Episode 24: Check In, Check It Out: Hauptschein And Martino On 'Country Of Hotels'

Episode 24: Check In, Check It Out: Hauptsche...

Episode 25: "You MUST Be What You CAN Be"- John Henry

Forbes '30 Under 30' feature, college dropout, entrepreneur, a creative, and an inspiration defined: it's CEO, John Henry in interview. No stranger to hardships or challenges, join us in a conversation about mindset merging with reality, sacrifice turning into self-actualization, ...   Show more

Episode 23: 'No More Wings' Director, Abraham Adeyemi, On Artistry And Legacy

What would you like your legacy to be, beyond film? Beyond scriptwriting. What message and impact do you intend to share or implement? Abraham Adeyemi: ‘He worked hard and loved harder. He was kind. He showed up. And above all he gave more than he consumed.’ Abraham Adeyemi i ...   Show more

Episode 22: 'Being Lolita'- Author, Alisson Wood In Interview

“Lo. Lee. Ta. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita.” Nabokov's 'Lolita'. Famous, infamous. Adored and abhorrent. Romantic ...   Show more

Episode 21: Everybody Flies: Academy Qualifier Captain Tristan Loraine

"How safe is the air we breathe on a plane? Every day, 11 million people fly across the globe, unaware that the air in the cabin may contain dangerous toxins. For the past 18 years, Captain Tristan Loraine has been collecting evidence and testimonies from crew members and passeng ...   Show more

Episode 20: Theatre During A Prima Donna Of A Year

Harry Lynn is an actor and singer from Swansea in Wales, UK. Harry’s training began in the West Glamorgan Youth Theatre in 2014, where he made his mark in a number of productions performing on stages across the UK. Additionally, Harry has worked alongside the National Theatre of ...   Show more

Episode 19: You ARE Working For Google...For Free: CEO Of Ozone AI, Lyndon Oh

Join us in a conversation with the CEO and founder of Ozone AI: Lyndon Oh. Ozone is the first company to build a simple wealth-generating system on top of the internet. The Ozone layer gives users the ability to capture, clean, and monetize whatever data exhaust they spit into th ...   Show more

Tweeting And Talking With PR Icon Sarah Evans

Founder and CEO of Sevans Strategy, Sarah Evans is a global whirlwind of a force, changing the face of the PR industry one tweet at a time. She's real, she's grounded, and she's creative max pro plus. Join us in a chat about the power of media, fake news, and no excuses. Intervie ...   Show more

Syrian Refugee To Red Carpet Attendee: NOURI

Vivian Nouri (NOURI) has by no means lived an average suburban life. Born in a Syrian refugee camp, she's overcome obstacle after obstacle right from the get-go. Relentless in her determination and success. Extraordinary talent and a heart that seems to stretch without limits. Jo ...   Show more

Turning Dreams Into Reality With Kharmony Fortune

Kharmony Fortune is more than the youngest CEO in the Los Angeles area. She's a visionary, a go-getter, a creative, and an absolute inspiration. Join us as we chat about success, hardship, overcoming barriers, and changing the world--quite literally--one dream at a time.  

'Heartbreak in The Hills' Heartbreaker, Conor Matthews

Singer/Songwriter Conor Matthew's music is mad relatable. Join us in a discussion about getting over that ex, growing up, getting into trouble. and going through the motions. It's Conor Matthews. Heartbreak in the Hills, heartbreaker.  

Kicking Back With Boy Band, 'Undecided Future'

Join us in a chat about music, Fergie, live performance, and their collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer, Dem Jointz. It's Undecided Future. BAND MEMBERS: Matt Isaac Lead Vocals Cole Fredrick Guitar & Vocals Nick Stone Keyboard & Vocals Matisse Pasillas Drums & ...   Show more

Loud And Clear: Fashion Designer Timo Weiland

He's displayed his collections at New York Fashion Week, he started a business that merges tech and fashion called 'The Lead', he's a sought after disc jockey, and he surfs in his free time. Ladies and gentlemen--It's Timo Weiland.  

"I'm Growing Up.": Bad Boy Of Business, Mahbod Moghadam

"All my companies are like my ex-girlfriends...you know? Like I still love them but I don't want to get back together." Mahbod Moghadam made Forbes '30 Under 30', co-founded both Everipedia and Genius, and is voting Kanye West for president. Join us as we chat about the real evil ...   Show more

Publicist And Journalist: Taylor Stoddard Boozan

Front row at fashion weeks, the PR manager of luxury watch brand Tag Heuer, writer for none other than Forbes, Taylor Boozan does it all. Sex and the City, look out! Join us as we chat about Gucci, space, journalism, and PR. It’s not all glitz and glam, but damn it’s gorgeous.  

Chatting With The Millennial Girls

Miami-based EDM radio hosts Natasha Salehi and Racquel Goldy: The Millennial Girls Podcast. Join us in a chat about career, gender in the media industry...oh, and our worst dates.  

Music Producer Chris Stath

Brooklyn-based and Boston-born multi-genre producer Chris Stath is no stranger to the ever-changing landscape of the underground dance music scene along the Eastcoast.Join us as we discuss music, charisma, and one hell of a lot else. Interviewed by Kathleen Fowlds  

Abstract Artist: Adieny Nunez

Join us in a discussion about art, inspiration, and defying the canvas-- finding the brilliance and significance in each and every creation.  

Interview with Lando Chill

Lando Chill is a Chicago-born experimental rapper and artist who has a voice and a message worth sharing. We discuss conscious music and composition, inspiration, activism, cancel culture, societal reformation and more. Interviewed by Nomalanga Shields.  

Interview with NYCB Principal Ashley Bouder

Joined by Ashley Bouder of the New York City Ballet, we discuss gender equality in the arts, her own program: the Ashley Bouder project that strives for equality and inclusivity. It's all about connection, authenticity, and determination.   

Live With Artist Peter Triantos

"The thing is--everybody is an artist. Every single person on the planet is a great, great artist." Contemporary neo-expressionist abstract artist, Peter Triantos, lives in Toronto and is renowned for his series of energetic and effervescent works. "High-end, investment-grade fin ...   Show more

NYCB Principal Dancer: Joseph Gordon

Joined by Joseph Gordon, New York City Ballet's youngest principal dancer at present, we talk characterization, interpretation, artistry, and technical fluency. A barre-a-minute let's arabesque right in.  

Interview With John Boitnott

Politics? Covered. Philosophy in politics? Covered. Current events and their popular and unpopular opinions alike? That's right, covered. John Boitnott is a longtime digital media consultant and journalist living in San Francisco. He's written for Venturebeat, USA Today, FastComp ...   Show more

Hip Hop Rapper: Kosha Dillz

He's been arrested. He's performed alongside Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dogg, Matisyahu, Cage the Elephant, C-Rayz Walz, Yak Ballz, and Aesop Rock. Kosha Dillz.He's been titled one of the most interesting rappers in the Western world. An exclusive interview with the American/Israeli ...   Show more

Afrobeat Icon: Femi Kuti

Femi Kuti talks political inspiration,PanAfrican unity, and the "love song called justice." 4 time Grammy nominee and Afrobeat god, Femi Kuti changed the face of music. Join us in this exclusive interview. Let's talk music.  

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