Biden Doesn't Care About COVID Origins, Oregon: Math Is Racist For Requiring Right Answer | Ep 171

Biden Doesn't Care About COVID Origins, Orego...

Kamala continues to avoid the border, despite being in charge of the Border Crisis, Joe Biden says he has not spoken with Xi about the origins of the coronavirus, Putin isn't going anywhere, math is racist for requiring answers and more companies are going woke by the second. Partner Links: Visit our friends at to get great news commentary and content on our nation's law enforcement community. Show Sponsors and Fan Discounts: Mammoth Nation Become a member and save at UFM Underwear Visit and Use Promo Code DREW to receive $6 off! Red Beach Nation Whether you live at the beach, are traveling to one or just want to imagine yourself there…Red Beach’s comfy patriotic apparel is sure to lift your spirits.  Use promo code DREW and save 10% at

War Zone Emerges In Minnesota, Brian Stelter Is Still Horrible, Montreal Citizens Push Back | Ep 174
59min 12sec
Following the shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, MN (just miles from where the Chauvin trial is occurring) chaos erupted with rioting, looting, destruction and much more. Plus, Brian Stelte ...
President Biden Goes After Your Guns, Can't Say ATF | More States Lifting Restrictions | Ep 172
50min 54sec
Several more states are lifting COVID restrictions and opening up, Biden signs executive orders on gun control, Psaki says the White House will not mandate vaccine passports, the Chauvin trial continu ...
TX Rangers Pack Stadium FULL, Dr. Fauci Immediately Slams Move...Fears Loss Of Control | Ep 170
58min 38sec
Yes, everyone is mad at Major League Baseball, but celebrate the Texas Rangers who filled their stadium, angering Dr. Fauci, Biden and all those who want to control the narrative. Plus, United Airline ...
Trump Calls For Boycott of MLB & Others, "Reverend" Warnock Says We Can Save Ourselves? | Ep 169
59min 43sec
As faux outrage continues over the Georgia voter id bill, President Trump called on his supporters to boycott MLB and several woke organizations until they come back to reason. Plus, radical senator R ...
American Airlines Joins Woke Mob, CNN Guest Outs Democrat Plan On Virus | Booze & Banter | Ep 168
1h 8min
Joe Biden held his first cabinet meeting and it didn't exactly inspire confidence, Pete Buttigieg showed us yet again how fake everything is, talks to resume the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal begin nex ...
Biden Unveils Disastrous Plan No One Wants, Lester Holt Says We Don't Need 2 Sides of Story | Ep 167
1h 2min
Jill Biden butchered a Spanish phrase in front of a concerning flag and small audience as her husband Joe discussed his $2.25 trillion plan that essentially serves as a lite Green New Deal that no one ...
Major Problems At White House, Baltimore Won't Prosecute Prostitution Or Drug Possession | Ep 166
1h 1min
Joe Biden's dog Major wants out of the White House, or at least that's how it seems as he bit a second person on the property. AOC is a hot mess as usual, Baltimore will no longer prosecute prostituti ...
Disregard Biden, Dr. Fauci & Big Govt's Calls To Shutdown, Move To Red States, Live Free | Ep 165
1h 0min
If you want to live free, move to a like-minded red state or community. Otherwise you have no one to blame but yourself, because Joe Biden and the Democrats will not relent and this saga does not have ...
Democrats, MSM Continue To Say America Is Horrible, Yet They Control All Major Institutions | Ep 164
57min 57sec
Democrats continue to slam the very country that affords them the freedom to do so, yet who controls all of America's major institutions and platforms that can bring about change? Hint: It's not conse ...
Biden Calls For "Assault Weapon" Ban, Agencies Told To Say "Biden-Harris Administration? | Ep 163
57min 14sec
Following the tragic events in Boulder, CO Joe Biden and the Democrats are predictably using the shooting to push for radical gun control, Kamala's niece is in hot water for a tweet, the White House w ...
CNN Ratings Tank, Boulder Shooter Crushes Dem Narrative, Biden Will Come For Guns Anyways | Ep 162
1h 2min
The liberal media is getting crushed without President Trump in office with CNN's ratings taking the biggest hit over the past 5 weeks, Biden's handling of the border continues to spiral out of contro ...
Trump To Return To Social Media On HIS OWN Platform, Biden Provides Weekend Full Of Gaffes | Ep 161
58min 34sec
President Trump is starting a new social media company, Joe Biden had a rough weekend as he tripped and the border crisis deepens, Kristi Noem hurt her chances at the White House and several stories s ...
Biden Calls Kamala President Harris, Again | China Lays Into U.S. At Mtg | Booze & Banter | Ep 160
51min 42sec
He did it...again. Joe Biden referred to Kamala Harris as President Harris, Jen Psaki says Biden doesn't regret calling Putin a "killer," meanwhile Putin has challenged Biden to a debate, and Rand Pau ...
Biden Pisses Off Putin, Starts Spat With Moscow | DeSantis Ends Critical Race Theory in FL | Ep 159
52min 6sec
In typical Joe Biden fashion, he has essentially challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a fight.  The Russian Envoy in DC was recalled back to Moscow after comments made by Biden. Plus, Jen Ps ...
Backfire! Border Crisis Blows Up & Biden Is Now Realizing He Has To Leave Bedroom & Speak | Ep 158
53min 51sec
Joe Biden did an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos where he took a step back on his previous approach to the border, telling people not to come to the U.S. Plus, Gavin Newsom is blaming far r ...
This 15 Days To Slow The Spread Sure Feels Like More Than 15 Days, Trump Issues Statement | Ep 157
59min 25sec
It's been one year since the 15 days to slow the spread campaign, and Fauci and other officials still are pushing lockdowns and control with no answers. Moderna is starting new clinical trials and wan ...
PC Culture Will Destroy Our Once Proud Military, Biden Planning Biggest Tax Hike Since 1993 | Ep 156
1h 4min
Tucker Carlson and several U.S. military officials have continued their spat, after several individuals, including generals, used official social media accounts to slam the Fox News host for his opini ...
Poll Shows 50% Don't Believe Biden Is Well Enough To Run Country, Cancel Culture Continues | Ep 155
51min 41sec
A new Rasmussen Poll shows that 50% of the country does not believe Joe Biden is up to the task or healthy enough to serve as president. Plus, Jen Psaki continues to get absurdly easy questions, Dr. F ...
We Are In Trouble People! Biden Forgets SECDEF's Name, His Dogs Removed From White House | Ep 154
1h 0min
Joe Biden praised two females that were promoted in the military, then promptly forgot his Secretary of Defense's name. Hillary Clinton is slamming the GOP and conservatives across America, Ron DeSant ...
White House Cuts Feed As Joe Biden Gets Lost, Calls Conservatives Neanderthals | Ep 153
59min 3sec
Joe Biden was cut off by the White House after getting lost during an appearance, plus in a separate session he referred to conservatives with a different viewpoint on masks as "neanderthals." Plus, D ...
Mask No More! Texas & Mississippi Ditch Mask Mandate & Fully Open As Libs Lose Their Minds | Ep 152
56min 9sec
Both Texas and Mississippi said yesterday that enough is enough and dropped the mask mandate, opening their states to 100% capacity.  While people who love freedom and surviving celebrated, the left a ...
Joe Biden: "What Am I Doing Here?" | John Brennan Says He's Embarrassed To Be White | Ep 151
1h 3min
Dr. Seuss has officially been scrubbed from Read Across America Day by the Biden administration, Joe asks himself what he is doing in awkward gaffe, states are fighting to ensure election integrity, C ...
President Trump Slams Biden, May Run Again, Dr. Seuss Canceled For Being "Racist" | Ep 150
54min 38sec
President Trump delivered his first remarks since leaving office and fired up the crowd at CPAC, and the country, in a big way. Don Jr. and CNN's Brian Stelter got into it, and Andrew Cuomo is under m ...
Biden Pushes Masks And Safety, Then Forgets His Own Mask, Launches Airstrikes on Syria | Ep 149
56min 14sec
In yet another awkward exchange, Joe Biden approached doctors on his coronavirus task force, and Kamala Harris, without his mask but was quickly checked. This same confused man later approved airstrik ...
As Our Hatred For One Another Grows In America, So Too Do Talks of Secession | Ep 148
1h 0min
Five counties in Oregon will be voting on whether or not to become a part of Idaho in the next election. Plus, did Joe Biden say the n-word? And the Democrats are coming after his ability to be the so ...
Biden Administration Uses Same Border Facility For Children That They Blasted Trump For | Ep 147
1h 2min
Biden jokes about injecting bleach and describes why he has to carry around notecards in his pocket as his administration is separating kids from parents at the border and using the same facility that ...
Biden Stumbles & Fumbles His Way Through National Address, AG Nominee Garland Knows Nothing | Ep 146
55min 44sec
Joe Biden addressed the nation as we reached 500,000 COVID related deaths, the speech however was disastrous and riddled with gaffes.  Merrick Garland didn't have a much better performance during his ...
Relief Bill Has Little To Do With Virus, House To Vote On Bill Ending Recognition Of Gender | Ep 145
54min 7sec
Upon her return home Kamala Harris has met with a whopping crowd of...two people, Dr. Fauci continues to make absurd statements about the virus, the media is targeting Ron DeSantis ahead of a likely p ...
Joe Biden Calls Another Lid And The Internet Explodes Over Ted Cruz's Trip To Cancun | Ep 144
59min 0sec
Met with a 1/2" of snow, Joe Biden called another lid yesterday at the White House.  CNN fact checked (sort of) the President's comments at their own town hall the other night, Trump is continuing his ...
Left Shows Just How Vile They Are As They Gleefully Celebrate Rush Limbaugh's Death | Ep 143
51min 22sec
Conservative America took to the airwaves and social media to celebrate the great legacy of Rush Limbaugh yesterday while liberal America showed their true colors once again gleefully tweeting about h ...
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