The Future Of Gaming

The Future Of Gaming

Outriders Review and Gamepass

We talk about Outriders as well as the possibility that Battlefield 6 will be available on day one on Gamepass. Sony has their work cut out for them.  --- Support this podcast:  

So That Xbox Outage...

Apparently, there were issues with Microsoft Azure. I told you that Xbox would be integrating with Azure, and you know what that means. If not, take a listen! --- Support this podcast:  

House of Wolves Ep. 4

Passions, Squirly, and I take it easy this weekend and let the conversation take us wherever it will. --- Support this podcast:  

Cyberpunk 2077 1.1 patch review

We review the Cyberpunk 1.1 patch on the day of the release of the 1.2 patch. --- Support this podcast:  

The End of an Era

Call of Duty is more or less confirmed to be going back to World War II, but with a comic book style twist.  Six Days in Fallujah, on the other hand, appears to be attempting a type of interactive documentary.  I think both are indicative of the end of a time when video games use ...   Show more

The Spring Showcase!!

We talk about three of the Spring Showcase games...there are well over 30 of them. Specifically, we spend a little bit more time on Life is Strange.  We also talk about Monster Hunter—the movie. It's good. Go watch it.  --- Support this podcast: ...   Show more

Genshin Impact Sure Made An Impact

Genshin Impact made $1 billion in six months. Sony files a patent to reduce latency in cloud gaming and is Amazon intentionally losing money? --- Support this podcast:  

Xbox continues its reign

Microsoft is allegedly interested in buying Discord. Could that finally cement Xbox's supremacy in the gaming industry, or is it going to go as well as Mixer and Skype? Zombies continue to flood into Verdansk, signaling the end of the map and the potential nuke event.  --- Suppor ...   Show more

Welcome Xbox Network

Xbox has rebranded Xbox Live to Xbox Network—setting the stage for Xbox's eventual takeover of the entire gaming sphere.  --- Support this podcast:  

House of Wolves Episode 3

We rant about battle royale games, Kotaku's weird opinion piece, and Power Rangers.  --- Support this podcast:  

Roadmaps to success?

Seemingly everyone released a roadmap today—or at least referenced one.  Gotham Knights has been delayed to 2022.  Spider-Man likely won't be in Marvel's Avengers until the Fall, and Cyberpunk 2077 details its 1.2 patch.  Those three stories and more today on the Gameboard.  --- ...   Show more

Life is Strange

Square Enix details the new installment of Life is Strange: True Colors alongside an explainer video for Outriders.  Kotaku had a strange article complaining about Radiohead, teenagers, and not having or wanting to play Life is Strange. --- Support this podcast: ...   Show more

The Business of Games

We talk about why I'm consistently months ahead of other game news outlets and why Microsoft is lying about their VR ambitions.  --- Support this podcast:  

The Return

You may have noticed that I didn't post an episode last week, aside from the interview with Eric (thanks again, Eric).  Well, I have an explanation, as well as this weekend's show. Also, I'll be back tomorrow with some game news! --- Support this podcast: ...   Show more

Interview with COD Zombies expert Eric Maynard

COD Zombies expert Eric Maynard takes time out of his day to explain what's going on with Warzone and the future of the COD franchise.  You should check out his YouTube channel, and specifically his Lorecast series.  --- Support this podcast:  

A Turning Point In Journalism

PUBG hits 5 million pre-registrations in one week Fugitive caught when he ventured outside to buy COD Razer is making some cool-looking smart glasses Those three stories plus a short opinion on Hogwarts Legacy and games journalism in general.  --- Support this podcast: https://an https://an ...   Show more

The 'Why Not' of the Switch Pro

We talk about the possibility of the Switch Pro, the nuking of Verdansk, and a whole lot of legislation that could affect the gaming space. --- Support this podcast:  

Privacy, Racism and Representation

A teenage FIFA player was banned for life due to his racist remarks Google won't track your individual internet history anymore Do player-based romance options equal LGBT representation? Those three stories and much, much more today on the Gameboard.  --- Support this podcast: ht ...   Show more

What will be Hogwarts' Legacy?

Small rant about Hogwarts Legacy character creation Mediatonic acquired by Epic Games Microsoft shows off "Mesh" the next evolution of AR The Sinking City was removed from Steam today.  Those three stories and much, much more on the Gameboard! --- This episode is sponsored by · A ...   Show more

The Weekend Round-Up

Elden Ring trailer released Bandai Namco is going to have its own event, apparently E3 live event was cancelled And is Hideo Kojima working with Xbox? Those three stories and tons more today on the show! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast ...   Show more

Squirly Sunday Episode 4

Call of Duty, Pokemon, Deathloop, and then things fall off the rails. Check out this weekend's episode of Squirly Sunday! (To be renamed to House of Wovles) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast: h ...   Show more

Open World Games Rule

Warzone Is Getting Active Camo? An Open-World Pokemon Game Has Been Announced And I never got to the storage expansion. You'll be able to expand the storage on the PS5 this summer.  Those three stories and much much more tonight on The Gameboard! --- Support this podcast: https:/ ...   Show more

Streaming Woes and Triumphs

We talk about the delayed Cyberpunk patch, the Halo TV series, and Amazon Luna's issues.  We've got over a dozen stories to get to today, and that doesn't even cover the State of Play that happened today! listen to me and I promise you'll be the most informed gamer around.  --- T ...   Show more

The Problem With Games Journalism

Let's talk about games journalism, Hogwarts Legacy, and my Twitter bio. --- Support this podcast:  

Squirly Sunday Ep. 3

We've finally got all of the technical issues addressed! Jake was late to the party, though.  --- Support this podcast:  

The Day After - Many Plans On The Horizon

I am now a fully independent journalist. Website to be launched early next week, hopefully. The interview with Hilmar Petursson of CCP games will be published on that site, along with a small back-log of articles to start.  In the meantime, here's the rundown:  Bungie didn't use ...   Show more

The Spiritual Launch of The Gameboard

You have no idea how much you mean to me. I really enjoy doing this, and I'm glad that you have taken the time to listen.  We have much to discuss today! Including the influx of $2 billion into video games, will the next COD be set in Korea, and much, much more! --- Support this ...   Show more

Call of Duty Ghosts, Six Days In Fallujah, and Bitcoin miners

I am 100% sure that Call of Duty Ghosts is going to be the game coming out in November Six Days in Fallujah; should it make a comment on war, or can it just be a game? Everyone's mining for Bitcoins now.  All of that and much, much more today on the Gameboard.  --- Support this p ...   Show more

Cara Dune, Bitcoin, and xCloud

We talk about the Cara Dune drama, the Bitcoin market and how dominant Xbox is going to be in the future of gaming.  Those three stories and so much more, on this weekend round-up of the Gameboard! --- Support this podcast:  

Valentine's Day Squirly Sunday!!!

We're slowly working out the technical kinks. Squirly thinks MW 2 is the best COD. Jake attempts to be on the call using a powered potato as a "phone".  --- Support this podcast:  

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