congressional District Representatives in KY for ONE, to bei ...
HiddenTracks #10 JASON LYLES
52min 5sec
This week's guest is Jason Lyles, singer/songwriter from Chattanooga, TN. Jason's new song "The Fight" has a solid message that everyone needs to hear. Jason's style lends itself to a w ...
HiddenTracks #9 ADAM MEYERS
57min 15sec
This week I sit down with Adam Meyers, former Sound Engineer from Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ. Maxwell's was the #1 stop for musicians outside of New York City. Adam's journey and stories are one of a ki ...
HiddenTracks #8 ADAM STREICHER
50min 24sec
Join as I sit down with Adam Streicher, formerly the front man of The Molotov Cocktails, and currently of "We Are Dogs". Come with us on our journey back to the future with the music that led him to w ...
46min 41sec
This week I talk with Joseph Rodriguez from Love Again and formerly of Inamorata. Joseph's story into music is unique and timeless. His road into his current band Love Again is that of the belief that ...
52min 59sec
Come with me on a journey through Paul Rosevear's musical career. The early days of learning to play music at church to the "dangers" of learning about rock 'n' roll. His career is one ...
48min 22sec
Join me as a welcome Austin McCool, lead guitarist from the band Future Thieves. We discuss the progression of the band, as well as his process of writing music. We also take a journey into places unk ...
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