Guest Mindy Finn: "Women Will be at the Forefront of Reshaping the Republic"

Guest Mindy Finn: "Women Will be at the Foref...

Part 1: The Black Church with Pastor Renee D. Fowler of Destiny Pointe, Arlington Texas.

In our black history month wrap up we have a powerful conversation with one of the leading black female trailblazers in the black church and ministry. --- Send in a voice message:  

Part 2: The Black Church & Women with Pastor Renee Fowler of Texas; Minister Shonny Young.

This is part 2 of our 2 part interview on the black church, black women, healing and helping during the Texas Snow storm of 2021. --- Send in a voice message:  

With Malice Toward None

Today host Sophia Nelson honors President’s Day and spotlights Abraham Lincoln #16. --- Send in a voice message:  

Black History Month Week 2: Stereotypes Must Stop.

Host Sophia Nelson talks about the damage of stereotyping each other. And how we need to move past them if we are going to reunite as Americans. --- Send in a voice message:  

History is Education. Why Black History Matters in 2021. Short Segment with Dr. Colita Fairfax

BONUS TRACK with Dr. Colita Fairfax: Putting the US Capitol Insurrection Into Context.  --- Send in a voice message:  

Black History Month Kick-Off: "Black History is American History" with Dr. Colita N. Fairfax, Historian, Professor, Author

Host Sophia Nelson has an engaging dialogue with Norfolk State University Professor Colita Fairfax about her new book on Colonial Virginia and Slavery's impact on American Democracy. As well as the nation's first woman VP Kamala Harris. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. And how we ...   Show more

Special Inauguration 2021 Podcast

Host Sophia Nelson offers insights and analysis on the historic 2021 Inauguration. --- Send in a voice message:  

America We Gotta Face it to Fix it!

In this Thursday Thoughts segment host Sophia Nelson addresses the historic 2nd impeachment of Donald Trump and the way forward for America. --- Send in a voice message:  

Chaos at America's Capitol 2021: President Trump Incites Insurrection & Sedition

In this special podcast segment, host Sophia Nelson puts the horrific events in the nation's capitol on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 all in to focus. This is a must listen to PODCAST.  --- Send in a voice message:  


Host Sophia Nelson helps us to kick off the New Year Right with this Masterclass on Self-Care in 2021. --- Send in a voice message:  

It's a Covid Christmas 2020: Some Thoughts on Togetherness & Getting Through

Host Sophia Nelson offers one of her best monologues yet, on the uniqueness of Christmas 2020. Coping with Covid. And what the light of Christmas should teach us all in this unbelievably challenging and difficult year.  --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more

Special 2020 Wrap Podcast on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion with Professor Minda Harts & Author of "The Memo"

Host Sophia Nelson has a powerful and insightful dialogue with Prof. Minda Harts of NYU, and author of the best-seller "The Memo" on the year 2020, race, Equity, George Floyd, Donald Trump, the impact of a new black female VP in Kamala Harris, and what we can expect in the coming ...   Show more

Saturday Thoughts with Sophia Nelson.

This week Sophia takes on the Republican Party, the Russian Hackers, and Trump’s attacks on our Democratic Voting integrity. --- Send in a voice message:  

Special Saturday Thoughts Segment: Congressman Denver Riggleman (R-VA) Goes on the Record with One America Podcast

A not to miss. Very present conversation with outgoing Republican Virginia Congressman Denver Riggleman. He and host Sophia Nelson talk about the ongoing Election results fight by President Trump, the state of the GOP, and what it all means for America and a new president going f ...   Show more

A Trump Supporter Speaks: Part II of Our Tough Conversations are Great Conversations Series

Host Sophia Nelson goes a second round with American Conservative activist, businessman, educator and Virginia podcaster Butch Porter. This is what we will need to do as neighbors, citizens, friends and family to heal our nation. It is not up to Washington, D.C. It is up to us.  ...   Show more

A Trump Voter Speaks: Part I of "Tough Conversations are Great Conversations" Series

Host Sophia Nelson sits down for a two part interview with Virginia Conservative, political activist, businessman, educator, and PODCAST creator Butch Porter. This is a NOT To miss dialogue on what over 74 Million Trump voters are thinking, how they feel about our politics, Ameri ...   Show more

Happy Thanksgiving 2020: Harnessing the Power of Resilience.

In this special thanksgiving day message, host Sophia Nelson offers a powerful monologue on all we have been through in 2020 and staying focused on the power of getting through! --- Send in a voice message:  

Trump Attempts a Coup of American Democracy: Thank God He Failed.

On this week's Saturday Thoughts Podcast host Sophia Nelson calls a thing a thing. The failure of President Trump to concede the US Election 17 days out is a travesty to American Democracy. This is a must listen.  --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more

Saturday Thoughts: Election 2020 Wrap with the Bulwark's & RVAT Founder Sarah Longwell

Great podcast today as we go inside the results of the 2020 Election, Trump's failure to concede, the future of the Republican Party and Can Joe Biden bring America together.  --- Send in a voice message:  

Monday Motivation: Biden-Harris Win. Trump won’t Concede. Can America Come Together in 2021?

Host Sophia Nelson gives us a powerful call to action on the post election America. Must listen! --- Send in a voice message:  

Election 2020 Update: America Still Doesn’t Have A New President Yet.

Our host Sophia Nelson gives us an update on the state of the 2020 Presidential Election. And who is likely to win. --- Send in a voice message:  

Special Election Day 2020 Preview with Lincoln Project Co-Founder Mike Madrid

Tune in for a great dialogue between host Sophia Nelson and longtime GOP Political consultant Mike Madrid. Madrid is one of the C-Founder's of the Lincoln Project. This is a not to miss conversation on the state of our nation one day before Americans head to the polls.  --- Send ...   Show more

Saturday Thoughts: It’s the last weekend to VOTE. Happy Halloween!!!

Our host Sophia Nelson gives us the recap of the past week. And encourages us as we head into the final Election Day sprint! --- Send in a voice message:  

Saturday Thoughts: Look for the Helpers

Great inspirational Saturday message by our host Sophia Nelson --- Send in a voice message:  

Monday Motivation: Empathy! What is it? And why we all need it NOW more than ever!

This week’s Monday Motivation monologue is a good one. Empathy gives us the power to change the world. --- Send in a voice message:  

Saturday Thoughts: Judge Barrett Goes to Washington, Wonder Woman, Women & Election 2020 w Guest Anushay Hossain

Today's Guest is host of "spilling chai" podcast, journo and politico Anushay Hossain. Host Sophia Nelson engages a discussion on the Confirmation Hearings for SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett, the gender gap, casting issues with "Wonder Woman", Election 2020 and more.   --- Send ...   Show more

Saturday Thoughts: what a week!

Host Sophia Nelson gives her insights and analysis into the first and only VP debate. The President & Covid. Sexist smears on Harris. Lindsey Graham in trouble. And more. --- Send in a voice message:  

Women 2020: How We ENGAGE COVID19, Politics, Home Schooling and a Bad US Economy

Host Sophia Nelson has a sit down with Founder & Exec. Director of ENGAGE for Women, Rachel Pearson in this special segment. The two talk about the 2020 campaign, the gender gap, COVID19's devastating impact on the economy, women's careers, and more. --- Send in a voice message: ...   Show more

Monday Motivation. You have to Command Your Day!

Host Sophia Nelson gives us a quick Monday Morning pep talk! One we can all use! Take a listen and follow through! --- Send in a voice message:  

Covid Crisis in the White House

Host Sophia Nelson gives us an update and insights into the current COVID crisis that has hit the President, First Lady and US Senators. --- Send in a voice message:  

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