Martha Lytton-Cobbold of Knebworth House

Martha Lytton-Cobbold of Knebworth House

Catherine Maxwell Stuart of Traquair House

Episode Description:On today’s episode, the Duchess meets the incredible Catherine Maxwell Stuart, the first Lady Laird of Traquair. Catherine and the Duchess speak at length about the royal history of Traquair, the tale behind the famous ‘closed gates’, we hear the stories of th ...   Show more

The Duchess of Fife at Kinnaird Castle

Episode Description:On today’s episode, the our Duchess Emma Rutland meets another Duchess: Caroline Fife, Duchess of Fife. Together, the ladies spoke about the estate’s rebellious history, the magnificent art collection in the castle, and the many groundbreaking conservation pro ...   Show more

The Duchess of Argyll at Inveraray Castle

Episode Description:In this week's episode, Duchess meets Duchess as Her Grace, The Duchess of Argyll, brings us inside her fabulous home: the historic Inveraray Castle. We learn all about the ghostly history that lives inside the imposing 15th century walls, we hear the story of ...   Show more

The Countess of Devon at Powderham Castle

Episode Description:On this week’s episode of Duchess, our host meets Hollywood actress and Countess of Devon, A.J. Devon. The Countess opens up about her career in Hollywood, explains the difficulty of transitioning to a life in the peerage, the Duchess quizzes her on the amazin ...   Show more

Lady Mansfield of Scone Palace

Episode Description:On this week’s episode, The Duchess chats to Lady Mansfield of the historic Scone Palace. Lady Mansfield and The Duchess enjoy a wonderful conversation, where we hear the moving story of one of Britain’s first black aristocrats, listeners learn about Stone of ...   Show more

Lady Derby of Knowsley Hall

Episode Description:On the newest episode of Duchess, our hosts travels to meet the lovely Lady Derby of the beautiful Knowsley Hall. Lady Derby speaks to The Duchess about the unbelievably impressive Stanley family lineage, Lady Derby explains some of the challenges she encounte ...   Show more

Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill of Blenheim Palace

Episode Description:On the third episode of Duchess, our host sits down with Henrietta Spencer-Chuchill in the breathtaking Blenheim Palace. We hear the amazing story of how the Palace came to be, and how one particular woman was fundamental to it’s construction, the ladies chat ...   Show more

Lady Emma Ingilby of Ripley Castle

Episode Description:In this latest episode, The Duchess travels to meet Lady Ingilby of the amazing Ripley Castle. Lady Emma Ingilby takes the Duchess on a tour through Ripley’s fascinating history, Lady Ingilby explains what a priest hole is and why it was once very important in ...   Show more

Demetra Lindsay of Hedingham Castle

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: On this week’s episode, The Duchess meets Demetra Lindsay - custodian of the marvellous Hedingham Castle. Demetra brings The Duchess inside the walls of Britain’s best preserved Norman keep. We learn about the history of Hedingham Castle, we hear a beautiful ...   Show more

Welcome to Duchess

As a young girl growing up in the idyllic Welsh countryside, Emma Rutland never could have imagined she would live a real life fairytale. Born Emma Watkins, she met the 11th Duke of Rutland and fell in love. The couple married and Emma became the Duchess of Rutland. This transfor ...   Show more

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