Even With Good Intentions The Cold Grew In Jealous Rage Of The Failure To Appease The Travelers

Even With Good Intentions The Cold Grew In Je...

Arguments Amongst Communities In Regards To Who Loves Whom The Most
Bitches Of Boredom Saved Bread From Store Closings On These Hot Wintery Knights Of Bastards Fight
For The People Rejoiced And Had Sex On Rooftops Beneath The Midday Moons
I Remember You When I Awoke In A Dream You Asleep Next To Me
I Wrapped A Snowflake In A Blanket Then Made Love To The Skies
Pink And Yellow Submarines Swam Long In Rivers Under Oceans Not Wishing To Get Wet
Prince Rabbit Laid with The Queen Of Foxes in Spring Surrounded With Love
Remembering What Remnants Of Life Contained In Boxes Set Afloat From the Shores Of Liechtenstein
She Sang Such Great Distain As To Give You Hope For A Better Yesterday
They Marched Naked For You Maintained Your Colors Of Plenty Amongst The Festival Of Suns
We Took Breath Exhaling Wild Fire Of Cosmos Into Books We Cannot Read