Ep. 20 ~ What are dreams, and do they have to hurt?

Ep. 20 ~ What are dreams, and do they have to...

Ep. 25 ~ Late Night and Long Drags

Thank you for joining me once again. I truly appreciate your patience in walking slowly with me through this episodic new phase of life. You appreciated, loved and valued! Don't ever let nobody tell you different! You're all fuckin awesome, and I love you! And there ain't a godda ...   Show more

Ep. 24 ~ What is 🐛🍑🦂🪜⁉️

We will get into the specifics, of course, but I want to know what YOU know about love. Fill me in and I will envelop you in a chasm of sticky song and dance ?for your favorite philosophies of all the happy memories we have always felt we should be able to have and take this oppo ...   Show more

Ep. 23 ~ Finding The Pieces Puts The Puzzle Together ❤

The price of knowing a greater truth is in suffering the difficulty of not having the ability to convey it to others. If only I could grab everyone I see on the street and tell them! Just tell them that I love them and hug them, and try to convince them that everything is good an ...   Show more


...all the time even!  

SUNDAY SUPPLEMENTAL ~ Feeling good ain't easy, but it's gettin better!😁 (the fan noise goes away😘)

As each day comes to be and passes behind me, I'm overcome by gratitude and serenity for having the opportunity to live my best life. Smile, because you're beautiful!? Learn more about me and my #Journey @ #MADCITYPODCAST @spotify/madcitypodcast @instagram.com/madcitypodcast @fac ...   Show more


Happy Saturday all you beautiful bastards! ?? I hope you've all had a wonderful week and are currently enjoying a relaxing weekend. I've been quite busy doin a bit of livin' n reflectin' myself. It's been a long week of anticipatory glee and reminiscent feels. But I didn't want y ...   Show more


We ventured out of the inner sanctums and into the outdoors! Well, to the streets, anyway....? Me, Mike and Daisy set up down on State Street at Concrete Park for a couple of hours, not knowing what to expect, but definitely expecting something from our past to come and remind us ...   Show more


If there's no time like the present, and each day is a gift, then we should BE PRESENT and be the gift of each day, from you to another, and give of yourself to those around you with a SMILE?! Ya S?⁉️ Now, everyone has something to OPEN! Just try not to touch or get too close. Ma ...   Show more

Ep. 17 ~ True Courage

"Those who make it through these times show a courage not their own." - Basic Text, p. 86 --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

SATURDAY SUPPLEMENTAL ~ Surviving Success!💣🌠🏆😳🏅🎉💥

Here I talk briefly (brief for me anyway?) about the dangers of gaining latitude too quickly and how the fall what we might call the "top of the world" could bring about more healing than we're ready for. HAPPY SATURDAY!! ? Enjoy? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The ea ...   Show more

Ep. 16 ~ Tales of a MADCITY MADMAN... and other shocking shenanigans!

This episode is about the weird ways we tend to get lost in the moment. So much so, sometimes, that we may even risk losing our lives. Or, at the very least, our clothes.? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

Ep. 15 ~ YES, Black Lives Matter!

And so do HOMELESS LIVES, and the lives of those with mental health issues!  When we talk about the Black Community, and that Black Lives Matter, the immediate response from so many is the retort that “All Lives Matter.” The seriousness, urgency, and desperate call for help is lo ...   Show more

Ep. 13 ~ Reaching out can save lives

The world is a beautiful place, full of love, with many wondrous and exciting adventures awaiting our discovery, but some of us will never learn this fact. There is an alarming number of people who suffer from grave mental and emotional disorders that lead them deeper into despai ...   Show more

THURSDAY SUPPLEMENTAL ~ Don't Let Fear Sidetrack You From Moving Forward

Hello, all!?? Just figured I'd start my day with a short message to you about keeping momentum and staying focused despite the sticky steps along the way. I love you guys. ?✌? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

Ep. 12 ~ Remembering the Journey

It's not how you begin, or where you wind up that you'll recall... it's the journey within yourself that you'll remember most. This is a brief piece with me reciting some readings about birth and death, grief and sorrow, losing hope and moving on in life. I recorded this for the ...   Show more

Ep. 11 ~ What's The Plan?!

What if there was no plan? In this episode I go deep into the question of what life is like without an agenda. Is it liberating? Terrifying? MOIST?! It's all of those things and more. Hear all about it and then tell me what you think. Just go to the MADCITYPODCAST Facebook page a ...   Show more

Ep. 10 ~ Facing Our Feelings (even the uncomfortable ones)

In today's show I go into the different ways we react to uncomfortable moments and how those reactions cause lead to more heartache and unnecessary strife. Especially while navigating through a world in which social distance is paramount, must we be careful and considerate in how ...   Show more

Ep. 9 ~ Short Trips - Big Gifts

It's been a while since I've used my platform of privilege to speak the echoes of the long suffering, but still striving Black Community. But I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman tonight, and she not only offered me a deeply meaningful opportunity to show true characte ...   Show more

Ep. 8 ~ Vibes, yo!

You know how people just can't seem to grasp the simple concept of "shared reality" when they're trying to convince you that what they're doing is their natural purpose and right, even though it's counterintuitive to your agreed community standards, and you just want them to unde ...   Show more

Ep. 7. ~ What's NEWS???

Mike and I delve DEEP into the RAW DAWG GRIT - Into the REAL WORLD TRUTH that the CORPORATE MEDIA won't show you!! EVERYTHING from the Australian Outback to Gilligan's Island! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

SUPPLEMENTAL SUNDAY ~ February 7, This is not a test.

"...we have found a loving, personal 'god' to whom we can turn." - JFT --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app https://anchor.fm/app  

Ep. 6 ~ Psychic Vampires!

There are some of us who find it necessary to derive emotional support from others in order to sustain an even keel of emotional and psychological stability, and we return this support when we can, and when it is needed. But there are those who do not reciprocate, and who go out ...   Show more

Wednesday Introspective: Let's talk Valentine's Day!

This is just some random shit goin on in my head here at 5:47am when I'm trying to decide if I should try to sleep before the sun rises, or can I beat the fuckin sun back with my will and black out shade! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcas ...   Show more

Ep. 5 ~ Perspective

Perspective! By far, perspective is fundamentally the most important piece in my life puzzle. It brings us benefit from loss. Truth from lies. Giving us an opportunity to live life knowing that this space is temporary, and that makes it sacred. With perspective we are free from d ...   Show more

Ep. 4 ~ Politicking!

The current political climate is more dangerous and volatile than climate change. The only difference these days is that politics is predictable. Regardless, I know one thing's for sure: just because you show me a snowball I'm still not gonna be convinced that this isn't hell. -- ...   Show more

Ep. 3 ~ Mike’s Debut: Community, Covid, and Poop Jokes

Today marks an historic day in podcasting! TODAY we introduce Mike Martin to the #MADCITYPODCAST and usher in a new era of immaturity the likes of which THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN! Okay, maybe seen, but NEVER HEARD! Alright, maybe the world has heard its share of toilet humor alrea ...   Show more

Ep. 2 ~ Relapse and Recovery Revelations

In this episode I go into a little depth on how addicts make choices, why they sometimes choose to eliminate them, and what is necessary for addicts to break loose from the grip of ambivalence and self-doubt. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a po ...   Show more

Ep. 1 ~ My Journey

It's unfortunate and devastating for anyone and everyone involved in the loss of a child, but as the father of son lost so young, my grief was very subtlety sidelined. Not just by others in my life, and in the abstract, but by me. I went into the situation of Journey's birth, kno ...   Show more

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