#18 Tremors by Nadya Menuhin - performed by Tamsin Greig

#18 Tremors by Nadya Menuhin - performed by T...

Feeling the rumblings of violence and social collapse, a woman prepares for the end of the world. As she does, it becomes increasingly clear that everyone else is ignoring the inevitable. Tremors was written by Nadya Menuhin and performed by Tamsin Greig. It was directed by Max Elton and sound designed by Max Pappenheim.This production is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council EnglandHowever, it is still crucial that we raise additional funds to support the continuation of the project. If you enjoy our work and would like to support it, you can either:Make a one-off donation through PayPal.Become a Patron on our Patreon page. This gives you access to bonus material, such as interviews with the winning playwrights and PDF copies of their scripts.

#19 Sharp by Cat Kolubayev - performed by Aisling Franciosi and Troy Alexander
11min 28sec
Gina is flying home from Puerto Rico when her plane makes an unscheduled stop. Before long, she is in an interrogation room, trying to answer some awkward questions about the contents of her suitcase. ...
#17 Fib by Annie Williams - performed by Aimie Atkinson
9min 0sec
"I have lied about a lot of things. I have lied about where I live, how old I am, about why I’m late to the party. I have lied about reading certain books, about visiting certain countries, about havi ...
#16 Box Ticking by Robert Darke - performed by Conor MacNeill
13min 38sec
"We both agreed that I was the funny one in the relationship. The only joke I ever told she didn't like was that one about those little Thai footy fellas that fell down that well and had to be scoobie ...
#15 Breech by Georgia Green - performed by Jessica Clark
12min 45sec
Deep in the heart of the Devon countryside, Billie and her boyfriend are trying to enjoy a romantic getaway when they are interrupted by a strange encounter. As her boyfriend searches for help, Billie ...
#14 The Utopians by Joe Regan - performed by Tom Mothersdale
14min 53sec
"They say travel broadens the mind. It’s flattened mine. I really should think about leaving this hostel soon. This hostel’s largely the problem, I suspect. There’s a younger crowd here. The Utopians, ...
#13 Shadows Burning by William Dobson - performed by Chris Lew Kum Hoi
15min 6sec
"A kill’s a kill. Death comes as a thief in the night, wearing only socks. Or a waiter slipping poison into the groom’s champagne. I don’t choose my hits. Some do, but I think that’s a recipe for disc ...
#12 Tenants by Marcus Orlandi - performed by Rachel Stirling
9min 36sec
"Yes, I know you've only got your pension to live off and no, I know it's not much these days, but what do you think my mortgage is going to do, pay itself?"Matilda has been renting out her second hom ...
#11 Arsehole by Louis Catliff - performed by Daniel Portman
18min 44sec
#11 Arsehole by Louis Catliff - performed by Daniel Portman"I know what you’re thinking. How can you let them do that to you? Just sit there and get pumped full of semi-digested fast food for a dare b ...
#10 Wow! I Feel Nothing by Nicola Maclean - performed by Kate Fleetwood
10min 6sec
"My mum had three rules for sex: Rule 1: Keep your head down, eyes up.Rule 2: Always take your pill.Rule 3: If they ask you, "Who's your daddy?" tell them you can't remember. It always throws them off ...
#9 Object by Theo Hristov - performed by Alex Lawther
7min 8sec
"You know what’s crazy? It’s crazy I’m actually saying this out loud because this sort of makes it... what? Real. Tangible. Legitimate. Gives it weight. It being what happens next."When his teacher as ...
#8 Paper Thin by Eliot J Fallows - performed by Pearl Mackie
12min 4sec
Paper Thin by Eliot J Fallows"I don't say hello at first. That can scare off the “aliens” - what I call the new starters, gift-buyers, confused old people and poser hipsters who pretend they read ...
#7 People Watching by Liam Kelly - performed by Steffan Rhodri
10min 6sec
People Watching by Liam Kelly"Gaze upon this non-entity dragging his feet past HMV. F**king odourless fart. Utterly unremarkable. All the charisma of a deflated colostomy bag. Take a good gander becau ...
#6 Severance Package by Freddie van der Velde - performed by Nicola Coughlan
13min 30sec
Severance Package by Freddie van der VeldeDespite giving her life to an investment bank - financial analyst and modafinil guzzler Olivia May is being made redundant. Furious with the decision, she ref ...
#5 O Sister, Where Art Thou? by Will Farrell - performed by Charlotte Ritchie and Justin Edwards
12min 44sec
O Sister, Where Art Thou? by Will FarrellWhen Liz decides to track down her long-lost brother she turns to a private investigator. Martin Hooper, (P.I.) is more than happy to take the case but before ...
#4 Smoking Reduces Fertility by Ella Thompson - performed by Noma Dumezweni and Jessica Barden
14min 55sec
Smoking Reduces FertilityLaura has a secret which has changed everything. It has caused her to question her perfectly put together life and to leave her daughter with the nanny.Smoking Reduces Fertili ...
#3 The Last Manicure by Amy Baty - performed by Miriam Margolyes
11min 54sec
“Nails don’t get wrinkles. My hands look like walnuts but my nails could be anyone's."Harriet is 78 years old. She gets her nails done every week so she can sit opposite Tien. A beautician who is too ...
#2 A Case of Mistaken Identity by Gus Crotty - performed by Toby Jones and Owen Teale
8min 6sec
“People die doing the most ridiculous things. Changing TV aerials, falling out of the window putting their trousers on. Doing crosswords."On a park bench, Michael is joined by a man of grotesque propo ...
#1 Stuff by Alison Carr - performed by Sophie Thompson
7min 50sec
Hello? Are you squished? Have I squelched you?When a woman’s bath falls through the floor into the flat below, she meets her downstairs neighbour for the very first time. This unforeseen meeting raise ...
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