Rachel File – The Cover Contest, Setting Goals, & Keeping Life Fun

Rachel File – The Cover Contest, Setting Goal...

Richard Maher – The Art of Customer Service, LED, & How He Regrets Nothing

LightStim's national educator, Richard Maher joins Michelle for May's episode of The Aesthetic Report. Listen in as they talk LED, educating post-COVID, a new era of the industry, the educational books he recommends, and how to keep an open mind for professional opportu ...   Show more

Danné Montague-King – The Science of Skin Care, Thinking for Yourself, & Buzzwords He Hates

DMK founder and idea man, Danné Montague-King stops by the podcast this month to visit with host, Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner. Listen in on their conversation about his professional origins, innovative formulations, and the inside scoop to his latest passion project.  In this ...   Show more

BONUS: Kasey Boone – Getting Fired, Entrepreneurship, & Her 10-Year Anniversary

Skin and the City host and owner of Glow Skincare, Kasey Boone sits down with host, Michelle D’Allaird Brenner on The Aesthetic Report’s first bonus episode. They talk about beginning and expanding the aesthetic career, figuring it as you go, and the evolution of Glow Skincare as ...   Show more

Lina Kennedy – Staying Ahead of the Pandemic, Online Education, & Her First Tradeshow

This month The Aesthetic Report drops its second episode as host, Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner and Alexandria Professional’s president, CEO, and “Sugar Queen” Lina Kennedy explore the past, present, and future of continuing education, body sugaring, and healthy skin care.  In ...   Show more

Amanda Strunk Miller – The State of the Industry, Future of DERMASCOPE, & Her Favorite Pastime

Tune in to DERMASCOPE launching its first-ever podcast “The Aesthetic Report.”  On the first episode, join host, Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner and DERMASCOPE publisher, Amanda Strunk Miller as they talk DERMACOPE, 2020, the evolution of the industry, and what they hope the po ...   Show more

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