Nijisanji Festival 2021: The Best Weekend of Our Lives

Nijisanji Festival 2021: The Best Weekend of ...

April's Shenanigans: Noraneko 3D, April Fools, V-Carnival

The boys are back for a more "normal" episode! Tune into 80 and Ehe's talk about Hololive and Nijisanji's April Fools trickeries, their dissection of Noraneko's mind-boggling 3D model debut, and their detailed summary of the high-profile V crossover event that might have packed t ...   Show more

Virtually Talking With: Umibozu

80 and Ehe sit for a chat with Umibozu, who is a clip editor from Japan and a fellow Chouchoumin (fan of Hayama Marin, like Ehe). Together with Route24 as the occasional interpreter, they discuss the JP vtubing community from the lens of a Japanese fan, translator/subber, project ...   Show more

Bloom: Hololive Has Blossomed

80 and Ehe sit down with Route24, co-host of Unknown Games Podcast to discuss their thoughts on hololive IDOL PROJECT 1st Live.『Bloom,』. Guests: - Route24 ( --- Send in a voice message:  

Virtually Talking With: vJaga's Manager (Kusomanager)

80 and Ehe sit down with the manager of vJaga, a small but quirky vtubing group comprising of 3 highly talented vtubers, including Manager herself. They dive into the intricacies of managing a vtuber team and its differences in tech, culture and characteristics compared to agency ...   Show more

Virtually Talking With: VTuberSubtitles (Conspo)

80 and Ehe is joined by the owner of VTuberSubtitles, @ConspoLopes, a veteran Vtuber fan since the early days of the Four Heavenly Kings, who has been credited with uploading the infamous Sakura Miko GTAV clip. Together, they discuss about their contributions to the community, th ...   Show more

The Good, The Bad, and The Bullshit of 2020: Vtuber Edition

80, Ehheee and Lauren recap the year of 2020 for vtubers, discussing the Good, the Bad and the Bullshit. --- Send in a voice message:  

Special EP: Thoughts on Hololive 2nd Fest - Beyond the Stage

80 and Ehhee have a post-concert meltdown after watching Hololive 2nd Fest: Beyond the Stage. Joined by a group of special guests (all part of 80's Discord server, 80 Inc.), enjoy this special episode where these 2 vtuber simps end the year off with one of the biggest vtuber conc ...   Show more

When In Rome: Stream Rules and Etiquette

After a recap of the week, "Nijisanji shills" 80 and Ehheee examine the blatant disregard for stream rules and etiquette in some vtubers' streams, and pledge to rekindle their flames of passion with Hololive (Episode recorded 20 December 2020). --- Send in a voice message: https: ...   Show more

Hana Machaiah: NijiEN and HoloID

80 ponders over joining Nijisanji EN while Ehheee shares his thoughts on the new Hololive ID generation, as they jump between news of the week as well as upcoming events (Episode recorded 7 December 2020). --- Send in a voice message:  

Pilot: Meet The Simps

Meet 80 and Ehheee, the hosts of Virtually Talking, as they discuss their vtuber simpin' origins and faves, music and news from agencies both new and established, and their goals for the podcast. --- Send in a voice message:  

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