Holding the majority: Stephen Wiley on GOP strategies that kept the NC House

Holding the majority: Stephen Wiley on GOP st...

How did the GOP keep its NC General Assembly majority in an election year when almost all political prognosticators were predicting Democrats could flip the chamber? Stephen Wiley, the North Carolina House Republican Caucus Director, gives us a peek behind the political curtain. Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/petekalinershowSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Chauvin trial wraps, but Maxine Waters' call for "confrontation" could get a mistrial
53min 50sec
Closing arguments are complete in the Derek Chauvin murder trial. Now it's up to a jury to determine the fate of the former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd last year - spa ...
NC's debate over trans athletes is really about how we define 'fair'
53min 51sec
The North Carolina House Judiciary Committee heard from supporters and opponents of the Save Women's Sports Act - aimed at preventing transgender girls and women from playing on teams that were establ ...
Bears, bobcats, & the NC race for US Senate
17min 0sec
I joined KC O'Dea on his morning show in Raleigh & Greensboro to talk about bears breaking into nursing homes, bobcats attacking pensioners, and the growing number of candidates getting into the race ...
Now that McCrory announced for US Senate, will his past help or hurt him?
25min 11sec
I joined Joe Catenacci on Wilmington's Big Talker FM to discuss the race for US Senate heating up, woke corporations, the Save Women's Sports Act in the NC legislature, Gov. Roy Cooper's political pro ...
McCrory is in for US Senate race. Plus, a look at who else is running.
6min 48sec
I joined Mark Starling to chat about the announcement by former NC Gov. Pat McCrory to run for US Senate in 2022. We also discussed some of the other candidates in the race, as well as the candidates ...
NC Lt. Gov. confirms he's thinking of US Senate run. Plus, Big Tech's protection of BLM & CNN.
53min 50sec
Take a listen to North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson discuss his thinking on a run for US Senate. Plus, the Democrats flirt with societal destruction with an effort to pack the Supreme Court. Meanwh ...
Going full leftist: Democrats propose court packing to entrench themselves in power forever
53min 51sec
Congressional Democrats file legislation to pack the US Supreme Court, in an obvious attempt to control future judicial rulings. Meanwhile, whatever happened to those prosecutions against the liars wh ...
NC voter ID on trial -- listen to the highlights
53min 50sec
North Carolina's voter ID law is on trial this week. Plaintiffs argue that it's racist, and called as a witness a professor who says ALL voter ID is suppression born of 'white rage.' I've got the high ...
NCAA threatens states that pass bills leftists oppose
53min 50sec
NCAA fires a shot across the bow - warning Republican state legislatures not to adopt measures that Democrats oppose, or else the athletic organization will ban them from hosting tournaments. Also, fo ...
Major CEOs collude on how best to punish red states for enacting looser voting laws than blue states have
53min 50sec
North Carolina's Voter ID law goes back to court, amid demagoguery over election laws proposed across America. About 100 major corporate leaders are now colluding to target Republican-led legislatures ...
Tree burning, media lies, Biden's brain, & Cooper's Medicaid play
16min 50sec
I joined KC O'Dea on his morning show to discuss a great many things. Some serious... some silly... some even sillier. Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/petekalinershowSee omnystudio.com/liste ...
Buncombe County to add gender identity as protected class in non-discrimination ordinance
11min 37sec
I joined Mark starling on WWNC-AM (Asheville) to discuss the Buncombe County Commission proposed to the county's Non-Discrimination Ordinance which would make illegal to restrict public accommodations ...
Facebook founder pumped millions into NC's local boards of election
53min 50sec
The Facebook founder pumped millions of dollars into North Carolina election agencies during 2020 -- especially in counties that vote heavily for Democrats. Hayden Ludwig from the Capital Research Cen ...
Federalizing elections is a terrible mistake Democrats intend to make
53min 50sec
David Harsanyi, senior writer at National Review, joins me to discuss the "integrity-corroding, banana-republic attempt to override the will of states" that is House Resolution 1 (a/k/a: the "For The ...
Chris Cooper on NC's election law changes & Rep. Cawthorn claiming credit for funding he opposed
53min 51sec
Dr. Chris Cooper from Western Carolina University joins me to discuss the four components of the proposed change to North Carolina election law - including his 'simple simulation' of how the change co ...
'When Politicians Panicked' - John Tamny's postmortem on pandemic lockdowns
53min 50sec
In his new book, When Politicians Panicked, John Tamny, argues that elected leaders over-reacted to the coronavirus with economy-crushing lockdowns. Tamny is Vice President at FreedomWorks, and the di ...
Limiting the governor's limitless powers; election reforms; and how everything is literally Jim Crow now
16min 7sec
I joined KC O'Dea on his morning show in Raleigh & Greensboro to talk about election reforms from proposed North Carolina GOP lawmakers, as well as an effort to rein in the Governor's nearly-unlimited ...
Asheville City Council can't hold secret retreat
9min 38sec
I joined Mark Starling on his morning show on WWNC to discuss the Asheville City Council's attempt to hold a private "informal gathering" during it's two-day retreat. A judge ruled that the event is, ...
NC House Democrats defend Governor's near-limitless emergency powers, oppose GOP proposed fix
53min 50sec
North Carolina Republican lawmakers say the Democrat Governor has exercised more power over the past year than one person should ever have in a constitutional republic. This week the House voted to ch ...
NC GOP proposes all votes be cast by Election Day, Democrats allege suppression & racism
53min 50sec
North Carolina Republican Senators want all absentee ballots to be received by Election Day. The proposed Senate Bill 326 would also ban outside entities from funding local Boards of Elections (like F ...
NY Times says news reporting is opinion. Plus, Asheville City Council tries to hold secret retreat... outrage ensues.
53min 51sec
In defending itself from a lawsuit brought by Project Veritas, The NY Times argued in court that its straight news reporting includes reporters’ opinions. Also, a California judge who has blocked rele ...
No, I don't trust the Communist-led WHO report on the origins of COVID-19
53min 51sec
The World Health Organization did an "investigation" into the origin of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus (a/k/a: COVID-19), but the Chinese Communist government corrupted the entire process - as it has from ...
Does NC have a vaccination goal for herd immunity?
53min 51sec
'Herd immunity' is the phrase not to be uttered in a year of COVID briefings held by the North Carolina Governor. But that's what we're aiming for. So, what percentage of the population needs to be va ...
Pete & KC O'Dea discuss Biden's news conference performance
16min 59sec
I joined KC O'Dea on his morning show on Friday to discuss President Biden's performance during his news conference. Let's just say... I have some concerns. Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/p ...
I have ideas on what replaces Asheville's racisty monument
7min 18sec
I joined Mark Starling on WWNC to discuss the Asheville City Council vote this week to remove the Vance monument. And because I am all about solutions, I offered some ideas on what could replace the r ...
Former Rep. Mark Walker on his US Senate run & President Biden's news conference
53min 50sec
Former NC Rep. and current US Senate candidate, Mark Walker, joins me to discuss his visit with former Vice President Mike Pence, life on the campaign trail, and his impression of President Joe Biden' ...
NC Elections Director's word games during testimony doesn't inspire confidence
53min 51sec
Was a "rule" or "law" changed? Was it "changed" or "adapted?" Was a Twitter account "deleted" or "deactivated?" Were the tweets "scrubbed?" These were the kinds of word games that North Carolina Elect ...
Save Womens Sports bill introduced in NC
53min 51sec
North Carolina lawmakers introduced House Bill 358 that would prevent males who identify as female from competing on female teams in middle school, high school, and college. There are more than 70 sim ...
Biden's (don't call it a crisis) crisis at the border gets worse while NC lawmakers try to force sheriffs' cooperation with ICE
53min 50sec
Apparently, the Biden Administration didn't realize that promoting repeal of "draconian" immigration policies and promising citizenship to unauthorized immigrants would lead to a massive surge of migr ...
Stiff breeze topples Biden. Plus - misperception of COVID risks leads to bad responses
53min 50sec
I’d like to know who thought the best PR spin on President Joe Biden’s repeated falls on the stairs to Air Force One was that he got knocked over by a breeze. Plus, Gallup’s new survey on Americans’ m ...
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