Episode 9: Merciful, Yet Vengeful

Episode 9: Merciful, Yet Vengeful

Episode 8: Your Family Matters to God

One minister of God explains the importance of the family. “It is here (within the family) that human life begins and often closes its earthly pilgrimage. Here it is trained for this world and disciplined for the world that is to come…” Our text today reveals the inheritance of t ...   Show more

Episode 7: God's Light in Man

A Christian preacher once said that the Spirit of God in a true Christian is a bulb in His presence. It is full of light anywhere it is, chasing away darkness all around it. There are sundry lessons in this episode. It talks about our relationship and how to treat others. It also ...   Show more

Episode 6: A Distorted View of Self

Adolf Hitler, with solemnity, paraphrased the Bible when encouraging his generals. He said, “A nation in which there is…one righteous man will not perish”. No doubt, he regarded himself as this one righteous man in spite of the death of thousands of people recorded daily during t ...   Show more

Episode 5: Declare Your Triumphs

The ability of man to speak and express himself is one of the greatest gifts he has received from God. This gift distinguishes man from other creatures and gives him a tremendous potential for both good and evil. Our words have the ability to determine the future, either for good ...   Show more

Episode 4: Just Praise The Lord

A medical doctor turned missionary shared his experience as a medical doctor. According to him, he had a number of patients who complained about their physical ills. They were never positive about themselves. It was from one complaint to another. But on the other hand, he also ca ...   Show more

Episode 3: Disqualified Through Uncleanness

Some students of the Bible are often confused by the Old Testament laws regulating uncleanness. They do not understand the purpose of the laws and often wonder how they impact the New Testament Christian. The concept of uncleanness is certainly an old one. It dates back to the da ...   Show more

Episode 2: God Deserves The Best

Most times, many people think that those who go into the service of the Lord as pastors, missionaries, etc. are those who do not have the prospect of doing well in other fields or those who have failed either in their careers or businesses. They think it is a waste of human resou ...   Show more

Episode 1: Don’t Take God for Granted - Lamentations 3:22-26

The fall of Judah and the destruction of Jerusalem had brought untold suffering upon the people. Their sorrow, the direct consequences of their sins and rebellion against God’s word, was boundless. Yet, the prophet who personally witnessed it urged them to repent and rely on the ...   Show more

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