Episode 101: How do I attract a trade distributor?

Episode 101: How do I attract a trade distrib...

Almost every time, new publishers that get in touch are asking for help with variations of how to be sold into various stores or simply to get the attention of a trade distributor. So we've boiled this down, what distributors look for, and told some anecdotes about our own experiences with trade distributors.

Episode 103: Should I License My Books or Distribute Them?
9min 30sec
This week on the pod, a reader got in touch. She's having trouble being accepted by distributors but received an offer to license her books from an established publisher. What is in her best interest?
Episode 102: How do you know what a distributor specializes in?
11min 40sec
There is a far-fetched and wrong-headed idea that distributors are like ATM machines, marketing machines, and can just infinitely ship books to stores in return for a paycheck. This is very far from t ...
Episode 100: Episode 100: Our Favorite Memories!
29min 42sec
Two years ago, this pod was just an idea: that two publishing nerds could answer reader questions for ten minutes each week since we no longer have time for consulting and do not see other human being ...
Episode 99: How will COVID forever change publishing?
7min 36sec
Undeniably this has been a difficult and complicated year for publishers. But more interestingly, there are already long-term changes to the industry and account behavior that will outlast COVID. This ...
Episode 98: What is a fair royalty for a book's author?
16min 29sec
Amazon has manufactured a faux rivalry, driving a wedge between authors and publishers. This week on the pod, we diagnose and explain the difference between cover royalties, gross royalties, and net r ...
Episode 97: How does COVID continue to affect book publishing?
14min 56sec
A year later, even as consumer habits resume and stores have reopened, account buying has changed their basic behaviors. This week, we look at how this affects publishers and how it will continue to c ...
Episode 96: What Metrics Should a Publisher Keep Track of?
11min 26sec
How does a publisher evaluate their success? What are the numbers and measurements to look at? This week on the pod we take a good, hard look at how to chart your metrics and see how things are going ...
Episode 95: 25 years—with a memory from each year!!
35min 15sec
Tomorrow marks our 25th anniversary of Microcosm Publishing so we bring you one formative memory from each year that creates the amalgamated experience of our success and story.
Episode 94: What do publishers do with that data?
10min 39sec
You've created a pile of data about your books. Where do you keep it? Who do you send it to? How does it get there? We've got the answers!
Episode 93: How Does Data Management Work?
8min 46sec
Before long, publishers are juggling a lot of information. How many books do you have? What at their attributes? What is interesting about them? Who are they for? Who has responded well to them in the ...
Episode 92: How Do ISBNS Work?
9min 59sec
What are International Standard Book Numbers? How and why do publishers use them? When do you need them? What information is contained? What is useful about them? When do you not need them?
Episode 91: Financial Annual Analysis 2020
10min 7sec
Every year—like a nonprofit—we publicly post our financials with some analysis and comparison to previous years. What's changed? What's exciting? What's difficult? And now we'll also review it on the ...
Episode 90: What new zines have we published recently?
11min 24sec
With lightning precision and relentless candlelight editing, we publish a handful of new zines every month. So in our latest pod feature, we are going to add a monthly roundup of them!
Episode 89: How do we rebuild kids self-image after sexual assault?
9min 49sec
Harvey Pekar's American Splendor showed the world that comics didn't have to be restricted to superheroes in tights embroiled in epic battles. And in Joyce Brabner's latest book in the new American Sp ...
Episode 88: Will the new strategies of Barnes & Noble work?
10min 20sec
Barnes & Noble was recently purchased by a new parent company invested in brick and mortar retail during a year of COVID closures. They cleverly used this time to shift layout and planograms in their ...
Episode 87: How does the Holiday Rush change things?
6min 31sec
In publishing you make plans and try and stick to them. Then everything in the world insists on sticking a screwdriver into your front spokes. We discuss how that impacts us, how we respond, and how w ...
Episode 75: Why are Simon & Schuster, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for sale? (A People's Guide to Publishing)
11min 49sec
Penguin Random House has negotiated the purchase of Simon & Schuster for over $2B. Sterling Publishers has been for sale, on and off, for years. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's profitable trade division i ...
Episode 74: How do you sell your press?
9min 35sec
Due to the difficult year, we've had many publishers ask us for advice on how to find a buyer for their publishing company. Essentially, this is a prospect for some small and medium presses, so this w ...
Episode 73: How to Be Accountable: Nov 29 event
8min 17sec
Improve your relationships, get better at boundaries, and end toxic cycles Accountability means accepting responsibility for your actions and repairing any harm you have done. This book can be used by ...
What's the deal with these books about GG Allin?
8min 0sec
GG Allin, the scumfuck king, set out to make music dangerous. He died 27 years ago from a heroin overdose. So why did we make two books about him? Well, because no prior books actually told his story, ...
Comics about the history of service dogs, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and anarchist prince Peter Kropotkin
10min 17sec
Harvey Pekar fundamentally changed the way that comics convey information and entertainment. The advent of the nonfiction comic allowed books like these, to share the history of the Americans with Dis ...
The story of publishing Practical Witch's Almanac 2021 and Trans-Galactic Bike Ride
7min 39sec
Another week, another pair of new books! How did they come to be? Why did we choose them? How are they received? This time it's Practical Witch's Almanac by Friday Gladheart and Trans-Galactic Bike Ri ...
Why do we publish so many workbooks?
9min 34sec
"Workbooks are the new coloring books" we declared to Publisher's Weekly last year. "Prove it." they responded, unimpressed. A year later, publishing nearly a dozen of them and selling around 100,000 ...
A Tour of Microcosm
9min 48sec
Many years ago we ran out of a 600 sq' office and we would repeatedly hear rumors that it was a false front, like the Hershey's fake factory in Hershey Pennsylvania. I liked the myth that we had a sec ...
How Should a Publisher Manage Inventory?
9min 58sec
The minute that you open the boxes of your first books, it's SOOOO EXCITING! Then a few days, weeks, months, and years go by and...where do we put all of these? How do we make sense of them? How many ...
How Does a Publisher Manage Their Brand?
13min 46sec
Most of the time in publishing, when we talk about brands, we are talking about authors. But recently, in independent publishing, we've seen the rise of the series and its own form of unique branding. ...
Damn, Why Didn't I Write That? (A Review)
8min 59sec
Last week we talked about the evolving definition of midlist so this week we are cracking the lid open on how to write a midlist book or twenty! The lens is Marc McCutcheon's book, Damn, Why DIdn't I ...
What is the publishing midlist?
9min 48sec
Recently we ran into an article claiming that the publishing midlist no longer exists. So we talked about it and realized that the definition of it is merely changing. So this week we took a look at t ...
Why Did We Rebind These Books with New Covers?
10min 41sec
In 2010 we published Firebrands. In 2013 we published Grow. In 2020, we hired a bindery to rip the covers off thousands of existing stock and redevelop them with new covers and titles. Learn why!
How Do You Determine a Book's Word Count?
9min 7sec
This week we answer a reader question about the brain science of how many words go on a page and how many words in a manuscript!
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