Invisible Man: Breaking the Silence on Black Men’s Health

Invisible Man: Breaking the Silence on Black ...

Dear Mama: Black Maternal Health Matters- Part 2

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the ladies of Melanin Hues Podcast discuss their experiences with childbirth and we have a special guest, Brittany Waiters who shares her powerful story of birthing during COVID.  

Dear Mama: Black Maternal Health Matters- Part 1

It’s Black Maternal Health month! Come join us for a conversation about pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Our special guest, Saleemah McNeil is founder of Oshun Family Center and she is a major advocate in the Philadelphia area. You don’t want to miss this! --- This episode is ...   Show more

Women in Leadership: Forging a Path to Success

Are you a leader? Do you want to be a leader? Join as we explore what is takes to be a woman of color in leadership. We have a special guest today, Tina Loarte Rodriguez, a woman with lots of wisdom about achieving your goals. We share candid advice and tips so you don’t want to ...   Show more

Life During the Pandemic: The Student Edition

Join us as we explore how students and faculty of colleges and universities are coping during the pandemic. We have two special guests today, Dejah Harley and Whitney Snead who will share their advice, wisdom and knowledge about what students can do during this challenging time. ...   Show more

Navigating Love & Relationships During the Pandemic

It’s the month of celebrating love and Black love. Join us as we discuss how we navigate our relationships. Our special guests, Mr. Wesley and Mrs. Farrah Cox share their insights about marriage. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https: ...   Show more

Deuces 2020! Renewed Visions for 2021

New year, new beginnings! Deuces 2020. In this episode, we give you a glimpse into our virtual vision board party, discuss the importance of goal-setting and visualization, as well as practical suggestions to achieve your goals. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easi ...   Show more

Melanin Hues: Conversations on Health and Wellness (Trailer)
COVID-19 and the Vaccine- Part 2: I got my shot, now what?

This is part two of our discussion on COVID-19 and the vaccine. We discuss our experiences with receiving the vaccine and are joined by a special guest, Dr. Alexea M. Gaffney, MD. She is triple-board certified Infectious Disease sub-specialist, Internist, and Pediatrician. She di ...   Show more

COVID-19 and the Vaccine- Part 1: To Vax or Not Vax

Happy New Year everyone! You might be wondering if you should get the COVID-19 vaccine. Check out our special guest, Dr. Cindy Duke, MD, PhD. She is a vaccine expert and a women's health and fertility expert. Dr. Duke breaks the vaccine down for us, and makes it clear so that we ...   Show more

COVID and the holidays

Get to know your hosts a bit more as we discuss our recommendations for a safe holiday season, share our favorite holiday traditions, and how we will reimagine them this year. Stay tuned until the end to hear us participate in a special activity you can bring to your loved ones t ...   Show more

COVID and the classroom

In this episode we provide perspectives on the unique challenges facing students of color. We highlight strategies to empower families to educate their youth during the COVID pandemic. Our guest speaker reveals her approach to delivering quality education to students of color. -- ...   Show more

Introduction: We are COVID She-roes!

Melanin Hues Podcast features four amazing women of color who are physicians and psychologists. We discuss who we are and why we started this podcast, our professional and personal experiences as front-line workers during the COVID pandemic, what lies ahead during the second wave ...   Show more

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