#45 Bill Deamer

#45 Bill Deamer

Taking their turn this week is the Olivier Award winning choreographer and director Bill Deamer. Gordon and Bill discuss Bill's 10 years of work on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, refusing to be pigeon-holed, and posing for Cyd Charisse.

#46 Ricky Rojas
1h 14min
Taking their turn this week is star of Broadway's Moulin Rouge! The Musical Ricky Rojas. Gordon and Ricky discuss the joys and pitfalls of an international lifestyle, recording with Baz Luhrmann in yo ...
#44 Michael Ball (Rebroadcast)
53h 18min
This week, we delve into the archive to share one of favourite episodes with the Top Turn himself: Michael Ball. Recording in 2018 when Michael was working on Chess at The London Coliseum, Gordon and ...
#43 Celinde Schoenmaker
1h 8min
Taking their turn this week, is actress and singer Celinde Schoenmaker.  Gordon and Celinde discuss staying positive during lockdown, the importance of art in all its forms, and the correct way to eat ...
#42 Irvine Iqbal
1h 1min
Taking their turn this week, is actor Irvine Iqbal.  Gordon and Irvine discuss business - and show business, the current state of representation and ethnic diversity in the theatre industry, and deali ...
#41 Ashleigh Gray
1h 33min
Taking their turn this week, is actor and singer Ashleigh Gray. Gordon and Ashleigh discuss the physical and mental effort required to perform Elphaba in Wicked 8 shows a week, the joy of crafting, an ...
#40 Martin Ball
2h 4min
Taking their turn this week, is the actor Martin Ball. Martin and Gordon discuss pretty much everything from Covid vaccines to coffee commercials via acid trips and opera. They also take a brief stop ...
#39 Gavin Mitchell
2h 3min
Taking their turn this week is star of Scottish comedy smash 'Still Game' - Gavin Mitchell. Gavin and Gordon discuss Gavin's start in the industry, his conversations with the late Robin Williams, way ...
#38 Steve Balsamo
1h 27min
We've spoken to Judas, now it's time for Jesus to have his say! Talking their turn this week is singer, actor and songwriter Steve Balsamo. Gordon and Steve discuss his award winning performance of Je ...
#37 Eric Potts
1h 7min
Taking their turn this week is writer, director, actor and one of the country's most beloved panto dames, Eric Potts Eric and Gordon the intricate details of being actor/director, the joy in a post sh ...
#36 Claire Underwood
1h 17min
Support the show on Patreon! Taking their turn this week, is singing teacher and vocal coach extraordinaire, Claire Underwood. Claire is vocal coach to some of the biggest West End shows such as Les M ...
#35 Matt Lucas
1h 8min
Taking their turn this week is writer, presenter, actor and musical favourite: Matt Lucas. Among other things, Gordon and Matt discuss their shared love and ability for the medium of dance, The Kids F ...
#34 Ricardo Afonso
1h 31min
Taking their turn this week is Judas himself, Ricardo Afonso. Gordon and Ricardo discuss shaking things up, the trials and tribulations of a socially distanced performance, and how brick dust is surpr ...
#33 Michael Jibson
1h 49min
Taking their turn this week is favourite of stage and screen, Michael Jibson.  Amongst other things, Gordon and Michael discuss being slapped by Anne Hathaway, being shot by Kevin Costner and trying i ...
#32 Madeleine Worrall
1h 33min
Taking their turn this week is star of The National Theatre' s production of Jane Eyre -  Madeleine Worrall. Gordon and Madeleine discuss the state of the industry, lockdown thoughts of her local habe ...
#31 Killian Donnelly
1h 4min
Taking their turn this week is West End favourite Killian Donnelly.  Gordon and Killian discuss Killian's Dad's reviewing method, being a Phantom of the Opera record holder and the importance of havin ...
#30 Rosalie Craig
1h 22min
Taking their turn this week is leading lady extraordinaire Rosalie Craig.  Gordon and Rosie discuss how Tim Minchin thinks he writes terrible songs, Patti Lupone's Whatsapp method and Vanessa Redgrave ...
#29 Kevin Clifton
1h 33min
Taking their turn this week is ballroom dancing and musical star Kevin Clifton.  Gordon and Kevin discuss Strictly (obvs), WWE and channeling De Niro.
#28 Matt Henry MBE
1h 22min
Taking their turn this week is Matt Henry MBE. Gordon and Matt discuss hummus, bunking off college, and warming down with Cyndi Lauper.
#27 Claire Moore
1h 32min
Taking their turn this week, is West End leading lady Claire Moore. Gordon and Claire discuss being northern with Ian McKellen, Joanna Lumley's column inches and Dave Willets' ring.
#26 Elaine C Smith
1h 32min
Taking their turn this week is Elaine C Smith. Gordon chats with Elaine about her Bafta winning turn in Two Doors Down, Rab C Nesbitt and that politics is acting for a certain type of person. This Epi ...
#25 Tommie Earl Jenkins
1h 38min
This week, Gordon chats with (the artist formerly known as Tee Jaye) Tommie Earl Jenkins. They discuss unicorns, failing in French and the behemoth of Death Stranding.
#24 Stephen Mear CBE
56h 24min
This week, Gordon chats with choreographer extraordinaire Stephen Mear about Glenn, Mary and being a better choreographer than Cameron.
#23 Charlie Stemp
1h 21min
This week, Gordon sits down with the man of moment Charlie Stemp where they discuss Burt, Boris, Bette and Bernadette.
#22 Giles Terera
1h 22min
Gordon sits with Olivier Award winner and OBE recipient Giles Terera to chat all things Hamilton, Sammy Davis Jr and Shakespeare.  
Season 3 Coming Soon!
1h 3min
Stay home, stay safe and listen to podcasts! The new season of Taking Turns To Talk is coming Friday! 
#21 Alexandra Burke
1h 2min
To round out season 2, Gordon has a chat with the busiest woman in show business: Alexandra Burke.   They discuss working hard, Beyoncé, hard work and Beyoncé.    
#20 Cameron Jack
54h 2min
This episode, Gordon chats with west end wendy turned movie hard man Cameron Jack (@rentathug).  They discuss being a henchman for Bane, positivity and the joys of Scotland.   Note: Gordon and Cameron ...
#019 Kate Anthony
1h 9min
This episode, Gordon talks with the totally wonderful KATE ANTHONY. They chat mainly about being northern, clog dancing and being northern. 
#18 Cassidy Janson
1h 2min
This episode, Gordon chats with pocket rocket Cassidy 'CJ' Janson about oversharing, crying at Carole and making the papers.
#17 Harriet Thorpe
54h 5min
This episode, Gordon chats with the absolutely fabulous Harriet Thorpe. They discuss auditions for Joe Allens, Uncle Howard and what not to say to Fred Astaire.
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