"Woman last seen getting off train with a sketchy man in Vienna.  Reward for information leading to man's arrest" Join us while we break down the good the bad and the boring conversations from Before Sunrise.  And why, even though Todd will admit it's not a good movie, he still loves the shit out of it. Follow us @RomancingThePodShow: Facebook and Instagram Or RomancingPodSho on Twitter

EP 38 - Never Been Kissed
2h 1min
"Michael Vartan unlocked a creativity inside me that I didn’t know was there. Even though it was illegal"   The gang goes undercover in high school to bust a teacher that is grooming students.  Will M ...
EP 36 - Splash
1h 44min
"Mating Habits of Mermaids: A study in luring men to the depths" Join us while we venture to the deeps to study the elusive creature of the seas.  An animal that will do anything it must to breed and ...
EP 35 - What's Your Number?
1h 59min
"Finally, a movie where Chris Evans is wearing an appropriate amount of clothing" Join us while we take a deep dive into the Boston Harbor, discuss our numbers and why they don't matter AT ALL.  All w ...
EP 34 - 10 Things I Hate About You
1h 37min
"Bianca is the villain of this movie. Beyoncé is 46 (allegedly). Don’t @ us." Join us while we dive into well more than 10 reasons we LOVE this movie.   Follow us @RomancingThePodShow: Facebook and In ...
EP 33 - Mannequin
1h 41min
"This movie got plastic feet, but we say it’s just a friend" Join us while we try to save a department store all while falling in love and fully having sex with a Mannequin. Follow us @RomancingThePod ...
EP 32 - Head over Heels
1h 29min
"Imma gonna have bad movies for dinner" If you think you know what happens in this movie, you’re wrong, and probably writing a better movie. Follow us @RomancingThePodShow: Facebook and Instagram Or R ...
EP 31 - 13 Going On 30
1h 43min
EP 30 - Angus
1h 37min
Todd: "We made Paige cry for real this time. Also Mikey may have been a high school bully." Mikey: "I AM NOT A BULLY!!!" Paige: "That’s EXACTLY what a bully would say" Join us while we break down this ...
EP 29 - The Back-up Plan
1h 52min
"We have a feeling you and CRM-1014 are going to make a beautiful pod together." Join us as we delve into a movie that's plot is more artificial than the insemination.  A movie about the worst possibl ...
EP 28 - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
1h 54min
The only thing keeping me and this podcast apart is the 2 minutes it’s gonna take to kick your ass. Are you a little Pod-curious? Good because we’re a little Pod-furious! Come with us as we fight our ...
EP 27 - Something Borrowed
1h 46min
"The gang has a threesome"   Join us while we watch every main character cheat on their significant other, Treat Clair like crap, and then act like it was all worth it in what we think is just the lon ...
EP 26 - Overboard
1h 49min
"Literally Kurtnapping" Join us while we watch people with the most chemistry, navigate a movie with the most problems.  This week we go overboard with the problematic AF 80's sleeper hit.  Overboard. ...
EP 25 - The Proposal
1h 32min
"This week we watched a documentary about the one mean Canadian." Todd swoons over Ryan Reynolds, Bettie White swoons over Oscar from The Office, and we all wonder why Malin Ackerman is in this.   Ple ...
EP 24 - Remember Me
1h 49min
"Need something to take your mind off current terrorism.  How about past terrorism"   We recorded this 2 weeks ago we promise.  But if you like Robert Pattinson in Twilight... you should probably just ...
EP 23 - Happiest Season
2h 0min
"Literal serpent invites an amazing girlfriend over for Christmas" Has your girlfriend even gotten you trauma for Christmas?  Well if not, watch this movie and see what it's like to date a true sociop ...
EP 22 - White Christmas
1h 41min
"Let’s just say we’re podcasting for an old friend in the army" This musical has everything: - Buttermilk with sandwiches - Crossdressing - Songs about the cultural shift in dance styles in 1950’s Bro ...
EP 21 - The Holiday
1h 35min
"Two women travel across the world to stay in a stranger’s house. Miraculously neither of them get murdered." If you forgot that Jude Law is a cheater and you’re also a fan of Tenacious D, this is the ...
EP 20 - The Knight Before Christmas
1h 37min
"Vanessa Hudgens finds her bean"   Chivalry isn't dead but a severe brain injury.  This 90 minute Alexa commercial teaches us slang, how to bake bread, and how to handle people suffering from delusion ...
EP 19 - Love Actually
1h 47min
"So many Stories... Zero Resolutions"   Everyone you know and love is in this movie, and it's still not enough to make it good.   We'd rather have Professor Snape serve the Dark Lord than hurt Emma Th ...
EP 18 - Twilight (With Jackie Zebrowski)
1h 57min
“Old man offers free piggy back rides to high school girl” Jackie Zebrowski joins us for Frank discussions of Mormon Porn, Baseball, and what Teenage Girls think love is. Enjoy this hilarious breakdow ...
EP 17 - Just Friends
1h 34min
"Pop Singer tazed at local mall."   Podcasts... is more than watching movies... movies, To podcast is divine, So let’s have a glass of wine, And we’ll crack some jokes To the end of, TIME TIME TIME TI ...
EP 16 - Holidate
1h 48min
"Only Local Doctor Finds love with MILF" Aunt Susan is the hero of this story, don’t @ me. Australian Chris Evans and a Blonde lady display real human emotions. And we actually liked this one. Please ...
EP 15 - Joe Vs. The Volcano
1h 24min
“Tom Hanks has a Mullet and it’s mostly downhill from there” Tom Hanks escapes the crushing boot of capitalism to go on one final journey before he dies of Monologue Exposure. Meg Ryan plays 3 differe ...
EP 14 - So I Married an Axe Murderer
1h 55min
"Man without job successfully dates" LISTENERS! LISTENERS! LIS-TEN-ERS! This was a movie We thought it was Groovy He has no job He's kind of a slob Our favorite was his friend Tony! Jane... get me off ...
EP 13 - What If
1h 51min
"Harry Potter teaches us how to get away with cheating" Join us as we dive into the most positive look at infidelity since Brad cheated on Jennifer.  We will laugh at the hilariously insane, point out ...
EP 12 - She's All That
1h 46min
"Reality Star gets roped into high school drama before leaving for Road Rules All-Stars" Join us while we discuss what makes this bespectacled podcast so special.  All we had to do was, get the JV soc ...
EP 11 - Ever After: A Cinderella Story
1h 49min
"Abused woman loses shoe"   If you thought teaching a rich douche to care about the lower classes was easy, think again.  It takes Drew the better part of 120 mins to pull it off.  Then she uses her n ...
EP 10 - Wimbledon
1h 39min
“A movie so rich even the clothes are white" If you thought watching rich white people find love with other rich white people was boring... you ain’t seen tennis yet. Seriously, the last half of this ...
EP 9 - 50 Shades of Grey
1h 50min
“Billionaire considers abuse a ‘Grey Area’” Cable ties, Check. Rope, Check. We need our tools as we post up to talk 50 Shades of Grey. We don’t just watch movies, we podcast, HARD. Please Subscribe, R ...
EP 8 - 27 Dresses
2h 4min
"Journalist stalks disturbed woman" Make sure you read the Wedding Section and follow the miraculous story of a New York apartment with multiple closets. We watched 27 Dresses and it's ruined Elton Jo ...
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