Episode 1: We're back! Quick reflection to kick off season 2!

Episode 1: We're back! Quick reflection to ki...

Starting off short and sweet to kick off the jumpstart of the Active Learning Podcast! Doing a quick shoutout to all those who made education possible throughout the pandemic!

Fighting Siloing & the 3 C's of Faculty Development Programming
10min 31sec
Continuing the mission of talking active learning in instructional design, Michael discusses how siloing can hurt faculty members from collaborating with each other. He calls for utilizing intentional ...
Active Learning Assessment in Higher Education
14min 22sec
This podcast goes into how active learning challenges the status quo of assessing student performance in higher education. The goal of this episode is to start conversations with your colleagues about ...
Powerpoint Addiction & Death to Higher Education
13min 47sec
We will be talking about a subtopic of what I think contributes to the devaluation of higher education. This podcast aims to spark a conversation of whats faculty life after powerpoint. I also call on ...
Suffering from Phantom Podium?
12min 26sec
This episode we explore our undiagnosed addiction to the classroom podium. We also take a brief history lesson of the projector and where has it taken us since the Late 1800s. We lastly try to discove ...
Stakeholders and Classroom Design
13min 24sec
This episode looks at the potential key stakeholders you may want to consult with when building a new active learning classroom. This is in light of an article I wrote in the Keep Learning Online Publ ...
The Student Perspective on Active Learning Environments
12min 39sec
This episode will focus on the student perspective. We will have a special guest from the student intern at USC-Upstate that has been assisting on transcribing the student focus groups. Listen in to r ...
Authenticity of Teaching
6min 50sec
This is the first podcast of the Active Learning Podcast! This is a podcast designed for conversations, issues, and challenges relating to active learning in higher education. This episode, we discuss ...
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