Religion and Radicalization at Theme Parks / MJ + Eli (Cis POV)

Religion and Radicalization at Theme Parks / ...

Twitch and Theme Parks - Jessica / Trans POV

TW // Coming out / Doctors / Lack of support /  Jessica is a trans woman (she/her/hers) that streams on Twitch. She have been living full time as a women for the last 3 years and have been on HRT for about 3 and 1/2 years. She has been a streamer since 2015, while working in the ...   Show more

DCP + Theater w/ Dakota - Trans POV

Dakota is a queer nonbinary individual who uses they/them pronouns. An ex-them park cast member and current technical theatre and creative writing major, Kota is very passionate about LGBT representation in the mainstream. Through good vibes, bad jokes, deep thoughts, and a speci ...   Show more

Gender Euphoria Eureka - Noa / Trans POV

Noa Skye is a Black, Indigenous, Latinx Non-Binary friend who uses They/Them pronouns. Noa and I talked about experiences as BIPOC Trans people. While discussing how gender dysphoria really does affect all aspects of your life in terms of anxiety, depression, among other feelings ...   Show more

Non Pizza with left beef - Ali / Trans POV

Ali is the first Trans Woman on my podcast (She/Her) who comes from the big state of Texas, to discuss with me about short films, television shows amongst other things. Learning the differences in terms of transition between the different HRT's we both experiences. Relating in so ...   Show more

Film and Comics With Doggett / Trans POV

This episode will be featuring Dan Doggett, a Chicanx trans man and Franky's long time internet pal turned real life friend.  We will be discussing his aspects of his personal transition and it was supported by his various passions that span across mediums like film and comics. T ...   Show more

Late 2000's talk with Killian / Trans POV

The Guest I have on this episode is a Transman individual residing in Southern California. Discussing what it was like growing up in society where LGBTQ+ people were still sorta just a mystery to mainstream media and to the public. In the late 2000's early 2010's there was more L ...   Show more

Non-Binary Representation and Theme Parks with Jace / Trans POV

A small introduction to the Trans and Non-Binary perspectives of issues and personal experiences, including thoughts and feelings about Elliot page, Name change, Marriage life, being a person of color while navigating the trans/non-binary experience. Guest Instagram: @Jace.L.Lead ...   Show more

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