007 Soul Away with Us!

007 Soul Away with Us!

006 The Long Promised Stardew Episode

The long promised Stardew episode! In this episode, Patrick and Becky are joined by their friend from Scotland, Jonathan as they talk all things games from one of their current favorites favourites, Stardew Valley, to their first games, and going down nostalgia lane as they remin ...   Show more

005 ‘Tis the Hallmark Season

It’s that time of year again - it’s the Silly Mundane Things holiday episode! Or at least Patrick and Becky attempt a holiday themed episode just in time for the days after the new year ha ha. They get caught up talking the new Taylor albums, folklore and evermore, although ‘tis ...   Show more

Bonus 01 - Hot Bread (Time) Machine

Patrick and Becky travel back in time to April 2020. This episode was recorded a while ago and we weren’t sure what to do with it - was it too serious, not serious enough. We wanted to try to bring some lightness to difficult times but it was also really important for us to be th ...   Show more

004 A Tale of Two Watsons

A new season, a new title style, and a new year! Well technically the same year still... right? Welcome to the first episode of Season 2, also known as Episode 4 (not confusing at all right?)! Patrick and Becky catch up and update each other and the show on their respective 2020s ...   Show more

003 A Silly Mundane Escape Room (Featuring Escape This Podcast)

Patrick and Becky go on an audio adventure doing their first audio escape room with Bill and Dani from Escape This Podcast! We encourage you to follow along if you want with pen and paper! Join us as we try to solve the mystery of the bakery, and not eat our way through it all… S ...   Show more

002 The Silly Mundane Rise of Skywalker

In Episode 2, Patrick and Becky discuss The Rise of Skywalker (spoiler warning!), Harry Potter, Twilight, the most romantic high five ever, and of course the Queen of Canada. So we’re curious, what did you think of The Rise of Skywalker? What was your favorite favourite new trilo ...   Show more

001 A Silly Mundane Christmas

In Episode 1, Patrick and Becky talk about the Stardew Valley watchface, and all things Christmas - the lights, the music and some favourite favorite memories! Do you have any favorite Christmas memories, lights, or music?  Feel free to come say hi on our socials!  Instagram: sil ...   Show more

000 A Silly Mundane Introduction

Welcome to the Silly Mundane Things Podcast! We are two internet friends and sometimes a guest getting to know each other through the silly mundane things of life.  Thanks for joining us as we get to know each other and hopefully you too! Feel free to come say hi on our socials! ...   Show more

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