Ep. 12, THE Dr. Freeman Hrabowski & ADVICE You Need

Ep. 12, THE Dr. Freeman Hrabowski & ADVICE Yo...

Black History Month Dos and Donts: Capitol Hill Day School Sheds Light with School-wide Effort

How do you observe Black History Month? Thinking of your (or your child's/friend's/relative's) school, was it celebrated at an individual or school-wide level? In a time when so many are unsure of what to do, Capitol Hill Day School (CHDS) has figured out ways for all students an ...   Show more

*Special "Harvard grad school, Say Her Name Edition" - Black Women: Juxtaposing Centering vs. Erasure

What started as a potential paper for a Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) final project became this special edition of DBC: *an audiovisual podcast campaign (PodPaign, yep I coined that!) that also has a YouTube version. The project -- which features many unheard of Bla ...   Show more

DBC ep 9, Impacting millions by age 25: Richa & Vedant of India & the Success of Labhya Foundation

Richa Gupta and Vedant of India dared to dream big and work hard. Today, the fruits of their labor are exceeding even the dreams they had, and they hope to continue helping even more children in schools. They are 2 of 3 founders of Labhya Foundation, an India-based foundation  wh ...   Show more

Ep. 8: Indigenous in the US: Meet Loyola Rankin and Isaac Moore - Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage month. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Loyola Rankin and Isaac Moore, who candidly share about life as indigenous people in this country, from family structures different from what mainstream America has taught as the traditional famil ...   Show more

DBC ep 7, Asian American Educator experiences, meet Ariana and Cindy

How are Asian American educators faring today? On today’s episode, 2 really thoughtful, wise educators share what it’s like being Asian in America. We get a little into the era of Covid and Black Lives Matter, but mostly life in general today and what it was like growing up. For ...   Show more

DBC, ep 6, Black, Married & Champions for Justice: A Tale of 2 Awesome Women, Anika and Yolande Kwinana

Anika and Yolande Kwinana are founding members of Arlington for Justice, a nonprofit in Arlington, VA, that bills itself as an organization that works to bring a new era of public safety to the neighborhoods there by seeking reform of Arlington’s criminal justice system. The coup ...   Show more

DBC ep. 5, organizer Alexandria Bailey, candidate for DC ANC

Listen to Alexandra Bailey, an organizer and candidate running to be the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 2F08 in Ward 2 of DC who also just completed planning, organizing and executing a successful 6-week race education series teaching participants about becoming antiracis ...   Show more

A conversation with Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III, part 2

It's part 2 of my interview with the Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III, pastor of the historic Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago -- one of his many titles, including scholar, leader, teacher and filmmaker among other roles. On this episode, we learn about the huge impact on Dr. Mo ...   Show more

A conversation with Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III, part 1

Renowned and gifted speaker, author, and advocate for justice, Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III joins Daily Border Crossings and talks Covid 1619 “the original pandemic,” what children should do and parents should NOT do when interacting with police, and offers his keen insight on the worl ...   Show more

2 Protesters, a Professor, a Community Organizer: From Global Protests to Local Communities

Protests against racism and in support of Black lives continue around the globe. What does this mean at the local level? I talk with Sophie and Brooke, 2 white 20-something protesters on why now; college professor Kamille Bostick’s responds to a protester’s striking disappointed ...   Show more

Daily Border Crossings, ep. 1, Marty Swaim, co-founder of Challenging Racism

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Daily Border Crossings (DBC) hosted by me, Samantha Fletcher. DBC is a show that takes a look at what it’s like to feel like you’re crossing a border each day when you show up at a place. It could be work, school, college, a place you volunteer ...   Show more

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