Making the Invisible Visible: Shining a Light on Mental, Physical and Emotional Illnesses

Making the Invisible Visible: Shining a Light...

Episode 22: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Addiction and Redemption

Karen and Rick talk with her youngest brother, Matt Wilkof. Matt was only 15 when they lost their father to suicide, opening up a journey of addiction, grief, redemption and resilience. This is his inspirational life story told through his words and music.  

Episode 20: National Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week

In honor of National Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week, we talk with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center addiction specialists Dr. Julie Teater and Mohamad Moinzadeh about hope, healing, treatment and the path forward. By breaking down barriers for those struggling and ...   Show more

Episode 19: Panic, Anxiety and Running Towards Good Mental Health

Dr. Adel Korkor, grew up unknowingly with panic disorder. Now, through running 5Ks in all 50 states in 50 days, he’s working to raise awareness for mental health through his foundation, AB Korkor Foundation for Mental Health.  His hope is that someday society will realize mental ...   Show more

Episode 18: Carrying the Grief of Infertility, Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Pregnancy Loss

Dr. Tamur Gur of The Ohio State University discusses the grief of pregnancy loss, stillbirth and infertility with Karen and Rick. After suffering a deep, personal loss with the stillbirth of her daughter, Dr. Gur is working to eliminate the profound loneliness and stigma attached ...   Show more

Episode 17: Remembering the Resilience Within Us

Hosted by Rick and Karen Milenthal……We finish the year how we started, with Dr. Luan Phan Chairman of The Ohio State University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, talking about how the pandemic has shaped us permanently as human beings. Reminding us all that hope and ...   Show more

Episode 16: Dani's Dream; Their Passion

Danielle Leedy was a vibrant, strong, powerful life force, and young woman. At age 33, she lost a long battle to chronic depression. Donna and Jeff Heck, Dani’s parents, founded 33 Forever in her honor. 33 Forever, a nonprofit, is operated by Dani’s family and friends, working to ...   Show more

Episode 15: Veterans Day: Rallying to Find Resilience

Rick talks with Lt. General Michael Ferriter, U.S. Army (Retired), President and CEO of The National Veterans Memorial and Museum about leadership, adversity and providing a “rally point” to find resilience.  

Episode 14: Liberation Through Sharing Vulnerabilities

Rick talks with Achea and Michael Redd. After being diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Achea’s shame and fear of her diagnosis only caused her greater suffering. By accepting and acknowledging the situation with the support of her husband, Michael Redd, her condition im ...   Show more

Episode 13: Improving Disparities From Birth

Patricia Gabbe, MD, pediatrician, clinical researcher and professor at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center began Moms2B ten years ago in Columbus, OH. By creating an innovative, community-based pregnancy program for low-income women, Dr. Pat has helped improve the hea ...   Show more

Episode 12: Revealing the Personal Journey of Navigating Bi-Polar Disorder and Addiction

She has battled an 18-year journey with bi-polar type 1 disorder and alcoholism. Now, she wants to contribute to the mental health dialogue and specifically shed light on bi-polar disorder. Driven by her passion to eradicate the stigma and shame associated with mental illness in ...   Show more

Episode 11: Can We Achieve Zero Suicides?

Rick talks with Dr. Craig Bryan of The Ohio State University, professor of the Stress, Trauma, Adversity and Resilience (STAR) program. Bryan is a world renowned suicide prevention researcher and innovator who helps people find resilience in their darkest times. His aspirational ...   Show more

Episode 10: Helping Others Through Acceptance

Steve O’Leary changed his life, sold his business, and altered his priorities when his wife of 40 years was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. After losing Patty just over three years ago, he’s dedicated his life to finding a cure and helping others navigate the devastating ...   Show more

Episode 9: Adolescence, Addiction, Advocacy

Sarah Nerad had her first sip of alcohol at age 15. This began a journey from self-destruction to leadership in recovery-centered education. As a co-founder of Heartland High School her experience and passion drive her to help teenagers in need of a safe and accepting environment ...   Show more

Episode 8: Melissa's House -- Restoring Hope and Creating a Healing Environment

Hosted by Rick Milenthal. Elaine and Nate Goldberg share how the loss of their daughter Mellissa fueled their passion to improve lives of thousands facing mental health challenges.  

Episode 7: Castlecomer's Creative Resilience

Rick Milenthal hosts Castlecomer, the hot Indy rock band from Australia, as they tell their story of how the pandemic cut their world tour short.  What does the future hold for the band that began together as children and grew to millions of downloads worldwide as they launch the ...   Show more

Episode 6: Edith Korda: A Lifetime of Resilience

Hosted by Rick Milenthal. Edith Korda shares her remarkable journey surviving the Nazis…..and then the Bolsheviks, escaping Hungary through the Iron Curtain…… to building a new life in America. She is truly a voice of resilience.    

Episode 5: Is There a Cure for Suicide?

Hosted by Rick Milenthal, CEO of The Shipyard. David Grzelak shares his story of losing his teenage son to suicide and how that has led him, and his wife Elizabeth, to a mission of helping others. Dr. Luan Phan of The Ohio State University tells us how we can all fight the suicid ...   Show more

Episode 4: Challenges On Our Front Lines

Hosted by CEO Rick Milenthal. Dr Luan Phan and Arianna Galligher from The Ohio State University give us an inside look on how health care professionals navigate stress, trauma and adversity during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Episode 3: Resilience Through Helping Others with Holly Kastan

Rick Milenthal, CEO of The Shipyard, hosts Holly Kastan, MSW, LSW, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health. She tells us how the profound trauma from the loss of her child led her to a life of leadership in mental health……helping countless others. A wonderful story of resi ...   Show more

Episode 2: From Recovery to Leadership

Hosted by Rick Milenthal of The Shipyard. Dr. Ken Yeager tells his personal journey of navigating challenges as a young adult to become a leader in the field of mental health. An inspiring and motivating story that teaches us all that resilience is within our grasp.   

Episode 1: Remotional Health

Hosted by Rick Milenthal of The Shipyard. The new term to describe our state of mental health while social distancing during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Learn how to identify and navigate these challenges through the personal stories of Dr. Luan Phan, Chairman of The Ohio State Unive ...   Show more

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