Episode 226 - Top Female Comic Characters (and Tornado Warnings)

Episode 226 - Top Female Comic Characters (an...

Episode 226 was recorded during a tornado warning. We sacrificed our safety, so you are welcome! David and John talk about their past week, which included the memorial service for David's mother.  John got to eat at Joey's House of Pizza and the guys talk about how much they love the Nashville restaurant.  The system is broken.  Can it be fixed?  The two discuss money and gun problems in America. John watched The Snyder Cut of JLA and gives his thoughts on it. John and David then list their Top Female Comic Book Characters in their Mt. Rushmore segment.  Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Jean Grey, and Catwoman all make the list.  You'll have to listen to hear all the choices

230: Let's Get Stoned, Man.
1h 4min
The show starts off with John and David talking about dental visits this past week.  John has some big news to reveal and it's a surprise to David!  The guys discuss Derek Chauvin being found guilty o ...
229: Vaccines and Wrasslin'
1h 1min
The show starts off with David and John both talking about their COVID-19 Vaccination Shots. John got his first one and David got his second and final one.  The hosts look at some interesting movie ca ...
Episode 228: Back From The Dead!
1h 0min
Easter was this past weekend and the guys talked about how they celebrated the holiday.  This leads into talk about how they can't eat the good food like they used to in their younger years.  DMX is o ...
Episode 227 - Lil Nas X's Stand-Up Special
59h 10min
Episode 227 is here and it features the Mt. Rushmore of Stand-Up Comedians! The show starts off with David's problems with home repair.  That leads into Lil Nas X's week.  He has been the subject of c ...
Episode 225 - The Death of David's Mom and #JusticeLeagueSnyderCut
58h 40min
The boys are back after taking off last week.   David's mother passed away on March 10th and he talks about that experience.  From finding out his mom had cancer in January, to her passing away just a ...
Episode 224 - Everyone is CANCELLED and Top Movie Crushes
56h 0min
Episode 224 is a different one as David and John record the episode via Zoom since John's child was possibly exposed to COVID-19 at school.  John discusses that matter and it leads into talk about Tex ...
Episode 223 - I Survived Snowpocalypse and All I Got Was A Lousy Big Mac!
54h 43min
David and John are back after Snowpocalypse of 2021!  They both talk about their experiences of the ice and snow that hit Nashville. John was stuck at a hotel for a week and got to watch all of Breaki ...
Episode 222 - TOM!!!
59h 34min
Episode 222 starts off with John talking about how he fell out of love with fast food this past week.  What caused this tonal shift in John's life?   David shares some bad news about his mom on the sh ...
Episode 221 - Tales of Cannibalism and The Best Musical Collaborations
1h 0min
Episode 221 is a packed one!  John is getting some sleep this week and Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow.  Why does everyone hate the Groundhog? We try to break it down.  Dustin Diamond passed away thi ...
Episode 220 - Stock Market Tips, WandaVision, and Top Television Catchphrases
1h 5min
220 is here and it starts off with listener feedback.  David also made an appearance on the Cobras & Fire Podcast, where talked about Temple of the Dog (go listen to that here) The guys talk about som ...
Episode 219: Bernie Meme Mania and Mt. Rushmore of Movie Presidents
59h 9min
The show starts off with talk about The inauguration of Joe Biden and the end of Donald Trump as America's President.  We were also introduced to the Bernie Memes, which are just amazing.  The guys di ...
Episode 218 - VILLAINS.
1h 2min
Episode 218 is here!  The guys discuss Trump's 2nd Impeachment and how crazy it is.  They give more thoughts on what lead up to this historic moment, which involves the Capitol Riots and a history of ...
Episode 217 - Riots and Sequels
1h 1min
2021 is here!! David had a problem with his dishwasher and talks about that fun experience.  The country has a problem with Trump and his supporters.  They raided The Capitol Hill Building and attempt ...
Episode 216 - Farewell to 2020
1h 0min
The end of 2020 is here and we discuss what a crazy year it has been.  We also talk about how Christmas was and that leads into talk about the Nashville Bombing Incident, which happened on the morning ...
Episode 215 - Best Non-Christmas Christmas Movies (That Aren't Die Hard)
58h 45min
EXCUSE THE FIRST 8 MINUTES OF AUDIO! (It gets better).  Due to a technical mishap, we had to use the streaming audio and it's not as good. Sorry We read some listener email and then jump into topics. ...
Episode 214 - Best Christmas Movies and R.I.P. Deebo
1h 2min
Episode 214 is here!  David talks about finishing up his semester of college and also buying a new van his past week. R.I.P. to Zeus AKA Deebo AKA Tommy Lister and Charley Pride. The guys reflect on t ...
Episode 213 - Best Duos and a Tale of Armed Robbery
59h 54min
The boys are back on Episode 213!   John had a crazy week.  He was robbed at gunpoint while working and shares the story on the podcast.   The guys list their Mt. Rushmore of Duos!  Who will make the ...
Episode 212 - A New Era (Goodbye Lee)
1h 0min
Episode 212 is the first of a new direction for the show. Lee will no longer be one of the hosts.  David and John talk about why and both present the situation that happened 3 weeks ago.  Curious abou ...
Episode 211 - What Is Blame Your Brother?
1h 0min
Topics discussed on Episode 212 Dave gets a Root Canal Lee's is concerned about COVID-19 in Nashville A short discussion about the CMA Awards Learn the orgin story of John's nickname, Tico Dave rants ...
Episode 210 - Christmas in Baltimore
1h 2min
David discovered some bad news this week and tells the guys about it.  It involves his DNA test. Halloween happened this last week and the guys talk about what they did for the Holiday.  They also giv ...
Episode 209 - BYB Visits Kardashian Island
1h 0min
Election Day is a week away and things get hot on this episode. John went to a Haunted House (Nashville Nightmare) and gives us a review on the event.  Election Day is a week away and we make predicti ...
Episode 208 - BYB In The Bubble
1h 0min
The show starts off with more clarity on the Beatles discussion from last week.  We try to figure out each other's favorite 3 Bands of all time.  Also, who are bands you like but are embarrassed to ad ...
Episode 207 - BYB Loosens Their Ties
1h 0min
David had a busy week.  His daughter had surgery, he celebrated a wedding anniversary, and he voted early! Lee read Todd Snyder's book, "I Never Met A Story I Didn't Like" and highly recommends it.  T ...
Episode 206 - Running with the Devil
1h 1min
The show starts off with some somber news.  Writer, Adam Cox, passed away this week and the hosts take some time to reflect on how tragic it was.  He will be missed. After recapping their weeks, which ...
Episode 205 - BYB Stands Down and Stands By.
1h 2min
The show starts off with more OnlyFans talk and Lee's discovery of a certain feature on the website.  It is wild talk!  David saw the movie Rattled, starring Elisabeth Donaldson and gives it some high ...
Episode 204 - BYB Punches A Nazi
1h 1min
The show starts off with John wishing his sister a happy birthday and sharing a good dad moment.  Lee talks about buying a new car and David tried to put a desk together.   Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed ...
Episode 203 - BYB Does OnlyFans
1h 0min
The show starts off with talk about OnlyFans and what that scene is all about.  This leads into talk about the sex industry and thoughts on strippers, porn stars, and OnlyFan accounts.   David has a s ...
Episode 202 - Three Cuties in School
1h 1min
The guys talk about last week's Death Nut Challenge and how it impacted their lives! David is back in college and has gripes about his Intro to Cinema class.  This leads into talk about the education ...
Episode 201 - The Death Nut Challenge
59h 51min
The boys are back and they are bringing the heat with The Death Nut Challenge!  The Death Nut Challenge 2.0 is a collection of peanuts encased in some of the world's hottest peppers to create a challe ...
BONUS EPISODE: Would You Let Elvis Kiss Your Wife?
45h 49min
This bonus content was taken from Episode 200, the 24 hour stream, around the 4 AM mark!   It features David, Lee, and John talking about a number of things. Those include Black Lives Matter, the best ...
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