Ripper Blackhart

Ripper Blackhart

Our Love For Keanu Reeves

We talked about Keanu Reeves and his films  

Episode 9 - Horror Pop After Midnight

We talked about our favorite zombie films and tv series  

Lydia Manson and Rachel Hoffman

WE talked about their upcoming film The House that eats flesh and talked about serial killers paranormal and horror  

Episode 6 - Horror Pop After Midnight

We talked about remakes we liked and didnt like on film and talked about the series cursed films  

Christmas episode

We talked about Christmas when we were kids and traditions  

Brent Edgett

Stuntman Actor makeup artist Talked about the Friday the 13th fan made films Rose Blood and The Fall of Camp Blood and his love of friday the 13th films and cosplaying Jason  

Ryan Lambert Cult Classic Monster Squad

Talked about the Documetary Wolfmans Got Nards followed by The Monster Squad and Kids incorporated We got to know Ryan Lambert much deeper level and heard some great stories from him  

Joe Vollman Actor

We talked about how he got into independent horror films and two fun stories with him Danny Trejo and Tom Savini and being a voice over actor and working for Horror Hound and his love for Horror  

Rachel Hoffman Horror Actress

Talked about her upcoming horror films shes starring in The House that eats flesh and Axe2Grind and being in a upcoming tv series Being a Witch and shared a great story being a Paranormal Investigator and talked horror  

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