Kirsten Vangsness

Kirsten Vangsness

From the TV show “Criminal Minds” Kirsten Vangsness joins Roz with some stories about a spooky encounter in the night and her experience working at a known haunted theater!Please join for exclusive Roz content including a bonus clip from this week's show! Do you have a real-life ghost story for Roz to read on the air? Please rate Ghosted! 5 stars on Apple Podcasts and leave your story in the review! Have an EVP? Send it on over to Follow Roz on instagram @rozhernandez and be sure to join the facebook group! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Michelle Belanger
53min 44sec
From the TV shows "Paranormal State" and "Portals To Hell" psychic Michelle Belanger is here answering all of Roz's questions about her otherworldly abilities! Topics include Michelle's origin story a ...
Listener Phone Call Extravaganza Part XVII
58min 33sec
This month Roz chats with Emily who saw a spooky old man ghost in the woods at night, Cynthya who experienced the ghost of a living loved one, and Remi is one of those people that the paranormal just ...
Jade Catta-Preta
1h 7min
Comedian Jade Catta-Preta (E!’s The Soup) tells Roz about a ghost that licked her boyfriend, the phantoms of The Comedy Store, and even some alien stuff!Please join for ex ...
Danny Pintauro
54min 39sec
Former child star/ray of sunshine Danny Pintauro (Who's The Boss?) joins Roz to talk about his mother's psychic abilities, the crowded haunted house he lived in as a young child, and we even get a sto ...
Vanessa Gonzalez and Micheal Foulk
56min 11sec
Roz is joined by her friends Vanessa Gonzalez and Micheal Foulk from the podcast "I'm Not Busy"! They talk about the ghost of Vanessa's grandpa, superstitions, a little girl ghost in a house they both ...
Alec Mapa
50min 17sec
TV's Alec Mapa joins Roz to talk about a spooky ventriloquist dummy at The Magic Castle, a couple of haunted dressing rooms, and even a psychic story that involves Toni Collette!Please join www.Patreo ...
Listener Phone Call Extravaganza Part XVI
1h 2min
On this month's show, Roz talks with Hez who lived in a terrifying haunted house as a child, Natalie who had loved ones send a message through the TV, and Kyle who encountered a ghostly female presenc ...
John E.L. Tenney
1h 1min
WOW! Roz's mind is blown by paranormal investigator, writer, lecturer, and all around pro John E.L. Tenney! The two talk about his time as a researcher on "Unsolved Mysteries", a disappearing person i ...
Curly Velasquez
57min 57sec
This week Roz gets to meet Curly Velasquez of Buzzfeed's Pero Like! They chat about supernatural folklore in Latinx cultures, Curly's experiences with ghosts while on dates, the paranormal investigati ...
Jess Ambrose
1h 4min
From the podcast "Chatty Broads" Jess Ambrose is back on the show to have a fun kiki with Roz about ghost clothes, some weird paranormal activity in her house, haunted dolls, and more!Follow Roz on st ...
Listener Phone Call Extravaganza Part XV: 2 Years of Ghosted!
1h 15min
On this two year celebration of “Ghosted!” Roz is joined by listener Liz who lived in a haunted apartment in the 1970s, Andy who had a dark presence in his childhood closet, and Jennifer tells some lo ...
Amy Bruni
1h 12min
From the TV show “Kindred Spirits” paranormal investigator/author Amy Bruni joins Roz to talk about her incredible career and her book “Life with the Afterlife: 13 Truths I Learned about Ghosts”!Pleas ...
Jinkx Monsoon: Part 2
1h 0min
Roz continues her chat with Rupaul’s Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon! They get into haunted dolls, UFOs, Bigfoot, hear some EVPs and more! Plus Roz discuss a haunted bowling alley, The Lizzie Borden ho ...
Jinkx Monsoon Pt. 1
1h 0min
On this two part episode, winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race season 5 Jinkx Monsoon joins Roz to talk about growing up in a haunted house, their relationship with witchcraft, and more!Please join ...
Listener Phone Call Extravaganza Part XIV!
1h 7min
On this month's listener episode Ryan gives Roz a terrifying story about an entity attached to him, Claire lived in a haunted home in Japan, and Paul grew up in a house so violently haunted...the fami ...
Laurie Jacobson
1h 2min
Hollywood historian/author Laurie Jacobson is on the show to spill the T on some of Tinseltown’s most terrifying haunts, including The Comedy Store, a poltergeist in the Hollywood Hills, The Vogue The ...
Jen Kirkman
1h 22min
Does comedian/writer Jen Kirkman believe in ghosts? It kind of seems like she doesn’t BUT she tells Roz about the time she grew up in an allegedly haunted house and the time she was visited by her gra ...
Bailey Sarian
1h 1min
Roz attempts to do her makeup while talking to Bailey Sarian from "Murder, Mystery, and Makeup"! Bailey tells the story of living in a haunted LA apartment, going to a psychic, and her super rad Youtu ...
Listener Phone Call Extravaganza Part XIII!
1h 15min
On this month's listener episode, we hear from Lauren who currently lives in a haunted house in the high desert, Joey from Quebec is back and he has stories for days, Dusty worked in a haunted gay bar ...
Richard Estep
59min 50sec
Author/paranormal investigator Richard Estep is on the show to talk to Roz about haunted hospitals and a variety of spooky topics! Richard has written books like the “Haunted Healthcare” series, “The ...
Jackie Cox
1h 3min
Happy Halloween! This week Roz catches up with her gal pal Jackie Cox of “Rupaul’s Drag Race” fame to talk superstitions, Jackie’s time in a house with two ghost ladies, and Persian folklore!Please jo ...
Heather McDonald
53min 44sec
Ooo the always juicy and hilarious comedian Heather McDonald of the podcast “Juicy Scoop” is here to share about her 2013 “Celebrity Ghost Stories” appearance plus she shares a story of a one-time acc ...
Listener Phone Call Extravaganza Part XII!
1h 20min
On this Halloween month listener episode, Roz talks to Kit about her haunted childhood home, Joey’s life-changing encounter with a possible angel in a supermarket, Alex who gives ghost tours in Chicag ...
Exorcist R.H. Stavis: Part 2
49min 11sec
On this part 2 of my conversation with author/exorcist R.H. Stavis, we talk about The Cecil Hotel, hear some EVPs, and she gets further into her life as a nondenominational exorcist!Please join Patreo ...
Exorcist R.H. Stavis
1h 4min
Holy Hell! Real-life exorcist and author of the book "Sister of Darkness" R.H. Stavis is here to explain her life as a person that removes "entities". She gave us so much, we turned it into a two-part ...
Thomas Dale
1h 4min
Thomas Dale is a successful standup comedian that has appeared on television and on stages around the country, but he has recently retired from comedy to become a highly sought after clairvoyant! To b ...
Dalen Spratt
59min 14sec
Roz gets to talk with Dalen Spratt of one of her favorite paranormal TV shows "Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests" on The Travel Channel! We hear about Dalen's experience with a spirit that followed ...
Neon Hitch
52min 59sec
On the line all the way from WALES we have pop star Neon Hitch on the show! Neon is one of those people that the paranormal is obsessed with, and if you aren't will be too! She tells us a ...
Listener Phone Call Extravaganza Part XI!
1h 15min
On this month's Listener Phone Call Extravaganza we are joined by a nurse named Cathleen with haunted hospital stories, Caitlyn who recently had a quarantine fright fest, Peter who lives in Australia ...
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4min 25sec
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