When Judgment Comes...Is Judgment Really Coming? #98 Reading 2nd Kings 24

When Judgment Comes...Is Judgment Really Comi...

For centuries, God's prophets had warned the residents of Jerusalem that judgment would come if they didn't follow God wholeheartedly - they ignored those commands, and were taken into captivity by the kingdom of Babylon. What can Christians learn about God and judgment from this event - will God judge the whole earth in the future?

Bible 2021 Podcast, Episode #101: YOU Are The Light of the World
10h 35min
Today we are going to focus on light and grapple with a most important question: who is the light of the World? At first, Jesus is the light of the World, but then He assigns that title His followers ...
Why Does God Send Christians Into The Desert Wilds? #100 Reading Matthew 4
13h 8min
God led Jesus into a real desert, and the book of Luke tells us that when Jesus came out of the desert, He came out in the power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes God will take you and I into a spiritual ...
Salvation is not Genetic - We Aren't Saved by our Parents, Our Family or our Country #99 Reading Matthew 2
9h 39min
John the Baptist warns the Pharisees in Matthew 3 of the dangers of trusting in their genetics - their relationship to Father Abraham - for their salvation. In "Christian" nations, many people make a ...
Why Were God's People Taken into Captivity, and What Can We Learn From Them? #97 Reading 2nd Kings 17.
12h 7min
A catastrophe is recorded in 2nd Kings 17 - 11 tribes of Israel are utterly defeated by the Assyrians and taken into captivity. Why did this devastating event happen to God's people, and what can we l ...
Was Jesus A Refugee and Does God Speak In Dreams? (+ How to Know if a Dream is From God) #96 Reading Matthew 2
12h 38min
Two topics today: Was Jesus a refugee? If so, what does that mean for us? Also: Does God still speak to His people in dreams? How can we know a certain dream is from God, or not? What precautions shou ...
How Important Was it That Jesus Was Born of a Virgin? #95 Did Mary Stay a Virgin? Do Catholics Make Too Much of Mary?
11h 54min
The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin named Mary, who was wed to Joseph. The Catholic church further teaches that Mary remained a virgin her whole life, that Jesus' other brothers ...
Breaking the Law In Front of the Judge: Bad Move #94 Reading James 5. #DoNotComplain
11h 24min
Today we hear an amusing anecdote about the time I made a face at a police officer (and rightly got pulled over!) as well as the danger of complaining about others when Jesus - the judge! - is right a ...
We Do Not Know The Future! #93 Reading James 4. + The Danger of Worldliness.
8h 48min
Almost two thousand years ago, James warned Christians that they don't know the future, God alone does, so we should be careful about making long term plans - we should do so with humility and underst ...
How Does a Wise Person Behave? #92 #Wisdom Reading James 3.
10h 35min
The meaning of true biblical wisdom has become quite obscured over the years, so today we have a refresher on what the Bible teaches us about wisdom, focusing in particular on the fact that Godly wisd ...
How To Lead Well #Leadership Lessons #91 Reading 1 Kings 12.
10h 23min
Solomon's son becomes king, and is immediately faced with a dilemma: Follow the leadership advice of his friends, or his father's elder counselors. Rehoboam chooses wrongly in a spectacularly awful wa ...
When you Find Yourself Distant From God, How to Repent and Receive Blessing from the Lord again. #90 Reading 1 Kings 8.
11h 58min
Today we here an amazing prayer from Solomon, and find in it a key to returning to God when we are far away from Him. While returning to God might seem complicated, it is almost always simple.
Faith Always Produces Good Works. No Good Works Means No Faith #89 Reading James 2. Do James and Paul Contradict Each Other?
10h 38min
Today we wrestle with a big question: Do James and Paul contradict each other? Is one saying that salvation is by faith and works, and the other saying that salvation is by faith alone? A careful read ...
Widows, Orphans and Holiness: Where both Liberal and Conservative Churches Can Miss What the Bible Says. #88 Reading James 1
11h 6min
James 1 gives Christians a definition of the kind of religion that God is after. That kind of religion which is pure and undefiled will be both holy and will focus on taking care of those in desperate ...
The Benefits of Not Quitting + The One Thing Christians Should Brag About. #87 Reading Galatians 6
10h 22min
Today we discuss the Bible promise that we will reap a harvest/blessing/benefit/impact if we do NOT give up in doing good and serving. Of more importance, we focus in on the one thing that Paul bragge ...
Fruit of the Spirit: How to Walk in the Spirit and How to Recognize Maturity in Others
9h 16min
What does a mature Christian look like? Will they have great preaching ability, or lead a large church, or have miraculous gifts, or super nice sneakers? Actually, according to Jesus and Paul, we will ...
The Wonderful Truth That We are Heirs of God With a Magnificent Inheritance!
9h 48min
It is enough that Jesus died to pay the price for our sins - we don't deserve such a gift. Eternal life with God is even more undeserved and unearned, and an incredibly wondrous gift also. Today's pas ...
How Should We Pray? #84 Reading 2nd Samuel 7
10h 35min
King David is probably the most influential person in history on worship music and worship singing. He was also a great man of prayer. Today we read through one of the prayers of David, and learn thre ...
What Does God Delight in and What Makes God Angry? #83 #DavidDances Reading 2nd Samuel 6
11h 47min
Today we read about David dancing before God with all of His strength, and note how his wife criticizes him for such an ostentatious spectacle. This leads us to discuss the things God delights in and ...
How Can People Who Have Sinned Greatly Be Declared 'Not Guilty?' #82 + One of the Best Preaching Illustrations I've Ever Heard #Spurgeon
9h 54min
How is it possible for a vile sinner to be declared 'not guilty?' Today we discuss one of the great and central truths of Christianity and hear one of the best illustrations ever from Charles Spurgeon ...
The Downside of Being Nice and The Togetherness of the Church. #81 Reading Galatians 2.
11h 37min
Is it possible that there could be a downside to being nice? Surely not - surely the Bible wants us to always be nice and kind, right? Well - yes it does, but as pastor John Piper points out to us tod ...
We Must Stay True to the Good News of Jesus and Not Deviate! #80 Reading Galatians 1.
10h 18min
Adding something to a good thing, or changing the makeup of that good thing can turn it into a bad thing, as a drug mixup disaster in 1937 demonstrates to us. in Galatians 1, Paul warns the Galatians ...
The Heavenly City We Will Dwell In + Can Angels Appear As People? #79 Reading Hebrews 13.
11h 14min
Three quick topics today: Can angels look and act like humans? (Yes! Says Hebrews 13) Are rules about food helpful at all? Where will we spend the large majority of existence?
The Bible Tells us to Look to Jesus - HOW Can We Actually See Him? #78 Reading Hebrews 12 + What Was the Folly of Esau?
11h 45min
The Bible calls us to fix our eyes on Jesus so that we can persevere and overcome in difficult times. How can we do this - does this command mean that we should be able to literally see Jesus?
How Does God Evaluate People? #77 Reading 1 Samuel 16
9h 0min
God sends Samuel to anoint the next king from among the sons of Jesse. When Samuel sees Eliab, the oldest, tallest and handsomest, he immediately assumes that he has found the next king of Israel. God ...
How to Hear the Word of God. #76 Samuel and Saul.
11h 31min
The Israelites demanded a king, but the man of God Samuel knew that this was a bad idea. God allowed it to happen, however, and this put Samuel in the position to mentor that first king, King Saul. As ...
How is a Prostitute in the 'Faith Hall of Fame'? + How You and I are Foreigners. #75
11h 11min
How is it possible that a prostitute is commended by the New Testament as a champion of faith? What does this tell us about faith and salvation that is surprising? Also: Where, according to the Bible, ...
How Can We Draw Near to God? #74 Reading Hebrews 10
10h 34min
In the Old Testament, we see the Hebrew people so afraid of coming near God that they demand Moses speak to God instead of them, and they stand far off trembling and afraid. The New Testament, however ...
How Does the Blood of Jesus Cleanse People - Isn't The Bible's Focus on Blood a Bit Strange? #73 Reading Hebrews 9.
11h 34min
The sight of blood is often enough to make somebody recoil in horror or turn away in shock. Why, then does the Bible focus so much on blood - why is blood so important? How does the blood of Jesus pos ...
Is The Old Testament Law Obsolete? + What is Heaven Like and What is Jesus Doing There? #72 Reading Hebrews 8
11h 46min
Three questions for today. What is Heaven like? (clues are in Exodus 26-27!) What is Jesus doing today, and our main topic: Does the Bible teach that the Old Testament Law is obsolete?
What is the Best News in the World About Something That is Currently Happening? #71 Reading Hebrews 7
11h 39min
Who Was Melchizedek - could he have actually been an appearance of Jesus? Hebrews 7 seems to point us in that direction. Also, what is the best thing that is currently happening in all of creation rig ...
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