Sweetman Podcast: Episode 252 - Mike McKeon (aka Dr Blue)

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 252 - Mike McKeon (...

An in-depth converstion with Mike Blue - aka 'Dr Blue'. We talk about music and poetry and he performs some of each live. We talk about his life in England and the musical and poetry he discovered and saw live over there. Then to his move to NZ - and the Covid Lockdown he experienced in his new home. We talk busking and gigging and a live spent in love with music and the travel and time dedicated to making a hobby a job and a lifelong passion.

Sweetman Podcast: Episode 253 - Margot Pierard
1h 14min
An in-depth conversation with Hawke's Bay jazz singer Margot Pierard. We talk about being born into a musical family and growing up with music as the "sport" in the house. We talk about the great jazz ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 251 - Mere Boynton
1h 13min
An in-depth conversation with actor and singer Mere Boynton. She studied opera and was then cast as Mavis, the karaoke singer in a pivotal scene in NZ classic, Once Were Warriors. Since then she's wor ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 250 - Greg Smith
1h 38min
An in-depth conversation with Auckland-based actor, voice talent, DJ, artist, stone carver, glass blower and storyteller Greg Smith. We chart his life as a series of happy accidents moving from one to ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 249 - Gavin Hewitson
1h 32min
An in-depth conversation with comedian and podcaster, Gavin Hewitson. Gavin does stand-up and he also hosts "Gavin Learns", which I've been a recent guest on - in fact we've set up reciprocating podca ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 248 - Nadia Freeman (Miss Leading)
1h 0min
An in-depth conversation with performance poet and songwriter Nadia Freeman (aka Miss Leading). She has her debut full-length solo show at this year's Fringe Festival - one show only on Thurs March 11 ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 247 - Talia Marshall
1h 33min
An in-depth conversation with Dunedin-based poet and essayist Talia Marshall. We talk about social media (Twitter in particular) and books. Reading. Writers. Writing. We talk about her development as ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 246 - Jeremiah Ross (Module)
1h 35min
An in-depth conversation with Wellington-based composer and musician Jeremiah Ross aka Module. We talk through the highs of his music production in the early/mid-00s as an electronica artist in a boom ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 245 - John Wareham
2h 20min
An in-depth conversation with author, psychologist, buisnessman and Pulitizer Prize-nominated poet, John Wareham. There was so much to talk about - and we gave it a good go! We talked about his books ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 244 - Maggie Tweedie
1h 40min
An in-depth conversation with Maggie Tweedie, Breakfast host at Radio Active. We talk about her path to that job through other radio gigs and her passion for the format. We talk books, music, intervie ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 243 - Murray Cammick
1h 48min
An in-depth conversation with music industry legend, Murray Cammick. We talk through his life dedicated to photography and music - from collecting soul records, through the founding of Rip It Up and S ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 242 - Jules Van Costello
1h 13min
An in-depth conversation with drinks professional, Jules Van Costello. We talk about his brand new book, "Beyond the Vines: The Changing Landscape of Wine in Aotearoa New Zealand" and his previous boo ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 241 - John Newton
1h 37min
An in-depth conversation with poet and academic John Newton. We talk about his brand new novel-in-verse, Escape Path Lighting. We talk through his love of music - including his sideline in songwriting ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 240 - Lucy Roche
1h 6min
An in-depth conversation with Wellington-based comedian and sex-worker Lucy Roche. We talk about her background in comedy and her rise through the talent quests, open-mics to headlining shows. We talk ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 239 - Andrew Armitage (Aro Video)
2h 43min
An in-depth conversation with Andrew Armitage, owner of one of the last video rental stores standing in New Zealand, the legendary Aro St. Video Shop (Aro Video). We talked about his life and beginnin ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 238 - Alec Bathgate
1h 33min
An in-depth conversation with Alec Bathgate (Tall Dwarfs, Toy Love) about his solo career, his return to music, the bands he was in, his musical relationship with Chris Knox and their shared approach ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 237 - Jackson Nieuwland
1h 50min
An in-depth conversation with Wellington-based writer, librarian and now bookstore owner, Jackson Nieuwland. We talked about their brand new collection of poetry, I AM A HUMAN BEING and about all of t ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 236 - Claire Mabey (Verb)
1h 34min
An in-depth conversation with Claire Mabey, co-director of Verb (Litcrawl) and organiser of many literary events, political talks and writing-related shows, festivals and ideas. Claire's been on the p ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 235 - Peter Rowley
1h 34min
An in-depth conversation with actor and comedian Peter Rowley. We talk through his life and career from theatre aspirations to appearing on A Week of It and McPhail and Gadsby to the connection with B ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 234 - Tribute To Eddie Van Halen with Ben Fulton
59min 59sec
A Tribute To Eddie Van Halen. The day we heard the news...me and my good friend Ben Fulton (musician, guitar pedal maker) sat down to process the news and pay tribute to one of our heroes, celebrating ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 233 - The Death of Music Journalism
52min 47sec
I sit down (with myself) and read poems from my debut volume of poetry - The Death of Music Journalism. I read from the book and discuss the process around it and some of the stories behind the poems. ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 232 - Darren Watson's Getting Sober For The End Of The World
1h 30min
This is the third time I've spoken with Wellington-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Darren Watson. This one is specifically about his brand new album, Getting Sober For The End Of The World. We w ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 231 - Geoff Stahl
2h 3min
An in-depth conversation with Geoff Stahl, Media Studies lecturer and DJ. As TV Disko he puts on DJ sets in bars and via radio shows. As a lecturer he's interested in popular music and the "other soci ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 230 - Anna Dean
2h 7min
An in-depth conversation with Anna Dean, Nelson-born, Wellington-based, she is one half of the creative agency Double Denim, a co-creator of the Ace Lady Network. She is or has been a journalist, broa ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 229 - Rachel Doré Interviews Me About Blogging
49min 47sec
Rachel Doré interviewed me for Manawatu Peoples Radio (MPR) to promote my talk this coming Sunday, September 13, at the Feilding Library as part of the Manawatu Writers Festival. I'll be talking blogg ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 228 - Ben Mulchin (Valhalla)
1h 23min
An in-depth conversation with Ben Mulchin - owner/operator of Valhalla music venue in Wellington and a tour promoter (Valhalla Touring). Ben and I talked about his background outside and away from mus ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 227 - Charlotte Graham-McLay
2h 11min
An in-depth conversation with Charlotte Graham-McLay. She is a Wellington-based reporter and broadcaster. Following work at RNZ she is now the New York Times correspondant and one of the NZ correspoda ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 226 - Eamonn Marra
2h 17min
An in-depth conversation with writer and comedian Eamonn Marra. We talk about the Christchurch earthquakes, creative writing classes in Wellington, depression, anxiety and mental health, stand-up come ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 225 - Ben Brown
1h 27min
An in-depth conversation with writer and performance poet Ben Brown. Ben is Lyttelton-based and this chat happened recently in Wellington outside with the weekend noises happening about us. We talked ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 224 - Rachel McAlpine
1h 17min
An in-depth conversation with Wellington-based writer Rachel McAlpine. Rachel, 80, talks aging and getting old and fighting against it as well as going with it. She talks about and reads from her bran ...
Sweetman Podcast: Episode 223 - Lance Philip
1h 52min
An in-depth conversation with drummer, percussionist and tutor Lance Philip. For the last quarter-century Lance has been a teacher of drums and percussion, fitting in his own gigs on the side. Gigs th ...
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