How to Win in a Post Covid World

How to Win in a Post Covid World

How to Win in a Post Covid World Opportunities post covid Tech , Film, Real Estate, Trades How to become a service provider Cannabis opportunities  Free crypto airdrops (@defi_airdrops) --- Send in a voice message:

Lessons in Life & Luxury with Deanna Kent
1h 22min
During this episode, we talked with Deanna Kent about: How she & Xavier Miller started the Millionaire Mindsets podcast First investment being crypto then getting into stocks Refocusing and changing e ...
1h 26min
Welcome back to Season 2, Episode 1! This episode, we discussed:  What have the Goats been up to ? Engagement on social media Clubhouse valuation  Investing in startups  Making money on demand Follow ...
Episode 20: Marcus Carey, OG Hacking Mogul
1h 23min
On Episode 20, we chopped it with Marcus J. Carey about: Writing and illustrating a children’s Cybersecurity book during a pandemic, teaching his son how to code at 11 years old, military to get into ...
Episode 19: Tay on Tech, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant at 23
2h 19min
On Episode 19, we chopped it up with @TayOnTech about: internship hopping, using experience as leverage, starting tech out of school at 6-figures, investing all of his income, creating a strong team t ...
Episode 18: Asia, From Paralegal to Tech in 2 Years #InTechSheTrust
1h 52min
We talked to Asia about: #InTechSheTrust ServiceNow and ITIL loving luxury shopping being in non-technical tech role using her existing skills to get into tech salary driven in tech aiming for the moo ...
Episode 17: Securing the Bag with Brittany Bronson
2h 3min
During episode 17, we talked with @bossy_britt about: Inspiring through her story Black women living a life of luxury Leveling up through being a resume writer Writing  resumes to skills and achieveme ...
Episode 16: Based, the Fat Kid Deals Mogul
1h 48min
During episode 16, we chopped it up with @BasedLaRock about: The origin of Fat Kid Deals Having fun with his companies Staying consistent in business The power of "LLC Twitter" Not being greedy, shari ...
Episode 15: Own Some Sh*t ft Ayesha Selden
1h 18min
During episode 15, we chopped it up with Ayesha Selden about: Is college required The mandatory trifecta Multimillionaire still working a 9-5 through franchising Taking Ls What to look for in a stock ...
Episode 14: Telfar Frenzy
1h 46min
During episode 14, we chopped it up with the founders about: HyperNova the community Reselling for a living Resources for reselling Sports betting The Telfar Frenzy Reselling opportuni ...
Episode 13: The Power of Chicken
1h 29min
On Episode 13, we chop it up about: What have the goats been up to?  Plans for the 2nd half of the year Moving to the south Unemployment benefits ending Baecations Resources Mentioned (affiliate links ...
Episode 12: Poppin' Champagne with Cousin Nita @HouseHunter216
2h 23min
In Episode 12, we talked about: Looking to have maximum impact being a Black female in real estate in field training all in one Cleveland real estate solution work life balance and working smarter Bar ...
Episode 11: Who is the infamous Quan?
2h 6min
In Episode 11, we talked about: How he got started in tech Networking by helping Tech help Can’t be bought Name being everything Building computers Bots Videos game and Twitch bae What it takes to get ...
Episode 10: Drinkin' with Streetsy
1h 25min
During Episode 10, we talked about: Streetsy's background Strip clubs Relationship & being married Traveling What would you do if money wasn't a factor How Streetsy runs her jewelry business Jewelry # ...
Episode 9: Stop giving up ownership
1h 53min
During Episode 9, we talked about: Believing in yourself  Law of attraction and manifestation Shitting on your customers The process behind design and creating products Instant gratification, owning y ...
Episode 8: Drinkin' w Marcus Gram + a Special Guest
2h 22min
During Episode 8, we talked about: Vending machine business Relationships for Brother Gram  Social Media Relationship Drama Dealing with Newborns and Parenting as an Entrepreneur Male and Female persp ...
Episode 7: Black Lives Matter
1h 28min
During Episode 7, we talked about #BlackLivesMatter, protesting, reacting to trauma, are we a cult? , real community building , anonymous resurfacing,  @Jason VC funding black tech founders, Jeffery E ...
Episode 5: Choppin It Up w/ Xavier Miller & Deanna Kent
1h 33min
In Episode 5, we chopped it up with Xavier Miller and Deanna Kent about: How their relationship works, how they handle arguments, how they "turn off" work mode Is college worth the investment? Militar ...
Episode 4: Data is the New Oil, our COVID19 Day-to-Day, Personal & Business Strategies Post COVID19, Bitcoin Halvening, & Tips for New Investors
1h 55min
In Episode 4, we discussed: Data being the new oil and the power of the internet Our day to day during quarantine Strategies for personal and business success post covid Our thoughts on Bitcoin halven ...
Episode 3: Biggest Biz L's, Pivoting Biz Models, & Why Everyone Can't Go
1h 58min
In Episode 3, we talked about: Our biggest business L's How we've pivoted our business models and plans during the COVID19 pandemic Why everyone can't go The most surprising thing about being an entre ...
Episode 2: Bringing Women Into the Wealth World, Pretty Privilege, Partner Preferences, Monetizing Lifestyle, Dealing w Failure, How to Turn Off Hustle Mood
2h 9min
Connect with the 4 GOATs: Join our email list     Follow Beez on Twitter       Follow Ari on Twitter       Follow Tara on Twitter       Follow Jasmine on Twitter    Support The 4 GOATs: Beez's Financi ...
Episode 1: What would you do different if you had to start all over?
57min 6sec
Welcome to episode 1 of the 4 Goats and a Mic podcast. During this episode, you'll learn a little about our backgrounds and we're answering, "What would you do different if you had to start all over?" ...
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