Coach or Quack? The Dark Personalities of Wellness Spaces - Wellness Mini Series

Coach or Quack? The Dark Personalities of Wel...

In this episode, we explore the darker side of the wellness influencer world. Today's topics include: What is an Influencer and how do they draw us in? How to spot a Good Influencer or Coach, Plus: Red Flags you might want to avoid when consuming content created by wellness influencers Common Pseudoscience / Quackery- based health claims that "coaches" and "influencers" make "Science Vs Immunity Boosting: Is It A Bust?"

The Cost and Consequences of Wellness - Wellness Culture Mini Series
46min 30sec
Today we explore wellness and wellness culture: what I like, and what I dislike about wellness as a concept. Also: the dangers of pseudoscience and general quackery. This is the first installment in m ...
Activism, Allyship, and Socializing as an Autistic Adult -The Spectrum Series
42min 14sec
In the third and final installment of The Spectrum Series, Stephen and I answer a listener question; we also discuss allyship, activism, and Socializing as an Adult with Autism. Show notes: •Micah Pai ...
Autism Representation in Media + The Abelism Surrounding Sia's "Music" -The Spectrum Series
36min 54sec
Today Stephen and I discuss the importance of autism representation in media and the abelism and controversy surrounding Sia's new film "Music" . Show notes: •Micah Paints: ...
Diagnosed at 25: Autism and Mental Health -The Spectrum Series
32min 44sec
Today Stephen and I discuss his experiences with getting diagnosed with ASD as an adult, self discovery and mental health. Show notes: •Micah Paints: ...
Apologizing and Forgiveness: When "Sorry" Isn't Enough
31min 28sec
Today we'll be talking about narcissistic abuse and forgiveness. What does a sincere Apology look like? Do we HAVE to forgive and forget to move on? How do we "forgive" when the other person won't or ...
"Let's Go (Therapist) Shopping!"- How to Start Healing
44min 24sec
Today we'll be exploring Therapy: how to find a therapist, what to expect, my list of do's and don'ts, public vs private me talk healthcare and red flags to watch out for!
Routine, Healing, and Fufillment: How to Find Your Groove
27min 53sec
Today we explore the role of routine in mental health, how to identify an ineffective routine, and where to start adding structure to your life. The Power of Routines in Your Mental Health: https://ww ...
Social Isolation and Toxic Shame -The Toxic Traits Series
30min 43sec
Today we'll be talking about: toxic shame and how it alienates and disconnects us from other people, The Power of Vulnerability, and recent realizations I've made in Therapy about my own self-isolatin ...
Avoidance and Accountability - The Toxic Traits Series
33min 44sec
Do you struggle to push outside of your comfort zone? Are you a procrastinator? Or maybe you struggle with negative feelings so you deal with them by impulsively spending money. These are all examples ...
When Positivity Turns Toxic - The Toxic Traits Series
28min 57sec
Can positivity really be bad for us? Can positive people impact our recovery and growth in a harmful way? In today's episode we'll be exploring the topic of toxic positivity and how it shows up in our ...
Emotional Manipulation And You -The Toxic Traits Series
38min 55sec
The first of a brand new series of Episodes on Toxic Traits. Today's episode explores Emotionally Manipulative Traits as well as common tactics people use to manipulate others. We will also touch on t ...
Confidence in Creating: - Twin Chat
31min 23sec
Today I'll be talking with my identical twin sister, Kayla, about how to find confidence in creating, and carving out your own creative space. We discuss taking the leap into an artistic career, the a ...
Productivity, Self Worth, and Karō-shi: How Overworking Impacts Our Mental Health
22min 36sec
Are you finding yourself becoming more and more obsessed with your job? Does spending time on leisurely hobbies like reading or playing videogames paralyze you with guilt? Do you feel guilty for calli ...
Self Care vs. Self Soothing: Over-watering
21min 43sec
Sometimes you just need to treat yourself! Bath Bombs, an ENTIRE DAY of video Games and Takeout. Life is hard! Can we REALLY feel BETTER by doing all of this? Is this really Self Care??? Tune in to to ...
Your Uncomfort Zone
0min 46sec
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