031 - Know When to Hold’em & When to Sell Stocks (TMC Show)

031 - Know When to Hold’em & When to Sell Sto...

Today Mike & Melissa discuss various techniques and trading strategies to know when to Hold or Sell a Stock, especially in a choppy market. They also talk about fear of trading loss, when to get out, choosing a stock, position sizing, and risk factors. In today’s Trader’s Mindchat Show episode you will learn: * It’s OK to not be in the market 24/7, 365 days a year. Sometimes you need to walk away. As trader Jesse Livermore said, “There’s a time to be long, a time to be short, and a time to go fishing.” * Three things you need to know when to hold or sell: Which circumstances you’re going to get in, the multiple exits out of a trade, and how much you are going to risk. * Don’t be married to any certain stock for the rest of your life. Every trade is going to end in divorce. Stay in a trade that treats you well and continues to move in your favor. If it’s an abusive relationship…get OUT! #tradersmindchatshow #sellingstocks WHAT IS The Trader’s Mindchat Show??? Wealth is a journey, and this show is your Jumpstart to Trading Success! Hosted by MARA founder and top trading mindset coach Michael Lamothe and his wife, author Melissa Kuch Lamothe, together they will discuss the full spectrum of ways to improve your trading and your life. Joined by expert guests to help YOU trade like the Pro’s, revamp your mindset, balance life, family, and trading, & improve health & wellness. Connect with us on: • Website: https://marawealth.com • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaelglamothe • Twitter: https://twitter.com/MichaelGLamothe • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/marawealth • StockTwits: https://stocktwits.com/MichaelGLamothe • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaraWealth/ • LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelglamothe

033 - How a Competitive Spirit Can Lead to Trading Success, with Akil Stokes (TMC Show)
1h 25min
Today Mike & Melissa discuss what it means to have a competitive spirit and how it can help self-motivate you to succeed at trading. They are joined by TierOneTrading Founder Akil Stokes who discusses ...
032 - Trading Alone WON'T Make Your Financially Free, with Special Guest Siam Kidd (TMC Show)
1h 26min
Today Mike & Melissa discuss trading losses, how to learn from those losses, and how to come back stronger than ever!  They are happy to be joined by special guest Siam Kidd, founder of www.therealist ...
030 - The Power Couple Taking FOREX by Storm w/ Austin Silver & Rylee Bogden from ASFX (TMC Show)
1h 16min
Today Mike & Melissa discuss the challenges and benefits of starting a company as a couple. They are happy to be joined by special guests Austin Silver and Rylee Bodgen, the Power Couple that founded ...
029 - Treating Trading as a Business w/ JASON GRAYSTONE as our special guest! (TMC Show)
1h 24min
How do you treat trading as a business? Mike reviews 3 core ingredients that every trader needs in their arsenal to help make consistent profits, avoid losses, and most importantly how to handle those ...
028 - How to Combat Trading Fears (TMC Show)
46min 19sec
Where do trading fears come from?  How are they impacting your trading? Are they responsible for your trading mistakes and how can you learn to identify those fears and learn from past mistakes?     M ...
027 - How to Break Out of Trading Isolation, with Journalist Jacob Baynham (TMC Show)
59min 11sec
This isn't unique to trading, but isolation has been a huge issue during this pandemic...and more so now for traders which is generally a solo profession or hobby.  In today’s interview with special g ...
026 - Ramp Up Your Trading Success, Featuring Jim Roppel (TMC Show)
1h 47min
In today’s episode Mike & Melissa chat with trading legend Jim Roppel, a successful hedge fund manager who built his career mastering the art of buying and holding monster stocks. Mike and Melissa ram ...
025 - From Professional Poker Player to a Trader, with Guest Moritz Czubatinski (TMC Show)
1h 13min
IN TODAY’S TRADER’S MINDCHAT EPISODE, YOU’LL JUMPSTART YOUR TRADING SUCCESS! In today’s episode Mike & Melissa discuss: 1. How to go from being a Professional Poker Player to a Trader, with special gu ...
024 - Filling the Financial Literacy Knowledge Gap with Alan Chen
1h 10min
Today, Mike and Melissa chat about mindset and the awareness of money beliefs and where they stem from.  They also explore the ever growing issue of the financial literacy gap and how students can bet ...
023 - Part-Time Trading Balancing Act with Chris Perruna
1h 39min
Do you want to know how to trade part-time while managing a full-time career and family? How to research and invest in young innovative growth companies and crypto? On today’s episode of the Trader’s ...
022 - Take the Ego out of Trading, with Guest Rolf Schlotmann
1h 8min
Do you want to know how to overcome emotional trading? How to prevent fear and greed from sucking your account dry? In today’s Trader’s Mindchat Show, Mike and Melissa interview Tradeciety and Edgewon ...
021 - How to Find, Own, & Hold BIG LEADING Stocks with special guest ADAM SARHAN
1h 39min
Do you want to find out how to find and hold Big Leading Stocks for Capital Gain? We recently interviewed market expert and founder of FindLeadingStocks.com, Adam Sarhan. Adam will discuss his 4-step ...
020 - Create a Morning Routine for Trading Success
39min 3sec
If you win the morning, you can win the day! Join Mike and Melissa as they discuss building a morning routine for trading success. They will discuss priming yourself, gratitude/meditation and wellness ...
019 - Achieving New Year Trading Resolutions; Playing Offense & Defense with special guest Gregory Gossett
1h 19min
New Year, new show! As we embark upon the New Year, trading resolutions may feel far-reaching and impossible, but in today’s episode, Mike & Melissa discuss ways to make those resolutions become a rea ...
018 - Akil Stokes - Stop Caring & PROFIT MORE
48min 38sec
During this TRADER’S MINDCHAT SHOW, we talk with Akil Stokes from TierOneTrading.com   Akil is a friend of the show. I’ve known him for years. He and his partner Jason Graystone are helping me add For ...
017 - Kevin Marder - 7 Truths For TRADING VITALITY
30min 15sec
In this TRADER'S MINDCHAT, we'll be chatting with Kevin Marder, the Co-Founder of MARKETWATCH.    During his 34 years of trading experience, Kevin learned that there are 7 fundamental truths to TRADIN ...
016 - Mark Minervini - Unlocking The Wizard's Mindset
34min 22sec
In this TRADER'S MINDCHAT, we chat with US Investing Champion MARK MINERVINI!    Mark is truly one of the GOATs of trading. He generated over +33,500% in 5 years! As insanely impressive as that is, it ...
015 - Felix Frey - Trade Options LIKE THE TOP 1%
1h 1min
The biggest money managers in the world (Carl Ichan, Steve Cohen, George Soros) are NOT trading options the way we've learned!   Things like "implied volatility" are way down on their list...   FELIX ...
014 - Kevin Cook - Are Trend Lines BULL S***?!?
56min 41sec
This all started from a Medium article written by Kevin Cook: https://medium.com/@KevinBCook/trend-lines-are-mathematically-absurd-118446ef07f3 I’ve personally used trend lines in my trading for years ...
013 - Chris Uhl - How To Juggle Trading, Day Job, Multiple Businesses, and Family!
42min 9sec
If you're someone that is trying to do it all, this is for you! Christopher Uhl runs http://10minutestocktrader.com/ Has a day job in corporate finance. Trades. Has a family. And has a top rated podca ...
012 - Jason Graystone Helps Me Learn Forex!
51min 41sec
I've been toying with the idea of trading Forex for a while. Who better to bring on than our good friend Jason Graystone from Tier One Trading?  In this episode Jason and I get into the parts of tradi ...
011 - Adriana Forex - Overcoming Hope, Fear, & Greed
59min 58sec
Hope, fear, and greed are the 3 biggest hurdles traders face. They're also some of the biggest hurdles when coming to a new country or adapting to a new culture. Adriana Forex tackled all 3 simultaneo ...
010 - Rique Bentley - Pro Footballer to Pro Forex Trader
57min 23sec
Rique Bentley knows focus. As a linebacker at Missouri State he ate, breathed, and slept football. Partially through his college career, he left that world behind to learn about trading and hasn't loo ...
009 - Hansome Kelly - From $19 To Financially Free
59min 8sec
From only having $19 left to his name, to finding trading success and living financially free, Hansome Kelly is a Forex Trader who has been through it all and has popped out the other side. His missio ...
008 - Riz from @rizinternational - Secrets From A Multi-Millionaire Trader
58min 30sec
Riz is the Founder of @rizinternational https://www.instagram.com/rizinternational/ He started with $5k and became a multi-millionaire trader by the age of 22. He founded Riz International in 2012 and ...
007 - Ara Kerbabian from @positivetrading - Trading on the side to SUPERCHARGE your wealth!
1h 0min
Ara is the Founder of @positivetrading https://www.instagram.com/positivetrading/ This isn't some pipe dream and you don't need to be a mathematician to be successful at trading. What you need is simp ...
006 - Akil Stokes - How To STACK THE ODDS In Your Favor
58min 34sec
Learning a bit of everything is a HUGE MISTAKE for traders and is one of the big reasons why they lose. You want to go deep, not broad. Be the master of one thing. Akil and I discuss how to literally ...
005 - Tyler from @RobinHoodGrowth - Making Bank On SHORTS With Fundamental Analysis
1h 0min
Tyler is the founder of @RobinhoodGrowth https://www.instagram.com/robinhoodgrowth/ Tyler from @RobinhoodGrowth thinks differently and its lead to some massive success. A look at his IG page alone sho ...
004 - Ben from @TradingExperts - Every Mistake Imaginable To PRO TRADER
57min 16sec
Ben is the co-founder of @TradingExperts https://www.instagram.com/tradingexperts/ Early in his career he lost more than half his account on one bad trade. He learned the lessons of risk management, t ...
003 - Michael Lamothe - This Question Gets Traders RUN OVER By The Market
57min 3sec
Wide open Trading Q&A w/ yours truly! ;-) -Why asking 'why' often gets traders killed.   -How to start thinking like a casino instead of a gambler. -When is it time to really start stepping on the gas ...
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