I-Land 3: Wetter Than Ever

I-Land 3: Wetter Than Ever

Take Me Home, I-Land Roads

Hi there! This we'll be our last episode for a while. Andy and I decided to take a break until we come back for season 3. TTFN! We're back to the I-Land (literally?) following Chase's adventures with Cowboy Warden and Nurse Ratched. Blue Crush still sucks. Bonnie and Clyde take a ...   Show more

The Thin Med Line Pt. 2

We watched The Resident again. And guess what? We've got a fever. And the only prescription? More Winston Duke. Topics for discussion: CEO HODAD, hospital hacks, electricity noises, WHO CUT FIRST? Goodwatches: Ted Lasso Sound of My Voice  

The Thin Med Line

We watched The Resident, and y'all? "He... is SO dead." Topics for discussion: Evan's got a crush, swirly serpents, 'were you a dick on the way over here?', TIGHTEN the BOLT, and HODAD Daddy. Goodwatches: Clue In & Of Itself Dave  

The Full Madam

We went back to Tiny Pretty Things! And y'all, errybody fuckin' errybody. Evan postulates an imaginary husband. Andy argues TPT is a QAnon fantasy. Drunk cop has at least one friend. Oh, and SO MUCH RAPE. Goodwatches: Game Night The American Barbecue Showdown  

Tiny Pretty Things: A Drunk Cop Story

This one broke us. Especially Evan. Join us as we discuss Tiny Pretty Things, a ballet drama/porn serial. Topics include: DRUNK COP. Goodwatches: Would I Lie to You?  

I-Land 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

We went back to The I-Land. And we're going back again? This is terrible. Evan crafts the perfect joke, but it only exists in his imagination. Andy improvises a much better sign-off, and Evan is honestly a little jealous. And introducing our new segment, "OK, Boomer." [Originally ...   Show more

How the Grinch Stole Poirot

To celebrate his birthday Evan goes deep on his Hercule Poirot fandom as we recap The ABC Murders. Andy claims A.B.C. is an incel, and probably he's right. (Prarow!) Other topics include Old-Guy Buddy-Cop Movies, 1930s smells, fictional OnlyFans, and are seizures flexes?  Goodwat ...   Show more

Olivia Munn in the Italian Sun

Happy Valentine's day! To celebrate we watched Love Wedding Repeat. Digressions include Dudi Jench, Sudafed, Savannah Guthrie's exercise routine, Sam Claflin's earlobes, the Rose Byrne turn, and puzzle mischief. Goodwatches: Willy's Wonderland The Lodge  

Between: Less Than

Lord of the Flies meets The Stand in Between. Weirdly, Evan's the one who gets obsessed with details in this episode. A young boy stabs himself, but romance lives on. Andy goes deep on a cow murder, and eventually explains why he doesn't care about spoilers. There's also a cocker ...   Show more

Welcome to The I-Land

Back in 2019 (we were so innocent then!), Badwatch had a patreon. For it's brief existence, we watched The I-Land, perhaps one of our favorite Badwatches ever. For our 2020 reboot we decided to release these episodes once a month in the regular feed, eventually covering the entir ...   Show more

Gilmore Girls of the South

The rich tapestry of Southern Culture is on full display in Hart of Dixie. Join us as we discuss the colorful cast of characters, including Dapper Dash DeWitt, George "Southern Gentleman" Tucker, Wadin' Wade, and Zoe Hart the Tart. There's also a woman named Lemon! Goodwatches: B ...   Show more

Potheads Say the Darndest Things

Does Chuck Lorre smoke weed? Almost certainly not, but he definitely vapes. We watched Disjointed, and you know a show is bad when the commercials are the best part. Join us as we discuss YouTube comments, immigration conspiracy theories, Eckhart Tolle, and of course, that sticky ...   Show more

Gnomes, Nietzsche, and Subaru Lesbians

Lucy Hale returns to Badwatch in Life Sentence, a cancer dramedy where everyone's more interesting than the person who had cancer. Andy enjoyed this show, further demonstrating he has no taste. Evan pitches Life Sentence as a comedy without any Lucy Hale. Aiden + Marlene 4ever. G ...   Show more

Religious Charlie's Angels

Considering how many things went wrong in this episode, it's a fitting end to 2020. We watched Warrior Nun, the most boring show ever made about badass, demon-fighting nuns. In addition to thinking this would be our first episode of the new year (it's not), the boys somehow watch ...   Show more

Oops! All Hudgens

We're back in the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe with yet another Vanessa Hudgens vehicle, The Princess Switch: Switched Again. We're reunited with old friends like Sad Dad and C-3PO Phelps, and meet our new friend Duck Lips. Andy creates a fun naming convention for us keep ...   Show more

Chenoweth Strikes Back!

Holidate is as bad as the year 2020, but somehow feels much longer. Join us as we talk about Emma Roberts's father (Eric!), national treasures Kristin Chenoweth and R.B.G. (rest in power), a Cinco de Mayo Sex Mystery, and Diarrhea-ween. Goodwatches: The West Wing The Vast of Nigh ...   Show more

Baby Hair, Don't Care

Hale and well met, podcast listeners! We have returned for Badwatch season 2!! For this auspicious occasion we watched Higher Power, perhaps the most inauspicious film streaming on Hulu. Join us as we discuss deez nuts/blue balls, bad addiction metaphors, and Dr. Manhattan. Goodw ...   Show more

Christmas Swag!

To close out this holiday season we watched A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. It's a strange film about a strange kingdom. And investigative journalism! Join us as we discuss discount Melissa Joan Hart, Queer Eye for 5 Guys, baby name pillow talk, treaty logistics, and Agatha C ...   Show more

Sir Cole of Life

Happy holidays, Badwatchers! It’s our favorite time of year, where our gift to you is the annual viewing of holiday dreck. We watched The Knight Before Christmas, a time-travel love story even dumber than it sounds. Join us as we discuss wigs, academic calendars, syphilis, a math ...   Show more

Party Foul

It was bound to happen sometime. We return to a previous badwatch to enjoy (?) season 2, episode 1 of Insatiable, "Pig." Join us as we discuss wet vehicles, First-Degree Burgers, Wiener Tacos, his-and-hers brass knuckles, CACA, and a legit question for rural Americans. Goodwatche ...   Show more

We Fought a Zoo

Rarely are we lucky enough to find a show as bad and silly as Zoo. Based on a novel by James Patterson, we watched season 2 episode 1, "The Name of the Beast." Join us as we discuss Michael Crichton's bowel habits (R.I.P.), bird psychology, Chekhov's baby, pocket pepper, ManBearP ...   Show more

I Like Big Brows and I Cannot Lie

Welcome to our spoooooky Halloween episode! To celebrate we watched season 2, episode 1 of The Vampire Diaries, "The Return." It's one of your classic vamp soap opera love triangle thingies. Join us as we discuss of the migraine witch, homoerotic vamp brothers (including a Brokeb ...   Show more

Girlboss: Is Dean Norris Hot?

Girlboss tells the story of one scrappy sociopath and her journey to wealth and success. At least we think so. Join us as we discuss indentured theremin servitude, the hotness of Dean Norris, and Ken-doll anatomy. Goodwatches: Minding the Gap Community  


We got into the Halloween spirit watching season 2 episode 1 of Hemlock Grove, "Blood Pressure." You know how vampires and werewolves were big for a while? That's basically the entire premise of the show. Join us as we discuss cousin sex, Eli Roth, finger guns, and a boy inside a ...   Show more

Pretty Little Liars with a Seatbelt on

If you love Pretty Little Liars but want something more restrained, we have good news! We watched season 3 episode 1 of 13 Reasons Why, "Yeah, I'm the New Girl." We used to think the flashbacks in Quantico were rough, but little did we know things could get so much worse. Join us ...   Show more

Starbuck Dramabitch

Join us as we go into outer space--again! We watched episode 6 of Another Life, "I Think We're Alone Now." Starring Katee Sackhoff, or according to Andy, the female Tom Cruise. We discuss contractual tanktop clauses, flashbacks within flashbacks, and match wits with Super Mario t ...   Show more

Chekhov's Podcast

This episode is jam packed! We watched not one, but two episodes of the emmy-nominated Netflix series, It's Bruno! There's dogs! Cookies! Bernie Sanders! A podcast within a podcast! And somehow all of Chekhov's belongings. Evan hates a little harder than necessary and eats cookie ...   Show more

Whynonna in the Valley of the Dolls

The Badwatch boys go to Purgatory. Voluntarily! They watched season 2, episode 1 of Wynonna Earp, a SyFy original! Evan has opinions on comics and which one vapes. Andy proposes an Earp-Pokemon crossover event. Goodwatches: The Boys First Reformed  

Canada: No Music, Bitchin' Machetes

The Badwatch Boys went to Canada, but neither of them got stabbed! Evan throws serious shade at Canada and repeatedly flirts with a lawsuit. Andy is a lawyer for the laws of physics and falls in love with Verna McBride. Goodwatches: The Chef Show Midsommar  

Worldly Rimjob

The Badwatch boys went to the Rim of the World and remain unimpressed. Andy compares movies and video games. Evan wonders if all of the counselors at Rim of the World summer camp are sex offenders. This episode is sponsored by Adidas! Goodwatches: Fleabag DARK  

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