Episode 161 - Jon & Wendy present Where Are They Now part 5

Episode 161 - Jon & Wendy present Where Are T...

We welcome back Josh Rock and Keith Enochs to the latest edition of Where Are They Now?  In a bit of a surprise, they're now in the same industry and started during the pandemic.  We talk whiskey, hockey, and much more.  We also announce the "British Invasion of the #HRSocialHour" coming in April! How to reach Josh: https://twitter.com/JRock96 https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshrock/ How to reach Keith: https://twitter.com/KeithCEnochs https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithcenochs/ Join us on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 7 PM ET for the #HRSocialHour chat on Twitter!  Be sure to check out our storefront (all profits go to charity): https://www.teepublic.com/user/hrsocialhour

Episode 163 - Jon & Wendy talk to Garry Turner
27h 16min
We're joined by Garry Turner, Strategic Advisor and host of the "Activating Consciousness Podcast" in Swanley, England, United Kingdom.  We talk about finding his interest in HR and Learning & Develop ...
Episode 162 - Jon & Wendy talk to Chris Taylor
38h 33min
We're joined by Chris Taylor, Founder of Accelerator HR and host of the "Oven Ready HR Podcast" in Godalming, England.  We talk about his background in marketing and why it's so important that marketi ...
Episode 160 - Jon & Wendy talk to Kamara Toffolo
25h 57min
We're joined by Kamara Toffolo, resume writer and job search strategist in Ottawa, Canada.  We talk about her career path from finance, what HR pros can do to help those in job search applying for ope ...
Episode 159 - Jon & Wendy talk to BakedHR
36h 58min
We're joined by our pals Jazmine Wilkes and Kristina Minyard to talk about their latest project, BakedHR!  We talk about their adventures in blogging, volunteering with NASHRM, and how they landed on ...
Episode 158 - Jon & Wendy welcome back Raphael Crawford-Marks
27h 16min
We welcome back Raphael Crawford-Marks, Founder and CEO of Bonusly.  We talk about employee recognition in the time of COVID and how Bonusly had adjusted to address customer needs, what's coming up fo ...
Episode 157 - Jon & Wendy talk to Tamara Rasberry and Talia Edmundson
43h 54min
It's all about consulting with Tamara Rasberry and Talia Edmundson, also known as TNT!  We discuss Talia starting her business at the outset of COVID, the importance of building your network, and stay ...
Episode 156 - Jon & Wendy talk to Sharon Green
33h 23min
Live (to tape) from the United Kingdom, we're joined by Sharon Green, owner of Chiara Consultancy.  We talk about her move from corporate HR to consulting, cultural challenges in HR, taking part in Tw ...
Episode 155 - Jon & Wendy had a guest that had to reschedule (again)
42h 14min
We celebrate the third anniversary of the show with a "State of the Podcast" where we catch up and let you know about several changes coming.  We think they're for the better and hope you do, too.  Wo ...
Episode 154 - Jon & Wendy talk to Robin Schooling
28h 17min
We're joined by Robin Schooling, HR and Talent Strategist and Principal at Peridus Group in Baton Rouge, LA.  We talk about her journey through HR, how the gaming industry presents unique challenges, ...
Episode 153 - Jon & Wendy talk to Katie Lopes
27h 36min
We're joined by Katie Lopes, "HR Anthropologist" in the manufacturing industry in Chicago, IL.  We talk about her background in Anthropology, how organizations can better situate themselves to support ...
Episode 152 - Jon & Wendy talk to Jon Hyman
34h 18min
We're joined by Jon Hyman, Employment Law attorney and author of the "Ohio Employer Law Blog" in Cleveland, OH.  We discuss why Jon pursued a career in law, the worst employers of 2020 (and the frontr ...
Special Episode - Jon & Wendy talk to Paula Harvey and Beth De Lima - Emergency Preparedness
55h 23min
In this supersized special episode, we talk to Paula Harvey and Beth De Lima about emergency preparedness.  HR pros have seen quite a shift in the types of events to consider which is discussed, along ...
Episode 151 - Jon & Wendy talk to Keirsten Greggs
32h 51min
We're joined by Keirsten Greggs, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Career Coach, and owner of TRAP Recruiter, LLC in the metro Washington, DC area.  There's plenty of recruiting talk, what's Talent Acqui ...
Special Episode - Jon & Wendy talk to Dr. Steve Cady & Tom Daniels of Bowling Green State University
34h 36min
In this special episode, we're joined by Dr. Steve Cady and Tom Daniels of the Bowling Green State University Graduate Programs in Organization Development and Change.  We discuss how the programs and ...
Episode 150 - Jon & Wendy welcome back Laurie Ruettimann!
34h 9min
We celebrate 150 episodes with our pal Laurie!  We discuss her new book, "Betting on You: How to Put Yourself First and (Finally) Take Control of Your Career," the process of writing and pitching book ...
HRSocialHour Wonder Women Episode 20 - Wendy & Anne welcome back Margaret Spence
57h 1min
Wendy & Anne welcome back Margaret Spence to this episode of #HRWonderWomen. We talk about the struggles facing women of color because of the pandemic and the challenges of working from home.  We also ...
Episode 149 - Jon & Wendy Ask Us Anything...Again?
1h 19min
In this supersized celebration of 149 episodes, we recap our 2020, answer most of your questions, thank a lot of people, and look forward to 2021.  Hang around until the end for a surprise. Join us on ...
The 2020 #HRSocialHour Pop Culture Roundtable
1h 16min
It's the third annual gathering of Jon, Michael Mullady, Lorena Pabón, and Chris Orozco to talk all things pop culture!  We talk about changes in our personal and professional lives as well as our fav ...
Episode 148 - Jon & Wendy talk to Joanna Suvarna
33h 26min
Live (to tape) from Wales, we're joined by Joanna Suvarna, Chief Kindness Officer at #BeTheRipple.  We talk about her career in HR, what led to starting #BeTheRipple, holding multiple online conferenc ...
Episode 147 - Jon & Wendy talk to Angela Champ
29h 44min
Live (to tape) from Vancouver, British Columbia, we're joined by author, speaker, and HR pro Angela Champ.  We talk about her "squiggly line career," writing a book, and what Angela thinks will be the ...
Episode 146 - Jon & Wendy talk to Louis Lessig
36h 20min
We're joined by Louis Lessig, Partner with Brown & Connery LLP in Westmont, NJ.  We talk about his path from an HR degree to employment attorney, the state of marijuana laws nationwide, what Louis see ...
Episode 145 - Jon & Wendy welcome back Micole Garatti
25h 16min
In preparation for our crossover chat with #HRForAll, Micole Garatti returns to the show!  She talks about her new role at Fairygodboss, the latest with the "Most Inclusive HR Influencer List," and wh ...
Episode 144 - Jon & Wendy talk to Shana Sweeney
29h 18min
We're joined by Shana Sweeney, Chief Human Resources Officer of SugarCRM in Cupertino, CA.  We talk about her background in international relations, dealing with global HR issues even in a pandemic, a ...
Episode 143 - Jon & Wendy talk to Jeff Shapiro
28h 2min
We're joined by Jeff Shapiro, Director of Talent Acquisition for RadNet in the greater New York City area.  We discuss how he got into recruiting, what he believes you should be teaching new TA profes ...
Special Episode - Jon talks to Silas Jessup of GetCovered.com
32h 48min
Jon is joined by Silas Jessup with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency that powers GetCovered.com.  They discuss health insurance challenges individuals and employers are facing and how GetCovered.com can ...
Episode 142 - Jon & Wendy talk to Anne Fulton
27h 55min
Live (to tape) from New Zealand, we're joined by Anne Fulton, CEO of Fuel50.  We talk about talent mobility and why Anne started Fuel50, writing a book in quarantine, and the value of taking part in o ...
Episode 141 - Jon & Wendy talk to Amy Miller
29h 51min
We're joined by Amy Miller, Senior Technical Recruiter for Project Kuiper in Bellevue, WA.  We talk about recruiting fundamentals, working with less experienced recruiters, starting a YouTube channel, ...
Episode 140 - Jon & Wendy talk to Holly Reeser & Sydney Evans of the HR Sessions Podcast
35h 34min
In our latest #HRPodcasts crossover, we're joined by Holly Reeser and Sydney Evans of the (HR) (SE)essions Podcast!  Holly and Sydney are both seniors at Indiana University studying Human Resources Ma ...
Special Episode - Jon & Wendy talk to Mike Ketcherside & Ashley Hurney of MTM Recognition
34h 13min
MTM Recognition returns to the #HRSocialHour!  We're joined by previous guest Ashley Hurney and Mike Ketcherside, Vice President of Sales for MTM in Oklahoma City, OK.  We discuss employee recognition ...
Episode 139 - Jon& Wendy talk to Hannah Gay
23h 56min
Live (to tape) from Finland, we're joined by Hannah Gay, an HR practitioner from Wisconsin now living in Helsinki.  We talk about how her immigrant experience, connecting employees working remotely as ...
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