Episode 277: Ms. Mercedes the Smartest woman around, smart cars and kei cars and bus rv’s oh my!

Episode 277: Ms. Mercedes the Smartest woman ...

Episode 279: F1 more like F fun ? Ike and Ryan talk racing!

Ike and Ryan talk racing,; go karts, Car event we want to be attend this year, F1 Red Bull faster this year? BMWs and off rails real fast!  

Episode 278: Toni of TITM

Toni of trust in the machine with bylines lines everywhere (jalopnik drive and more), cornerstone of weird car Twitter. Talks with Ike about photography, kei cars, The process of writing, finding truth in expression, and driving small vans cross country! Oh and cats lots of cat t ...   Show more

Episode 276: its the Superb Episode

we talk commercials from the big game, play the MTCOTY Tom Brady game, and shit on new jersey for a bit  

Episode 275: Happy New oh my god the words on fire

We talk New Year's automotive resolutions, purchases, electric vehicles, bash ocean city some more, and try to enjoy just being out of 2020  

Episode 274: Left turn therapy

This week we talk F1, Brexit, Left Turns, bad drivers and more  

Trails and Transmissions

Ryan and Ike sit down to talk about transmission; of the bmw and Mazda variety, Porsche pulling out of racing in America and more!  

Ryan talks to Michael

Its electic vehicle and googling time! Y’all. This episode was delayed and we’re sorry for that, working out some long distant working bugs  

FIXED AUDIO: Ford problems, BMW wins, and whats up with acura?

the old epiosde had wrong audio, this is the fixed. The host talk Ranger, BMW fiero, fiesta, whats going on with honda, electrial issues, and video game memories. Plus alot more!  

Aging wheels own Robert Dunn

We discuss Wood working of all things? On a car show? I know! We don’t talk about the bus project at all... I swear we get a fleet update, bitch about fords for a bit, what Robert does and doesn’t enjoy doing, dream projects, temporal car removal and how 2020 has been ... because ...   Show more

Porches that aren’t yours are the best porsches! Or are they?

The worlds on Fire! But the Midwest is nice. Ike and Ryan talk driving Porsche’s that aren’t yours, road tripping all over California, Ike tries to talk Ryan into a Mirage... again, we play with screen sharing, we talk about the green turtle menu for some reason and much more!  

The Apec Adjacent host Ian and Dave.

The Apex adjacent guys are the guest on this show, we have a real life FMK cars, talk about the office, go over the joys of living in the Midwest, I can apparently docs himself. And some car talk!  

Ryan & Ike on being back, 2020 and plans for future

Ryan and Ike talk about zoom, poland ball, living in the midwest, plans for the future of the show, oh and some car talk!  

November Update

hi new people, heres whats been up  

I'm baaaaccckkk

for a solo episode! come join me wont you?  

Ed Bolian

Ed Bolian founder of VINWiki, Author, Cannonball Record Holder, Gentleman Racer, and Much Much MUCH more. Is on this episode to talk about VINWiki, his approach to racing, why a predator drone would be nice to have, a new top spot in hardest makeup to apply while driving.  

More work to be done on fiero

Yeah, clutch problems probably  

Quick dragon meet discussion

Come hang out!  

Jacob Auernheimer

Jacob Auernheimer the newest contributor over right foot down joins like on the show this week to talk about journalism Nissan Rogue’s Toyota’s and as typical we go off trail pretty quick  

What happened to the Volvo? (Bad audio warning)

What happened to the the Volvo and why?  

Ike talks about being busy

And about vacation, and fatherhood  

Working on the fiero (bad audio warning)

There was a problem with the recording equipment but here’s a episode while I’m working on the fiero  

Peacocks and Pushrods, it’s Ryan Brutt the Automotive Archaeologist

Ryan Brutt the Automotive Archaeologists is back! He’s here to tell you about his SECOND! Book! Also we talk about peacocks, and why they are so mean, and much more!  

ike rambles

i like to ramble  

Andrew Howell is Wrenching Everyday

Andrew Howell of Wrench Everyday is this week’s guest. We talk Florida, eating in cars, Pt Cruisers, The many voices of Andrew, the correct type of pizza (it’s deep dish), wander lust and much more!  

west coast co host

Back at it with Ryan West, talking Ford killing cars, what Ryan’s been up to, Fiero? Volvo? What’s wrong with Ike’s cars now, and much more!  

David Obuchowski of Tempest

This weeks guest is David Obuchowski of Jalopnik’s new podcast “Tempest”. We discuss how Tempest came to be, David’s background in audio pronunciations, the Ford Freestyle, how much more will we cry during this season of the Tempest, and much more! Check out tempest via Jalopnik, ...   Show more

Jake of Racers HQ

Jake talks about taking over Racers HQ; what the plan is for it going forward, and much more!  

The Guys & Gals Of Everyone Racers

the gang from Everyone Racers joins the show! make sure to checkout their show here! http://shoutengine.com/EveryoneRacers/ http://shoutengine.com/EveryoneRacers/  

Everyone racers

the gang from Everyone Racers joins the show! make sure to checkout their show here! http://shoutengine.com/EveryoneRacers/ http://shoutengine.com/EveryoneRacers/  

Eric Rood

Lemons judge, contributor, writer, DFL podcaster & all around car guy Eric Rood is this weeks guest. We talked about upcoming lemon events like HooptieCon, Radwood, Rally, races and more! Find his work at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dfl-show/id1133844717?mt=2 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dfl-show/id1133844717?mt=2 www.road ...   Show more

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