Episode 74: Road Trip... Destination The United Kingdom! - Embracing Variety & Flexibility

Episode 74: Road Trip... Destination The Unit...

The PATHPod gals head over to the UK for a delightful conversation with Maeve Hanan, a Registered Dietitian who has a passion for spreading evidence-based nutrition messages - just what the world needs more of! This super-fun conversation focused on food flexibility with snippets of content from Maeve’s blog and e-book which can be found on her website, Dietetically Speaking. Maeve explains what eating can look like when it compliments your life instead of dominating it and reinforced what the ladies of the PathPod preach ad nauseam - the importance of moving away from all or nothing thinking!! To check out Maeve’s work visit dieteticallyspeaking.com

Episode 75: Road Trip... Destination Santa Cruz, CA - Forensic Nutrition
1h 3min
The ladies of the PATH Pod took a fun little trip over to the California coast, landing in the little beach town of Santa Cruz to chat with Antonella Dewell. She is a registered dietitian who speciali ...
Episode 73: Road Trip... Destination SanFran! - "All Bodies Are Good Bodies"
1h 24min
Toni and Jenny take a small but mighty trip up the peninsula to SanFrancisco for a myth-busting game of Fact or Crap with Marcella Cox, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in treatin ...
Episode 72: The First Kitchen Surprise of 2021!
1h 5min
Toni and Jenny head back to Vermont to talk with another one of EatingWell’s rockstar team. Victoria Seaver is senior digital editor at EatingWell.com and she was a ton of fun to chat with about her P ...
Episode 71: Road Trip... Destination Marin County, CA - We're Gimlet Girls
1h 22min
Toni and Jenny take a trip over the Golden Gate and head to Marin County to visit with the ladies of Today I Noticed. Willow Older and Deb Huber started their community adventure in paying attention, ...
Episode 70: Road Trip... Destination Seattle, Washington - Tip Toe Into Meal Planning
1h 4min
Toni and Jenny make the trek up to Seattle, Washington to visit with an amazing Dietitian and author of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Prep cookbook, Ginger Hultin. The three of them had a hopeful co ...
Episode 69: Road Trip/BCB/Kitchen Surprise - "Outsource The Work To Your Environment"
1h 16min
This episode is part Road Trip, part Behavior Change Basics and part Kitchen Surprise all wrapped up in one! The PATHPod Gals head to San Fran to talk about behavior change and creating habits with Li ...
Episode 68: Destination...Concord, CA - The Veggie Connection
1h 10min
This is a CANNOT MISS episode! Toni and Jenny head to the East Bay to engage in a very timely and somewhat emotional conversation with Laura DeTar, the super-dynamic Executive Director of Fresh Approa ...
Episode 67: Destination... Philadelphia, PA - Victories Way Beyond The Scale!
1h 16min
Toni and Jenny head to the City of Brotherly Love for a conversation with Felicia Porrazza, one heck of a registered dietitian and personal trainer who gives a ton of insight on the topic of fueling f ...
Episode 66: Destination... Peterborough, NH! - Be A Warrior For Joy
1h 17min
The PATH Pod ladies celebrate 2021 and say goodbye to 2020 by taking on the freezing cold as they head to New Hampshire for a delightful conversation with David Baum. David is many things, but boring ...
Episode 65: Road Trip... Destination Hilliard, Ohio - Contemplating Capacity
1h 22min
On this Holiday episode of PATH, Toni heads back to Columbus, Ohio to meet up with Jenny and have a conversation with April Blaine, lead pastor at Hilliard United Methodist Church in Hilliard, Ohio. T ...
Episode 64: Road Trip... Destination San Francisco, CA! Building Your Toolbox
1h 12min
Toni and Jenny take a trip to the big city of San Francisco to have a conversation about making space and providing perspective with Registered Dietitian Tami Lyon. Tami is a specialist in eating diso ...
Episode 63: Road Trip... Destination Washington, DC - Today Is For You, Tomorrow Is For Me
1h 22min
Toni and Jenny head east to our Nation’s capital in this episode of PATH. They meet up with Gregory Lewis, Executive Director and CEO of True Colors United, a non-profit based in DC that implements in ...
Episode 62: Road Trip... Destination Toronto, Canada! Wit, Wrestling and Kale
56min 23sec
The PATHPod gals visit our neighbor to the north taking a trip to Toronto to have a few laughs and talk a bit about nutrition with Andy DeSantis. Andy is a Registered Dietitian & Author who has a gift ...
Episode 61: Road Trip...Destination, California - HaoleBoy!!!
1h 10min
Toni and Jenny take a trip down to the beaches of Ventura and the town of Santa Barbara in this Thanksgiving Episode. This is a story. The story of a dog named Haole. It is also the story of his mom, ...
Another Kitchen Surprise - "The Spice Girl"
1h 5min
Toni and Jenny head to Indiana for another Kitchen Surprise! They talk with Katy Maher who has been a dietitian for 10 years and has found her home in the culinary world in the past few years. They ta ...
Road Trip... Destination Woodside, CA - Grounding Ourselves During Difficulty
1h 5min
The PATHPod gals hike up the peninsula to Woodside, CA and talk with Jeanne Rosner of SoulFoodSalon, a platform to share ideas, gain practical knowledge on healthy cooking, create confidence in living ...
Road Trip... Destination Oklahoma City, OK - The HEART of the Nation
1h 4min
The PATHPod ladies head to Oklahoma City, OK in this episode that is all about Self-Care. Toni and Jenny talk it up with Katrina Leggins who is a mental health therapist, social worker and self-care a ...
Road Trip... Destination Washington D.C. - Changing Perception & Policy, The Bob & Diane Fund
1h 12min
Toni travels solo in this deeply moving interview with her old friend Gina Martin. Gina has worked for National Geographic for 21 years and is the Founder and Executive Director of the Bob and Diane F ...
Road Trip... Destination Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA - Taking Away The Impossibility
1h 14min
It’s been a busy travel season here at the PATHPod! In their latest adventure, Toni and Jenny go all the way out to lovely, little Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts where they meet up with Kathleen ...
Road Trip... Destination NYC!!! Talking about Heart Health in the Heart of the Nation
1h 3min
Toni and Jenny take a road trip to NYC and there is NO BROADWAY involved!!! Whaaaat??? Instead, Toni and Jenny had a wonderful chat with Michelle Routhenstein, a dietitian and cookbook author who spec ...
September Is National Suicide Prevention Month - Let's get comfortable talking about it.
1h 1min
September is National Suicide Prevention Month. As a Nation we are facing numerous challenges, many of which don’t seem to be going away any time soon. The struggle is REAL. We are all feeling it. Tha ...
Road Trip... Destination Danville, CA - Looking at Nutrition From Somewhere In The Middle
1h 11min
Toni and Jenny had a great conversation with Sarika Shah who is a registered dietitian in private practice in Danville, CA in the SanFrancisco Bay Area. Her private practice is focused on the Indian A ...
Another Kitchen Surprise – “Food Is Natures Medicine”
1h 12min
Toni and Jenny head back to Minnesota to talk with Jenny Breen, a brilliant Chef and Public Health Educator at University of Minnesota. Jenny takes them on a gastronomic PATH “transforming ingredients ...
Road Trip... Destination Wauwatosa, WI - "Listening Is An Act Of Love"
1h 1min
The PathPod heads up to Wauwatosa, WI for a surprising interview with Sherrill Knezel who is a graphic recorder, sketchnoter, illustrator and educator. This marks the 50th episode for Toni and Jenny a ...
Behavior Change Basics (BCB) Series 7 - Sticking To Goals
38min 3sec
This is a Part 2, continuing the conversation around goals from our August 4th episode with Shannon Ginther. Toni and Jenny break down the ins and outs of sticking to the goals you have set and how wo ...
Road Trip... Destination Columbus, Ohio - "Don't Sit Down On Yourself"
1h 2min
Toni “travels” back to Columbus to see Jenny and have a conversation with Jenny’s friend Shannon Ginther who is a healthcare leader, women’s advocate and yoga teacher. The three of them tackle the fac ...
Welcome Annina!
48min 19sec
We cover a lot of ground in this fun little episode… Toni and Jenny introduce their most recent intern, Annina Bradley and have a conversation with her about what she is up to with her fantastic Insta ...
Road Trip... Destination Minneapolis, MN - Being Brave and Finding Courage
1h 14min
Toni and Jenny continue their road trip and head to Minneapolis, Minnesota to talk with eating disorder therapist Lee Wolfe Blum. Lee is the author of Brave Is the New Beautiful, her most recent book ...
Road Trip... Destination Denver, CO - Breaking down the Mediterranean diet
1h 14min
Toni and Jenny head to Denver, CO and take a side trip to the Mediterranean on today’s episode… Whaaaaaat??? Seriously, we talk all things Mediterranean diet and plant-based nutrition with Cole Adam, ...
Our First Listener Challenge: Not Just The Way Things Are, But The Way They Could Be
44min 47sec
Toni does a special solo episode with the help and support of the entire PATHPod Community - our first-ever listener challenge! Toni dives into listener responses to the question posed on social media ...
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