The InFOCUS Podcast: Peter Katsingris, Nielsen

The InFOCUS Podcast: Peter Katsingris, Nielse...

PETER KATSINGRIS, SVP of AUDIENCE INSIGHTS at NIELSEN, joins RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson on a day when the Nielsen Total Audience Report’s March 2021 edition is now available for public consumption. And, it’s filled with informative new insights on advertising across today’s media. Learn more in this fresh podcast, presented by DOT.FM

The InFOCUS Podcast: Cheryl McHenry
15min 12sec
Cheryl McHenry, the veteran anchor and reporter at Cox Media Group’s CBS affiliate serving Ohio’s Miami Valley, WHIO-7 in Dayton, will soon celebrate 40 years at the dominant TV station.She first cove ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Jesus Salas
15min 3sec
Spanish Broadcasting System EVP/Programming Jesus Salas shares how the company's radio stations gained audience across the COVID-19 pandemic and has kept it, while also giving a preview as to what els ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Pierre Bouvard
11min 38sec
To be honest, if you send any info on embargo that will be presented on May 6, I will likely go with this, and then simply need the follow up with Jason -- the event itself, aside from photo captures, ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Andy Whatley, Instreamatic
18min 52sec
Search. Social. Mobile. Each has played their role in digital advertising and its evolution. Now there is the voice era. But, some brands may think of smart speakers in ways that don’t fully take adva ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: TuneIn CEO Rich Stern
13min 32sec
The growth of iHeartRadio and the reboot of as Audacy have certainly gathered the broadcasting world’s attention. What does this mean for TuneIn, which grabbed a significant share of the aud ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Walt Tiburski
21min 12sec
From the shore of Lake Erie to the tranquil beaches of Southwest Florida, Walt Tiburski’s seen a lot over the years, and he’s our guest on today’s RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast, presented by Dot.FM. What i ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Sean King, Veritone One
8min 51sec
Although podcasting has surged in popularity in recent years and is a major growth segment for the radio industry, television companies are just now tipping their toes into the audio arena.With the dy ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Steve Walsh, Comscore
13min 39sec
Impressions-based buying and selling in the television universe is an imperative for marketers today. And, broadcast TV is responding. But, what of the measurement needs for the media buyer and media ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Jackson Hole Community Radio
15min 1sec
At 89.1 FM on the dial in one of the most beautiful places in the world is “Jackson Hole Community Radio.” It’s fiercely independent – so much so that KHOL-FM seeks new members by asking listeners to ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Tonee Roper, Neuhoff Media
11min 32sec
Tonee Roper, an air talent and Promotions Director for Neuhoff Media’s radio stations serving Springfield, Ill., is one of four candidates selected for the MIW's 2021 Mildred Carter Mentoring Program. ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Joanna Drews, HyphaMetrics
11min 22sec
As RBR+TVBR first reported on Wednesday (3/10), HyphaMetrics has just secured a U.S. patent for a cross-media measurement platform.The co-founder and CEO of HyphaMetrics, Joanna Drews, chats with Edit ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Jay Prasad, LiveRamp TV
16min 20sec
Believe it or not, we are just two months away from the 2021-2022 Upfronts. But, what’s different this year are presentations that reflect an internal reorganization that blends together sales, operat ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Justin Sasso
22min 13sec
There are likely a lot of things on the slate of state broadcasters' associations as it pertains to the key concerns of their member broadcast media owners and operators. Perhaps the biggest issue are ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Greg Guy
9min 48sec
How is 2021 shaping up for transactions, now that Kagan has analyzed 2020’s dealmaking? Are deals still in a COVID-19 fueled frozen state?Those are just some of the questions Greg Guy, the managing pa ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Gordon Borrell
18min 2sec
February 11 saw the release of the second in a series of Borrell Associates reports that examine 2021 spending plans for a dozen different types of local ad buyers.This 14-page analysis, drawn from a ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Scott Simonelli
9min 36sec
The dynamic insertion of advertising based on audience tracking data is of ever-increasing importance to broadcast radio and perhaps even TV. With a $230 million price tag, iHeartMedia clearly sees th ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Jonathan Little
17min 27sec
In our special Presidents’ Day edition of the RBR+TVBR Daily Headlines E-mail, the radio and television business report offered details on a big transition at online music research pioneer TroyResearc ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Robin Szabo
10min 20sec
Robin Szabo has served as President of Szabo Associates since 2006. If you’ve never heard of this company, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary, go chat with your CFO or the collections dep ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Steve Jones
16min 45sec
The new year seems to have started off with a bang for Skyview Networks, with the addition of The Weather Channel, The Associated Press, Hubbard Broadcasting and Carmen’s Calls.What was the result of ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: John Morris, WideOrbit
9min 12sec
Tru Optik, which offers "identity resolution" in the streaming media world for marketers and advertisers, has struck a new partnership with WideOrbit, the sell-side processor of premium digital and li ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Armando Guerrero, Ntooitive
13min 30sec
Nearly one year after the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the U.S., it is clear that Chief Marketing Officers and media buyers and planners were hardly in unison with respect to how to react while prot ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Lou Kastler, KNXR-FM
12min 16sec
KNXR-FM in Rochester, Minn. is the top-rated station in the market, ranked No. 217 by Nielsen Audio.It's a 100kw boomer, and the crown jewel in a 19-station operation focused on Southern Minnesota own ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Greg Palm, USSI Global
9min 8sec
The C-Band, an essential for many broadcast TV and radio stations' programming services, is in the midst of a four-year transition that's moving at full speed. Some are likening this move to the TV re ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Gregg Skall
16min 36sec
On Tuesday, all eyes were on the U.S. Supreme Court as oral arguments were heard in FCC v. Prometheus, the case that sees the Commission and the NAB teaming to get its cross-ownership rules approved w ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Davina Sashkin
17min 14sec
The U.S. Supreme Court for exactly 82 minutes on Tuesday morning heard a consolidated oral argument in "FCC v. Prometheus Radio Project," the Commission's appeal of a lower court's remand of its cross ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Joe D'Angelo, Xperi
17min 54sec
The virtual CES 2021 conference and expo is in full swing, and Jacobs Media on Wednesday offered a three-hour midday tour of what’s hot for radio broadcasters.Among those participating in the event wa ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Crossings TV
15min 37sec
Crossings TV can be found over the air on low-power TV station KBTV-8 in Sacramento; on Comcast Xfinity systems in Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, San Francisco and Seattle-Tacoma; and on Charter Spect ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Joel Oxley, WTOP
9min 9sec
In this exclusive interview for the InFOCUS Podcast, presented by DOT.FM, WTOP General Manager Joel Oxley shares with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson how the station covered all of the events ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Caroline Beasley
11min 32sec
Beasley Media Group is officially observing its 60th anniversary.In this new RBR+TVBR InFOCUS Podcast, presented by DOT.FM, CEO Caroline Beasley shares a little about the company’s legacy — and what w ...
The InFOCUS Podcast: Jordan Rich
16min 38sec
Jordan Rich recently concluded a twenty-five year tenure as a late-night talk host at legendary News/Talk radio station WBZ-AM 1030 in Boston.  He’s also worked at WRKO in Boston, and has now added au ...
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