A Message of Resiliency That Amazes & Inspires

A Message of Resiliency That Amazes & Inspire...

Pastor Mark interviews speaker, author and resiliency expert Tasha Schuh.  This episode will amaze and inspire through the life story of Tasha who was paralyzed from the neck down as a teenager in a theatre accident and has gone on to become a nationally recognized speaker that challenges and inspires people of all ages to overcome and persevere.  For more information about Tasha go to www.tashaschuh.com     --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mark-holmen/support

How the Pandemic is Impacting Mental Health?
36min 12sec
How has the pandemic impacted mental health in people of all ages?  What can we do if we are struggling as a result of this pandemic?  What can we do to help others?  In this episode, Pastor Mark inte ...
Home Sweet Dysfunctional Home
33min 10sec
Pastor Mark interviews his friend and coauthor of the book Home Sweet Dysfunctional Home, Dr. Mark Smith and together they discuss how every family is dysfunctional yet all can be functional as there ...
Grandparents and Blessed Grandchildren
38min 23sec
Mark Holmen talks with seasoned pastor and grandparent John Coulombe.  Until his recent retirement, John Coulombe served for more than thirty years as the InterGen pastor at the Fullerton Evangelical ...
"Do Something" Challenge
26min 51sec
"God, why don't you do something?" is a common question we can find ourselves asking.  In this episode, Pastor Mark shares not only the answer God gives to that question but the challenge He has for u ...
The BIG Faith At Home Pivot & New Survey
30min 45sec
In this episode, Pastor Mark shares how Faith At Home Ministries has pivoted to being a research based ministry that now serves churches in a much deeper way as they seek to develop and sustain a fait ...
Singlehood, God & the Church
33min 27sec
Pastor Mark interviews a very special guest (you'll just have to listen to find out who it is) about singlehood.  What is it like being single in today's world?  How do you deal with questions on God' ...
From Parenting to Grandparenting to Grandparenting Teenagers: Now What?
42min 33sec
Pastor Mark interviews Bill and Ann Parkinson who have all sorts of great wisdom and insights to share about parenting and grandparenting and especially how to maintain healthy relationships with your ...
Timeout for Not So Perfect Moms
44min 32sec
Many moms feel the pressure and guilt that comes from chasing perfection - having a significant effect on home relationships. Amy Rienow joins Mark Holmen on this episode to offer encouragement and ho ...
Impressive Parenting
30min 51sec
Based on his book, Impressive Parenting, Pastor Mark shares what the Bible shows are the most important things a parent can do to lead their children to have faith in Christ.  As parents, we are leavi ...
Long Distance Grandparenting
48min 36sec
Mark Holmen talks with Wayne Rice about how to bridge the mile gap with your grandkids.  Wayne Rice is a parenting and youth ministry expert, lover of bluegrass music, prolific author and most importa ...
Parents of Teens...You Need To Hear This!
46min 8sec
Special guest, Brad Bullock, joins Pastor Mark and shares his compelling and convicting perspective on teens and what they need most from their parents.  As a 15 year youth ministry leader, who has wo ...
Church Damaged People
30min 49sec
Most of us know someone who has been deeply hurt by church, or have been so wounded ourselves.  Pastor Mark speaks from the heart to the hearts of this who have been damaged by the church.  Listen in ...
Response to Jan 6 - Where's Our Focus Been?
29min 2sec
In this episode I share what God has put on my heart in relation to the events of January 6 in Washington DC and the overall 2020 Presidential election.  Please know these are my personal thoughts and ...
The Walking Wounded - Mental Health and Wellness
40min 29sec
Whether it is depression, anxiety, or addictions, discussing mental health is something long overdue in Christian circles.  Join speaker Brett Ullman as he shares his personal journey and steps to wel ...
TOP 5 EPISODE REPLAY - Home Makeover 1: Faith Begins at Home
36min 30sec
In whose footsteps will your children follow?  God designed the home to be the primary place where faith is nurtured and lived out, but how do we make this happen.  Join us for a six part discussion b ...
TOP 5 EPISODE REPLAY - Is it true that God will never give you more than you can handle?
31min 58sec
In this episode, Pastor Mark will unpack the commonly used phrase, "God will never give you more than you can handle?"  Is that true?  Is it Biblical?  You might me surprised by what you find out.   - ...
Faith@Home Future 2021 (Replay)
31min 8sec
Pastor Mark shares the direction Faith At Home Ministries will be going in 2021 including new research they will be doing to reveal how the pandemic has impacted faith life at home.   --- Support this ...
The Faith@Home HIStory
31min 5sec
What is the story behind Faith At Home Ministries?  What is faith at home about?  What is it's mission and how has God been working through it over the past 15+ years to impact churches, parents and g ...
Pandemic Christmas Thoughts
29min 57sec
Pastor Mark shares some random thoughts and truly inspirational stories that will help people, and provide some good practical ideas we can implement, in the midst of this pandemic Christmas season we ...
Mom's Best Christmas
42min 8sec
Pull up an easy chair, a cup of hot chocolate, a paper and journal as we take a moment to consider Christmas and the past year with 4 everyday moms.  Write down your own answer to these questions: Wha ...
Perspective Changing Moments
31min 8sec
Pastor Mark shares how his recent experience, of being the victim of a hit and run, became a perspective changing moment for Him and how perspective changing moments change us and make us stronger.    ...
Helping Your Children Become Best Friends in Christ
41min 43sec
God places a high priority on sibling relationships and Satan wants to destroy them. In this episode Brian Siewert talks with parenting expert Rob Rienow about how parents can help their children heal ...
Teaching Your Children About Sex
45min 23sec
Even though most parents did not receive healthy Biblical sex education from their parents, all studies show that the more positive, healthy, sex education taught from home, the less promiscuous and c ...
Perspective on Doing Life With Your Adult Children
39min 12sec
If you have an adult child, you know that parenting doesn’t stop when a child reaches the age of eighteen. In many ways, it gets more complicated. Both your heart and your head are as involved as ever ...
Perspectives On Grandparenting
39min 34sec
In this episode Pastor Mark interviews Larry Fowler who is the founder of the the Legacy Coalition (https://www.legacycoalition.com/) which has become a powerful movement that is helping grandparents ...
Perspectives On Racism
32min 49sec
In this episode, Pastor Mark interviews Ralph Berry, counselor from Teen Challenge in Brainerd, MN to get his perspective, as an African American, Christian, husband, father and counselor on racism.   ...
The God I Wish You Knew - Giver of Hope
30min 57sec
The world offers us hope with a question mark...meaning hope that is optimistic but not certain.  I hope I will win the lottery.  I hope the pandemic will end soon.  But the God I know wants to give u ...
The God I Wish You Knew - A Constant Reminder
29min 55sec
How is your memory?  Have you ever forgotten something important?   We are all forgetful people and throughout the entirety of Scripture we see God continually reminding His people of things they have ...
The God I Wish You Knew - A Voice You Can Trust
30min 52sec
Many people wonder where God is and if He can truly speak to them in ways others say he does.  How do we hear the voice of God?  How do we know the voice we are hearing is God's?  In this episode Past ...
The God I Wish You Knew - A Giver of Grace
30min 56sec
In today's world we tend to struggle giving grace to one another and many of us have never experience true grace in our lives.  How can we understand God's grace when we have never experienced it in o ...
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