Bump 'n Run Episode 11 - Sam I Am... Moving to Carolina

Bump 'n Run Episode 11 - Sam I Am... Moving t...

We wrap up the Final Four as Baylor cruises to a National Championship. Sam Darnold finally gets traded and lands in Carolina with the Panthers.  Will things work out? DeShaun Watson has an accuser come forward and speak about her experience. Does it change the narrative? We analyze WR's for the upcoming draft. The Master's golf tournament is this weekend.  We process who to watch, who can win, and who's fun to keep an eye on.  You can find us on Instagram: @bumpandruncast Also on YouTube: search for BnR Clips --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bump-n-run/message

Bump 'n Run Episode 12 - What a Clown(ey) Show
2h 1min
Our special Master's tournament roundup. Calls and DM's from listeners. Jadavion Clowney the newest Brown. Draft Talk: Edge defenders, defensive linemen, and linebackers. Julian Edelman retires. The E ...
Bump 'n Run Episode 10 - Trading Places
1h 25min
March Madness continues and we give you the low down on the second weekend.  QB's are on the menu for our first week of position breakdowns.  SF, Miami, and Philadelphia pulled off an enormous pair of ...
Bump 'n Run Episode 9 - The Madness and the Massage
1h 33min
March Madness is in full effect and week 1 did not let us down.  Wow! NFL free agency was fascinating, and there are still a number of talented players still available.  Deshaun Watson likes massages. ...
Bump 'n Run Episode 8 - Football is a Brees
1h 31min
On this episode of the podcast, Scott and I discuss the retirement of Drew Brees, his career and what he means to the city of New Orleans.  Marvelous Marvin Hagler has passed. How good was he in his t ...
Bump 'n Run Episode 7 - Dak or the Pack
1h 32min
Dak Prescott signs an unbelievable contract with the Cowboys.  It's so good that you could say the Cowboys got rolled on this one. Good luck getting under the cap. Who would you rather have, Dak or so ...
Bump and Run Episode 6 - Watt Decision did JJ Make?
1h 32min
Another great show in which we discuss JJ Watt going to the Cardinals.   We talk about how NBA style player empowerment is effecting the NFL. Namely Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson. What the heck ha ...
Bump and Run Episode 5 - Benny and the Jets
1h 47min
In this episode we talk about how Sam Darnold, despite horrible stats, is still a coveted and respected quarterback in the league.    Is Ben Rothlisberger washed up or at 38 does he just need a little ...
Bump and Run - Episode 4 - Wentz has a new home
1h 23min
This week we talk about the big trade between the Eagles and the Colts sending Carson Wentz to Indy. We discuss where JJ Watt may end up and what it's going to take to get him.  Where does he even fit ...
Bump and Run Episode 3: Super Bowl Post Mortem
1h 22min
This week Scott Bracy and I talk about lesser know issues from the Super Bowl. Is Russell Wilson trying to get out of Seattle? Let's see where the quarterback carousel ends up and where these QBs end ...
Bump and Run Episode 2 - Lions, Texans, and Rams... Oh My!!!
1h 20min
We break down the huge trade between the Rams and the Lions. What does that mean for DeShaun Watson and the package that would be needed to trade for him? And of course, who's going to win the Super B ...
Bump and Run Episode 1
1h 32min
Where will Aaron Rodgers end up? What about Goff?  Will he be a Ram? Quarterbacks, quarterbacks everywhere.  Where will they land and why? Check out Bump and Run and let us know what you think? --- Se ...
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