T20E 50: The Magic Step

T20E 50: The Magic Step

T20E Bonus: Goin In The Bloopers

With the final arc underway, all of us got busy. I'm sure you want us locked in a cage just rollin dice and fightin bad guys in a fictional world, but that isn't how it is! Is that what you want?! Huh?! Ok sorry next episode normal episode. Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20Effect ...   Show more

T20E 49: It's Gonna Hurt But I Have A Plan

ANOTHER CURSED MANSION CREW EPISODE!!! Join Misho, Brackus, Glacio, Sokki, and Majosai as they fall into a city where chaos is unfolding! There's a new leader at the helm of the Quarantine Zone infection, and there is infected among them! This episode is seriously heart breaking, ...   Show more

T20E Bonus: Confidence Level 0-100%

Another arc done, another discussion started! Join Zach, Bryan, Justin, Nelson, Will, and Jake as we discuss the concluded arcs! We're talkin meta, folks!!! Some juicy stuff up in here!!! Zach (aka Majosai) has a Twitch that he does on Mondays at 7:30 EST: https://www.twitch.tv/s https://www.twitch.tv/s ...   Show more


Wow, have we grown! This episode was intended as an easy little episode to catch everyone up on the important stuff before the discussion episode but it took a lot longer than I thought it would. Then sunken cost syndrome set in... ANYWAY, we're now back on schedule! Follow us on ...   Show more

T20E 48: His Responsibility

What will become of Groff? What is Cinder's plan? Most importantly...where is Loward? Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20EffectPod Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/XnPC9Mz https://discord.gg/XnPC9Mz   Music by Sergey Cheremisinov, Komiku, Borrtex!!!!!! Theme is "The Black Kitty" by Rolemusic!!!!!!!!! Next ...   Show more

T20E 47: Coated In Rain

In this semi-final episode of the arc, Ashe confronts the bandits on his own! Neno attends the ritual where Loward will show up! Cinder is up to her old tricks again, getting more and more bold! Some revelations! The truth is told! Shocking episode, pretty cool! Listen!!!!!!!!! F ...   Show more

T20E 46: The Sacred Ground

Neno, Ashe, and Cinder continue to unravel the mystery of Lyptus! Confrontation over ideals! Secret motives! Everybody is losing their cool! Who can be trusted? Cinder "deals the punches"! Ashe sets out to find the truth! Neno is conflicted! Watch out!!! This one packs a punch!! ...   Show more

T20E Bonus: The Podcast Sorcerer

In this bonus episode, the Podcast Sorcerer, aka Justin, recommends a bunch of podcasts. They're both DND and non-DND podcasts. Even if we can't record doesn't mean that we leave the listener hanging! Hope it helps!!!!! Here's the Twitter @'s of the DND podcasts I recommended: @R ...   Show more

T20E 45: The Experience Of Burning A God

WILL'S BACK, SON!!!!! He's playing a new character named Cinder who joins up with Neno and Ashe!!! I know I said no more new characters before, but now I really mean it!!! Anyway, they continue to the town of Lyptus, where Loward is supposed to be!! But is it really that easy??? ...   Show more

T20E 44: Loward

Ashe and Neno reunite for their final battles! But an unexpected ally appears with amazing power! Twists and turns lead to the next thrilling conflict of their adventure! Is it their last? Neno loses! Ashe is done with his cat! Here it is, the start of the real adventure! Follow ...   Show more

T20E 43: I Thought I Was The Only One

Atop Champion Mountain, Neno and Ashe are so close to their end goal. But first they help out their new skull friend, Titanius! Then they do a little fighting! But someone has something in common with Neno, and he does not dig it! Ashe wants to live out his dream! Neno respects h ...   Show more

T20E Bonus: That CAN'T Be It

"Aw man, another bonus episode? But I wanted to find out what's at the top of Champion Mountain!" Settle down, settle down. That will come next week. For now, just have a snippet of The 20 Effect behind the scenes while we line our schedules up. Is that so bad? Follow us on Twitt ...   Show more

T20E 42: When I Find That Guy...

Neno and Ashe! They get to their destination they've been searching for this whole time! The Champion Mountains! What lies in wait for them there...? Neno gets really really really mad! Ashe intimidates a dragon, for real! Stay tuned! Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20EffectPod Jo ...   Show more

T20E 41: If You Drop Me, I'm Dead

New characters! (Last time, I promise!) Join Shmible and Ada Fellwinter as they accept a job at an incredibly weird place! A town cradled by a petrified giant! This simple and easy mission turns into something deeper! Shmible reveals everything! Ada comes face to face with evil! ...   Show more

T20E 40: So Much Wingmanning

Ashe and Neno reunite! Sadly without Stevie. But! They leave Frolick's lab in search for some transport, finding themselves in a sticky situation while arriving at exactly what they need! Ashe is extremely supportive! Neno spits game! Ready, GO!!! Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The2 ...   Show more

T20E 39: I Am One Of Them

So you're telling me: Flip sent the Cursed Mansion crew to the wrong place where there is a mutant infection AND an angry hulking Nexus on the loose and no one knows who to trust because there's no way to tell who's infected and escape seems impossible????? Sign me up! Sokki save ...   Show more

T20E 38: Pretty Sure I Was Born Around Here

The Cursed Mansion crew is back! Join them as they become...The Quarantine Zone crew? Sokki is sent on a solo mission! Brackus is smart(?) again! Glacio lives! Misho assures someone they're on their side! Majosai bargains with the Most Evil Wizard! These Cursed Mansion crew episo ...   Show more

T20E 37: I Know What I'm Doing? I Think?

Cram Berry is back! But is it for good? Lots of familiar faces return as Cram makes his way to Crackle Keep in his confrontation with Stevie Young! In the meta sense, this is Will fighting his own character! Cool! Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20EffectPod Join our Discord: https ...   Show more

T20E Bonus: Definitely Cutting That Out

Oh wow, another bonus episode!!!...Already? It's hard to line up schedules for DND!!! In this "bloopers" episode, Josh lectures a cat! Will speculates on vampire anatomy! Bryan becomes lactose intolerant! Jake's dad has beef with Justin??? Zach is unaware of what is even going on ...   Show more

T20E 36: Charcoal Bread Shop

What's going on? An Ashe solo episode? Sign me up! Find out how Ashe reacts to becoming his new form and what happens when a time travelling goblin asks him for a favor! Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20EffectPod Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/XnPC9Mz https://discord.gg/XnPC9Mz Music by SPCZ and Komi ...   Show more

T20E 35: I'd Rather Not Be Stuffed

Collecting dangerous cursed items to get a mysterious magic item for an evil wizard sounds pretty dangerous! Sokki plans something bug related? Majosai makes a big decision! Glacio sacrifices! Brackus becomes a martyr! Misho reassures someone that it's not so bad!...Oh yeah, some ...   Show more

T20E 34: He Is Cursed

Oh wow, a new group of characters! Join Brackus Stonetooth, Glacio, Misho Chakal, Sokki Obai, and Majosai as they enter the Wellsington's Cursed Mansion at the request of everyone's favorite evil wizard, Flip Flippington! Are they here to stay, or will this mansion consume their ...   Show more

T20E Bonus: Dancing Around Spoilers

NOT A NORMAL EPISODE! Ok, got that out of the way. We're talkin meta, folks. We talk about characters and the recently concluded vampire arc. Some really good insights up in this episode! Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20EffectPod Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/XnPC9Mz https://discord.gg/XnPC9Mz Musi ...   Show more

T20E 33: What Would You Do

This is it. The opressive ruler of the vampires is in front of them, the person who pulls all the strings in Crackle Keep. More than they know. And now they face a series of choices that decides their fate. This is the end. Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20EffectPod Join our Disc ...   Show more

T20E 32: Meet Mom and Dad

Too late to turn back as they continue after losing a dear friend! What will this journey take from them next? What could Void and Death possibly entail? And what is the Brood Leader capable of? Stevie is mentally battered! Neno reluctantly plays along to a scheme! Ashe bears a s ...   Show more

T20E 31: Worst Day Ever

Find out what you're supposed to do when you're being chased by a stadium full of vampires! We say goodbye in more ways than one! Stevie rescues! Ashe bears gifts! Neno flips his position! They're almost there: to the Brood Leader's lair! Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20EffectPo ...   Show more

T20E 30: VHPD

The crew has been pointed in a direction and they take off towards their goal! Giving a stern talking to to the person who runs this joint! Stevie invents a new department! Ashe has a great idea...or...maybe not? Neno grabs the bull by the horns!!! Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The ...   Show more

T20E 29: The Milk Was Good Tho

Is Neno dead? I mean...probably not, right? Anyway you'll find that out and also what's up with the Crackle Keep mines and all its inhabitants. Stevie argues his case to the wrong person in the wrong place. Ashe is adamant that everyone tries food that is burnt to a crisp. Follow ...   Show more

T20E 28: It's My Decision

Deep in the Crackle Keep mines, monsters have moved in on the dwarven turf! Ashe gets drained of almost everything! Stevie tries to be a hero! Neno makes a split-second decision! Will it pay off?! Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20EffectPod Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/ePu https://discord.gg/ePu ...   Show more

T20E 27: Nothing Personnel Kid

Stevie tries like heck to convince a town with a vampire problem that vampires aren't a problem! Ashe plays devil's advocate! Also a surprising and triumphant return of a beloved character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow us on Twitter!!!!!! @The20EffectPod Join our Discord: https://discor https://discor ...   Show more

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