At The End Of The Day...

At The End Of The Day...


Jasmine gives her opinion on Jennifer's parent's relationship and Dolores not being with her soulmate.  --- Support this podcast:  

REALITY RECAP: Therapy With Jasmine

Jasmines takes you to therapy - a bill will be sent to you by the end of the month for payment.  --- Support this podcast:  

REALITY RECAP: Is Someone Cooking?

Jasmine is joined by fellow Bravo lover Angela and the two recap the latest explosive episode of RHONJ.  --- Support this podcast:  

REALITY RECAP: Two For The Price Of One

Jasmine breaks down her favorite moments of the last two epsidoes of RHONJ. She also expresses her love for Frank Catania --- Support this podcast:  

Stimmy By DaBaby

Jasmine wants to know where here stimulus check is but while she waits she reacts to the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah. JLo and Arod's breakup/non breakup is discused and Bravo's new show 'Winter House'. --- Support this podcast:  

REALITY RECAP: Tony The Pool Man

Jasmine recaps RHONJ and gives her opinion on the cast "Lake Looks". She also wants Jackie & Teresa to either make up or shut up! --- Support this podcast:  

REALITY RECAP: Casket vs. Gasket

Will Jackie and Teresa ever apologize to one another? Jasmine breaks it down on what needs to happen for the rest of the season.  Margaret's husband is the new tea spiller.  --- Support this podcast:  

Straight From The Headlines

Jasmine sits down alone and gives her opinion on what needs to happen with The Bachelor Franchise. She also ask for E! to hire her and calls out the low ratings of the Golden Globes  --- Support this podcast:  

REALITY RECAP: Margaret Has A Cold Brew

Jasmine wakes up at 5:30am to bring you this weeks Reality Recap. She discusses why this episode wasn't the best but gave us a ton of information on the ladies! --- Support this podcast:  


The First Reality Recap of Season 3.  Jasmine breaks down the season premier of RHONJ - giving her theory on the housewives story lines. Are you Team Jackie or Team Teresa?  --- Support this podcast:  

Woke Bachelor Nation

Jasmine calls on The Undateable Girls to discuss the problems within The Bachelor franchise, the current season (Racist Rachel) and what needs to happen for real changes to be made.  --- Support this podcast:  

Do Not Fake The Funk

KB is the chicest girl you will ever meet. Think Blair Waldorf meets Rachel Green. With a love for fashion and bridal-  KB has turned her dreams into an actual reality.  The Sarah Seven love club president makes it her mission to make sure everyone of her brides feels special and ...   Show more

No One Is Safe With The Undateable Girls - PART TWO

PART TWO : The Undateable Girls are all about keeping it real about dating, being a millennial and everything else going on in the world. Cali & Gianna are two friends that do not care about hurting your feelings as long as the truth is being said. Jasmine brings the ladies on to ...   Show more

No One Is Safe With The Undateable Girls - PART ONE

PART ONE :  The Undateable Girls are all about keeping it real about dating, being a millennial and everything else going on in the world.    Cali & Gianna are two friends that do not care about hurting your feelings as long as the truth is being said. Jasmine brings the ladies o ...   Show more

Celeste Sol is a Lifestyle

Celeste Sol is a Black/Latina owned jewelry company based in Miami. It is not just your regular Gold Jewelry, it is Jewelry with a conscience.  This brand is for the woman who values culture.  Tiffany Joachim, the owner of Celeste Sol has jewelry making in her blood. She has foll ...   Show more

Too Short For What

Dominique Robinson is the definition of beauty and brains. The long time model has been working since High School. From spreads in Cosmopolitan to Ads for Pat McGrath. Now that she has seen everything from the good, bad and ugly in the model industry - she is using her platform t ...   Show more


Ludovica boutique opened in 2014 by Lara Henawi. The boutique focuses on making sure they are stocked with the latest trends and collections. The shop was voted Best Boutique by Bergen Magazine in 2018.    Owner, Lara is a millennial who didn’t let COVID stop her from shipping ne ...   Show more

Calling Out The Lies With Say Bible

Say Bible Podcast is a podcast for the Kardashian Konnosiour. Natalie & Kathleen have made it their mission to KUWTK - it is a hard job but someone has to do it!   The ladies discuss the reason they started this podcast together, how it has blown up and what the future holds now ...   Show more

God's Gift With BAEJING TV

Baejing of BTV and Secret Society is not only a boss but a mother of two. The full time visual creator tells us why it is important to do what you love.    On this episode we learn about why a support system is important for a mom, how to juggle your work & personal life. Follow ...   Show more


Daryl Sneed & Bret Grafton, Co-Founders of SOUNDOFF speak about their brand and current capsule collection 'My Vote Matters'. On this episode, the two speak about what SOUNDOFF means to them and the change they plan to make on the world with their designs.  Follow SOUNDOFF: @soun ...   Show more


Jasmine comes off of hiatus to breakdown #RHOP with her good friend Cadie. The two give an insight to the fight between Monique & Candiace, what they think will happen for the rest of the season and why this happened.  Follow Cadie: @Cadienne_ Follow Bags Series: @bags.series --- ...   Show more

Hustled & Bamboozled

Jasmine brings on good friend Johanna. The ladies discuss how they went from coworker frenemies to besties. From talking about relationships, Lori Loughlin & a housewives breakdown. --- Support this podcast:  


Ariel Morgan, CEO of Maxine +Morgan gets real about menstrual wellness, CBD and what it means being a buisness woman.  --- Support this podcast:  


Ashley holds the badge of honor - this is her 5th time on the podcast. Jasmine gets Ashley to explain her thoughts on the Kanye West rally and Nicki Minaj's pregnancy announcement. --- Support this podcast:  

Call In If You Have An Issue

This episode is in memory of Naya Rivera. Jasmine and Sara discuss why it is so hard for people to wear mask, Naya Rivera disappearance and SHEIN being tone-deaf. --- Support this podcast:  

Yo, Whose Man Is This?

Will Gaskins joins Jasmine to discuss being apart of Bachelor Nation. The two address how they felt about the announcement of Matt James as the first black male lead in Bachelor history.  --- Support this podcast:  

Did You Just Realize We Are Here?

Brandon Smithwrick graces us with his knowledge about the business side of fashion. Jasmine talks to Brandon about being a black man in fashion, how coporate America needs to change and what he is doing to be apart of that change. --- Support this podcast: ...   Show more

Keeping It Real With Jake Dylan

Jake Dylan (The Generic Monmouth County Mom) sits down "on the zoom" with Jasmine to talk about going viral. The two discuss what it takes to be a content creator, how Jake came up with this character and what the future holds for the comedian.  --- Support this podcast: https:// ...   Show more

PeaceByU Is Here For You

Jasmine invites PeaceByU on the podcast to speak about protesting. The group of 5 explains how they came up with their idea, what changes need to be made and where they see themselves in 5 years.  --- Support this podcast:  

A History Lesson

Jasmine invites Krystal Joseph and Gloria Jackson on the podcast. The ladies discuss why marching is important and explains what Juneteenth is.  --- Support this podcast:  

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