Presenting... Strange Theatre: Eli (2019) Full Commentary

Presenting... Strange Theatre: Eli (2019) Ful...

John Wayne Gacy: The Killer Clown

This week, for the final episode of Season 3 (don't worry, we'll be back), we are covering a pretty famous serial killer that, for some reason, Chad didn't know about.  Odd, right? Well, the story is much stranger and we uncover some things you may not have known as we attempt to ...   Show more

St. Patrick's Day (As Told By Two Nitwits)

Alex and Ryan set out to discuss St Patrick's Day but get badly derailed several times over 52 minutes.   Come listen in as we discover just how important Chad is to the continuity of this show.   Enjoy! | patreon | merch | instagram | twitter | facebook | yout ...   Show more

Kill Team (Maywand District Murders)

The tragic story made national news, as the Army arrested twelve of its own members for various crimes committed on deployment to Afghanistan. Five of those soldiers were arrested with serious charges including but not limited to premeditated murder. How could this all have happe ...   Show more

Abandoned Amusement Parks

This week we set out to discuss the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park. Then this white rabbit showed up and led us down into the deep dive we took on abandoned amusement parks in general.  Turns out, they're really fascinating.  Come join us as we learn more about these places and disc ...   Show more

Rewind: Bob Lazar, UFOs and Aliens!

Hello, everyone! We decided to take a week off but we didn’t want to miss out on posting an episode this week so we decided to bring back one of our favorite episodes from season one. We hope you enjoy listening for the first time or maybe a second time and we will see you back w ...   Show more

The Jersey Devil and The Pine Barrens Mystery

The Jersey Devil much like any other folklore creature has no shortage of stories to go along with him. We try to sort through what might be real, what might be false, and what is downright ridiculous. If you haven't had the chance to check out Downright Creepy, we absolutely lov ...   Show more

The Cecil Hotel, Elisa Lam, and The Night Stalker

This week, we take a deeper look into The Cecil Hotel. Yes, we covered this briefly on our Top 10 Hauntings Episode (found here). BUT, that was a top 10 so we didn't spend a lot of time on it. We wanted to take a deeper look at it (it's fascinating, right?)  I mean... we didn't e ...   Show more

The Battle of Los Angeles

This week, we cover the Battle of Los Angeles! Definitely a strange one but we also wanted to keep this episode a little shorter to give you more time to listen to the Strange Theatre premier we released on Tuesday! If you've listened, let us know what you think! If you want to r ...   Show more

Presenting... Strange Theatre: Creep (2014) Full Commentary

Welcome to Strange Theatre - a brand new podcast experience from That's Strange! We are trying something entirely new to us and, if you like it, we are setting up a whole new show over at Anchor!   So, yeah... this episode is going to be different.  We love movies (especially hor ...   Show more

MKUltra and Government Experimentation

Alex and Chad sat down recently to dive into Project Bluebird, also known as MKUltra. The top secret experiments executed by the United States in the years following World War II. Ryan was unfortunately unable to join us for this exciting episode. The boys breakdown the origins o ...   Show more

Our Top Ten Strangest Vol. 2

With each member of That's Strange bringing their own topics to the show, we sat down to learn and discuss some of the most bizarre stories we could come across. Free Britney Lalibela Church Ethiopia ONACTOI/Sunke Temple Trust Simpsons Predictions Loretto Staircase Local 58 Mr112 ...   Show more

Blue Whale Challenge

On the second episode of season three, the boys take a more unstructured approach as they dive into The Blue Whale Challenge - the horrifying and deadly game that has claimed many young lives. Alex breaks down the origins of the game as we try to piece together this dark internet ...   Show more

The West Memphis Three

The crew at That's Strange is back on the case of the internet's weirdest, strangest, and eye opening stories. We are super excited to announce that we have officially joined //crickets Podcast Network as a Downright Creepy Original podcast. On this week’s Season 3 premier we cov ...   Show more

Krampus and Other Strange Christmas Stories

Happy Holidays from That's Strange! We are super excited to drop this Christmas themed episode on Christmas Eve! Come with us as we break down some truly bizarre holiday traditions. From the pickle hidden in some families Christmas trees to the creature that punishes the naughty ...   Show more

Winchester Mystery House

The boys sit down to discuss the Winchester Mystery House. The widow of firearm tycoon William Winchester started construction on this massive and bizarre structure following several tragedies in her life. Her husband passed away from tuberculosis, while her infant daughter passe ...   Show more

Zodiac Update... They Cracked 340!!

Alex and Ryan just wanted to talk about 340 being broken.  Go watch the guy who did it talk about it here. Or read more about it here.  You can find more links to things we do at   

re: Top 10 Most Terrifying Hauntings

*Disclaimer* This is a rerun of episode 7 from season 1. We're taking the week off so we thought we'd bring back one of our most popular episodes to date for those of you who maybe missed it back in August. Enjoy!   Top 10 Most Terrifying Hauntings... according to Chad and Ryan S ...   Show more

Georgia Guidestones and the New World Order... Maybe

This week, we discuss the Georgia Guidestones. We promise, they're not just rocks - you should listen to this one.  For more info on the stones - click here   Also, Alex put the kids to bed... and we mean that exactly how it sounds. But, you know what that means (for the first ti ...   Show more

Taking The Week Off...
Our Top Ten Strangest

This week on That's Strange... We come to terms with the fact that we are now old men who grew up with the internet and we discuss the things that have creeped us out or caused us not to get any sleep over the years.  We have compiled a list of 10 of those things.  We start with ...   Show more

This Is The Zodiac Speaking...

The team at That’s Strange sits down to discuss the horrifying and almost unbelievable story of the Zodiac Killer. Come with us back to the Bay Area in the late 60’s and early 70’s as we breakdown all the nefarious acts committed by the still unknown killer. The Zodiac tormented ...   Show more

D.B. Cooper

This week, we discuss D.B. Cooper (and make a lot of jokes along the way). Head over to to find links to all of our stuff! Also, if you want to hear an extra hour of us making fun of each other and messing up our show, subscribe to our Patreon and grab the unedit ...   Show more

Halloween Special: Real-Life Hauntings

Chad and Ryan sit down to discuss two horrifying real world stories. The Villisca Axe Murders and The Demon House. Both stories will have you on the edge of your seats as we break down everything involved in these tragic and terrifying stories. Ryan also make his addendum to last ...   Show more

Our Favorite Scary Movies

Do you love scary movies?  Feel like you've seen them all?   Well join the club, as we discuss our favorite scary movies with The Ladies of Strange!  We're kicking off our Halloween Special with some seriously strange and scary movies.  From paranormal to jump scares... we bet yo ...   Show more

Snowden: Behind The Leak

This week we discuss Edward Snowden and the revelations caused by one of the biggest leaks of our modern time.  Follow along with us as we discuss his history, his legitimacy as an intelligence figure and the validity of what he leaked. We also talk about why we believe he did th ...   Show more

Q Uncovered: Peeking Behind The Curtain

This week, we discuss Qanon.  We talk about the origins, the theories, the possible identity and the effect it's having on our society.  Make sure to head to to find links to all of our social media and our Patreon. If you feel like being amazing, please become a ...   Show more

Beyond Pizzagate: Attempting To Find The Truth In The Chaos

We are incredibly excited to be back! But, be warned: this is a very very dark episode. The topics covered here are not for children. In our Season 2 premier, we take you Beyond #pizzagate as we roll up our sleeves and plumb the depths of this conspiracy so you don't have to.  Pl ...   Show more

Mothman: Fact or Fiction

We are thrilled to reveal our season finale on Mothman! Rounding out our season with another folklore creature seemed like the perfect cap to an amazing season! We couldn't be more happy with the support that we have gotten since first starting That's Strange. Unlike most season ...   Show more

Jonestown (The People's Temple) - Cult Series Part 3

Finishing out our cult series, we saved the most tragic story for last. Alex takes us into the mind of Jim Jones, following his story from his humble beginnings to the People's Temple final day. Alex continues our deep dive into our favorite religious cults to round out our first ...   Show more

Heaven's Gate - Cult Series Part 2

Continuing our long dive into religious cults we are super excited to release our Heaven's Gate episode. Ryan picked out one of if not the most bizarre story you will ever hear on That's Strange. Ryan sits down with us to discuss Heaven's Gate and everything the out of this world ...   Show more

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